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TC Newsletter:

Volume 29  September 13, 2019

From the Principal 

Athletics Carnivals

At an Assembly earlier this week, we had the opportunity to acknowledge members of our College Athletics Team and wish them well for the PSA Athletics Carnivals; the Junior School Carnival scheduled for Thursday, 12 September, and the Senior Carnival scheduled for Friday, 13 September. In his address, the 2019 Athletics Captain, Alex Rossi (12.7) referred to the special ‘opportunity to represent your College’ that he has enjoyed over the past few years. He also spoke of the intensive phase of specialist training that the team members have enjoyed in preparing for the carnival day. Alex also used the occasion to encourage every boy to reach for their own personal best and to apply themselves in a manner that allows them to be part of something bigger – such as the College Athletics Team.

As part of my address, I reminded students about the importance of striving for personal excellence and the commitment to hard work that is required in order to achieve such levels. Such a commitment adds much to their own formation as young men, benefits others as well and sets an example for others to follow. I have included some excerpts below; 

“…Seeking Personal Excellence challenges us all to strive for and achieve our personal best, to develop our gifts and to share our talents for the benefit of others. As a school community we see many examples of students who do just that – those boys who apply themselves wholeheartedly in pursuing their best and who so generously share their talents with all of us.  This has been particularly pronounced in recent weeks, during which time we have had an extraordinary number of our boys chosen to represent our state in respective sporting, cultural and academic pursuits. During the recent mid-year holiday break, our Senior Chorale travelled to Europe and won their division of the Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival. More recently, the Catholic Performing Arts Festival has provided an opportunity for many of our artists, dancers, musicians and actors to perform and strive for excellence, achieving outstanding results. This morning, as part of our assembly, we get the chance to recognise those students whose Athletic performance points to personal excellence.

It is very important that we should view ourselves as a College Community, in so much as the success of one person is shared by all and the example they set, should be recognised by all.

-       When one person in our College achieves - we all stand a little taller.

-       When one person in our College strives for their best, works hard, applies themselves fully and represents us – we all benefit. 

Whether your talents, ideas and pursuit of personal excellence is in the area of your academic studies, music, sport or in the VET for schools program, the fact remains; your success will require a definite commitment, a clear desire to be involved and to give fully of yourself; and it will require hard work. All things that each and every one of us is capable of.

Even the most gifted of us, in any aspect of school or life, must work hard to fully reach our potential. Being gifted at Music or Sport is a wonderful blessing, but without application and dedication, such a gift could remain largely undeveloped. Commitment and hard work will allow such talent to emerge for us all to see and share and to celebrate. It is our attitude to improve, our dedication to work hard and our consistency of effort that will determine the levels that we take our gifts and determine the achievements we can reach.

In the end we can find excuses, or we can choose to improve ourselves and strive for our own personal best. This is where we can achieve the greatest sense of satisfaction – by doing our best.

This is certainly the approach taken by the students we will recognise this morning as part of our 2019 College Athletics Team. At the end of a long season of Winter Sport, they have not given excuses, but rather, they have committed to training and practicing in their pursuit of achieving personal excellence.

This morning we acknowledge our Athletes who, later this week, will represent themselves - and represent us all, as part of Trinity College. We thank them for their example, remind them to support each other on the day and encourage them to believe in themselves as they search for personal best efforts. The opportunity to compete in the PSA carnival on Friday follows on from weeks of practice and a variety of trial carnivals where results have been considered in making final selections. I thank all students who have tried hard to make the team.

I wish to congratulate Athletics Captain, Alex Rossi; and team vice-captains, Aaron Moore and Lachlan Sibosado. I thank them for accepting such important leadership roles and feel very confident that they will lead by example, encourage great performances in others and keep the team focused on achieving their best. I would also like to acknowledge the large number of Staff who have not only gave up many afternoons to coach our team but have been present for the various Athletic carnivals held over the last few weeks – our team would not be as prepared without their efforts.

May I close by wishing the College Athletics Team all the best for their respective carnivals. On behalf of the Trinity College community, I hope that you can strive for your personal best and in doing so, get due reward for your effort and commitment. Gentlemen, I thank you for your efforts in representing our College. Believe in yourself and give your best...”

Live Jesus in our Hearts 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal


College Calendar


Tuesday, 17 September 

  • 9:35am Year 8 Mass
  • 9:35am Year 11 & 12 Singing Practice
  • 6:00pm-8:00pm Year 7 Barn Dance with Mercedes at TC

Wednesday, 18 September

  • Year 11 and 12 Music Recital Night 

Thursday, 19 September

  • Year 7 Humanities Excursion
  • Year 12 Drama Practical Exams

Friday, 20 September

  • 8:00am Mass

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Junior School News


Well done to all the boys involved in the Interschool Athletics carnival yesterday. You represented Trinity fantastically by the way you competed, the way you supported each other and by the great sportsmanship you showed. Most boys rose to the occasion to record personal bests. And the results were also awesome, resulting in a big win and our 3rd victory in 4 years! Thank you, boys, for the effort you all put in by attending many training sessions before school over the last 2 weeks, it certainly paid off. Thank you also to Mr Thompson for the co-ordination of all that is involved in preparing for the competition and to the many parents who supported the boys throughout the day. 


On Wednesday the Junior School hosted approximately 80 people for an Open Day. This provided an excellent opportunity to show the many opportunities that come with being involved in the Trinity College community. The highlight of the Open Day were the Junior School leaders, who did an awesome job in welcoming the parents and leading the tours. Other highlights were the Year 5 boys who demonstrated the VR Lab and the amazing singing by the Year 5/6 choir, Junior Vocal Ensemble and the talk by Head Boy Luca Fowler (6G). I wish to thank the Junior School teachers, the Marketing team and Registrars for the promotion of the day and the parents who assisted by serving morning tea and by talking with the prospective parents and sharing their stories about their sons transition to Trinity in Year 4.


A group of Year 6 students took part in a debate with students from Aquinas on Tuesday, 10 September. The boys had a great experience, loving every minute of it. Many thanks to Mr Brennan for coordinating the event. 


Our Year 4 classes have been considering the materials used to construct Traditional Playgrounds and Nature Playgrounds. With the help of our Year 10 Design and Technology students, the boys have constructed their own nature scapes. The focus has been on the similarities and differences in the materials. The boys have also considered the reasons why nature scapes have become so popular and a preferred option today. The results were interesting and original, and the boys have every reason to feel proud of what they constructed and learned in the process.


Early Monday morning, 77 Year 6 boys, 6 teachers and 30 parents leave for Kalgoorlie. The Kalgoorlie camp is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to learn first-hand about the historical and economic significance of the Goldfield region to Western Australia. The camp is also providing a unique set of challenges to the boys in a safe environment and they have the opportunity to make and develop new and stronger friendships. Whilst I am at Kalgoorlie next week, Ms Temmen and Mr Le Tessier will be looking after the Junior School.

Monday, 16 September 
  • Year 6s leave for their Kalgoorlie camp
Tuesday, 17 September
  • Year 4 Fremantle History Tour
Friday, 20 September
  • Year 5W Reconciliation 
  • Year 5B Assembly 2:20pm in Gibney Hall
  • Year 6s return from Kalgoorlie 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


Wow, Week 8 already. This week was very busy! We had the Junior School Open Morning where the Prefects took visitors around the school. On Thursday 6G visited Marist Lodge where they met and brightened up people’s day playing board games and having a chat to the residents. Today was the 5W assembly, it was very fun and exciting. Next week the Year 6s head off to Kalgoorlie. We are all really looking forward to the trip. The highlight of the week was the Junior Interschool Athletics Carnival, which Trinity WON! Congratulations to everyone on the team representing TC, well done boys!!!

Luca Fowler (6G) and Charlie MacDonald (6W)

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Secondary School News


Congratulations to Dimitri Tsagaris (12.7) and Harrison Roberts (12.3) for their achievement in making it to the semi-finals for the 2019 WA Youth Innovator of the Year Awards!

Dimitri and Harrison have been working on their innovation, titled 'Aris', an accessory for cyclists, since the start of the year. It was selected from innovation entries of students their age across the state and in making it to the semi-finals, they will pitch it to a panel of judges from the WA business community next week. The TC community wishes them all the best. 


The Year 12 ATAR Drama students performed in their final Drama Showcase at Trinity on Tuesday evening. The class have been working very hard on their original solo performances and scripted monologues for their upcoming WACE exam. The showcase was an excellent opportunity for the students to perform these pieces to an audience. All students involved should be incredibly proud of their work and the standard they have achieved. 

Lisa Laurino | Drama Coordinator


This week Mr Gordon Dean (Religious Education Teacher) joined a Year 9 class to talk about his experiences with reading to date. He spoke to the boys about growing up in South Africa where as a child, there were far less distractions for him and his siblings and one of the cherished memories he has is the six kilometre round trip walk to the local public library. It is here that Mr Dean says that his love of reading started and grew. As a child some of his favourites included “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis and “Mary Poppins” by P.L. Travers. In his early twenties, Mr Dean was a huge Wilbur Smith, Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt, and Bryce Courtney fan. He started reading a book  called “The Secrets She Keeps” by well known crime writer Michael Robotham during the session. A great phrase from Mr Dean is “The problem with reading a good book is that you really want to finish it, but you also don’t really want to finish it.”

Thank you to Mr Dean for taking the time out to read with us.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


Last week on Thursday, 5 September, representatives from the Year 9 Student Leaders and Year 10 Well-being Committee, attended the Zero2Hero youth Mental Health Forum aimed at raising awareness and understanding for youth mental health and associated issues. The event, which was also attended by College students with Mr Jenkin last year, included highly regarded athletes and media personalities like Matthew Pavlich, discussing their personal experiences. Other speakers on the day included a person who experienced a life-threatening and life-changing injury, the youngest Australian to climb Mount Everest, a former AFL player who struggled overcoming alcoholism and a teenage entrepreneur. Throughout the day we had breakout sessions to develop our understanding and gain practical skills to help ourselves and others’ wellbeing. These sessions with guest presenters focused on areas such as “Leadership and failure”, “Urban Yoga”, “Mood and Food”, “Supporting Men”, “Improving Mental Health in Your School”, “Self-awareness, the importance of asking for help”, “90’s Jams”, “Developing Resilience”, “Social media meets mental health”, “No one chooses mental illness” and “Grief after suicide.” These presentations aimed to prepare us for how to support others and provide them with the assistance they require.

We learned in detail about other’s experiences with mental health battles and discovered, through their struggles and issues, how to overcome the strong emotions which ultimately can lead to the development of illnesses and concerns. Many of the sessions addressed the scenario of being an outsider or having a feeling of not belonging in the community. Presenters shared with us how many teenagers felt pressures associated with wanting to conform to society whilst others experienced unimaginable traumatic experiences. It was also eye opening to consider the forever changing future of technology and how it can affect us mentally.

We all took away from the day the fact that time is our most valuable resource and that mobile phones are also called cell phones because people are prisoners to their devices. Participating in yoga, dancing, singing or even just eating healthier are all ways that can help us relax on top of the regular physical activity. We now look forward to returning to school and sharing these benefits and lessons learned with our peers to improve the overall well-being of all students at the College.

Thanks to the College, and in particular, our leaders, Mr Andrew Jenkin and Miss Anjelica Mallis, for providing us with this opportunity to learn about being “Men for Others” when it comes to well-being and a positive state of mind.

Jonas Soares-Mendes (10.3) 


Last Thursday, 12 September,  the Year 10 Powering Careers in Energy elective students attended the LNG Exploration day at RAC Arena as part of their course. The day was structured like a conference, with students from all over the state attending. A number of guest speakers and activities further exposed the boys to the range of careers in the Oil and Gas industry. It finished with a series of interviews, networking opportunities and awards for outstanding effort. We received some very positive feedback about the boys’ engagement, maturity and manners.

Mr Craig Adams | Science Teacher

L-R: Kundan Dharmapuri, Isaac Quadros, Rowan Frankowiak, Sri Krishna Dharmapuri and Xavier Audino

On Monday, 2 September, Trinity hosted the annual CAWA State finals. With a trip to Canberra for the Nationals at stake it would be a big day of chess in the Foley Centre. Trinity was able to qualify for the event via wins in the South and North Qualifiers and finishing Runners up in the Central Qualifier. Nine High Schools and six Primary Schools would be taking part in the competition. In teams of four the format would be a round robin system. The team representing Trinity would be Sri Krishna Dharmapuri (11.4) (Board 1 and Captain), Kundan Dharmapuri (8.1) (Board 2), Isaac Quadros (7.3) (Board 3) and Xavier Audino (7.1) (Board 4). 

First up for Trinity would be a tight battle with All Saints College. The boys started well with Kundan getting a win on the board early, followed by Isaac, but two close losses meant that we would split the points with All Saints to start the day. Next up Trinity would take on Thornlie Senior High. Needing to get a win on the board, the boys delivered with a great 3-1 victory.

Then would come the biggest challenge of the day, Perth Modern. With Perth Mod the number 1 ranked team in the competition, we knew it would take a herculean effort to come out on top. Kundan got us on to the best possible start with a win at board 2. But losses in board 3 and 4 meant that our skipper Sri would have to try to find a win on board 1. Unfortunately like in most games at such a high level it would end in a draw, meaning Perth Modern took the fixture 2.5-1.5.

We would then go on a hot streak with wins over Corpus Christi (3-1), then take on archrivals Aquinas in the Battle of the Terrace. After a tight couple of opening moves, Trinity would eventually come out on top 2.5-1.5. We would end up finishing off the tournament with a 4-0 win over Sacred Heart. In the end Trinity would finish 2nd, with Chess Powerhouse Perth Modern taking out the State final. Kundan won the individual award for best Board 2 (going undefeated).

It was a great effort not just from the four boys that represented the College but all the members of the Chess Club, especially Rowan Frankowiak (11.2) and Kato Pachioli (7.2) who helped Trinity qualify for the finals. Special thanks must also go to Mr Darren O’NeillMr Peter Norman and Mr Rod Rainer for helping in the facilitation of the event and Mr Ross Beatson and his ground staff for setting up. 

Mr Dustin Aylmore | Chess Coach

College News

Photograph credit: Winkipop Media

Support our our Imperium XIX dance group by voting for their dance about the battle of Gallipoli in the Peoples Choice category for Wakakirri. Wakakirri is Australia's largest Performing Arts event for schools. You can vote for the performance by clicking here. Voting closes on Wednesday, 25 September


Ben (Year 10) is organising a movie fundraiser on Saturday, 21 September (3:30-5.30pm) at Grand Cinemas, Warwick. Money raised will go towards the volunteer project work the students will undertake whilst away. There are 2 ticket options - 

  1. $22.19 for a regular ticket ($11.50 to fundraising)
  2. $27.46 for a regular ticket plus small popcorn and drink ($9.50 to fundraising)

Tickets can be purchased at:

It would be great to see lots of people attending and help Ben achieve his fundraising goal. You can download the fundraiser flyer here

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


Be rewarded when you support Trinity College Friends of the Arts. Right now, when you purchase tickets to the Perth Royal Show you can save 25% on your tickets! Plus, we receive a portion of the proceeds towards our fundraising. Click here to purchase your tickets and use the promo code: Royalshow20184


Every Tuesday 7:30am – 4:30pm
Every Friday 7:30am – 1:30pm

Uniform shop holiday times are Thursday, 10 and Friday, 11 October 7:30am/1:30pm. 

Blazer honours

  • If you are getting blazer honours, you will need to bring your dry-cleaned blazer into the uniform shop before or on Wednesday, 25 September 7:30am/11:00am. Please be aware no late blazers can be taken. 
  • Just a friendly reminder that all students need to be in full summer uniform first day fourth term Tuesday, 15 October. Now it is a quiet time in the uniform shop, it’s a great chance to see if your summer shorts fit before the rush. 

Mrs Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager 


Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Tuesday, 1 October  Class of ’44 and ’49 – 75th and 70th Anniversary Reunion
Wednesday, 2 October     CBC Reunion
Monday, 7 October   PSA Golf Day
Saturday, 12 October     Class of ’09 – 10th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday, 19 October   Class of ’79 – 40th Anniversary Reunion
Thursday, 24 October  TOBA Year 12 Graduation Breakfast
Friday, 1 November   Summer Sports Day
Saturday, 2 November Class of ’69 – 50th Anniversary Reunion
Friday, 8 November Melbourne Reunion
Saturday, 9 November Class of ’79 – PSA Reunion
Saturday, 16 November Class of ’84 - 35th Anniversary Reunion 

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132.

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive

Community News


The CTF will be holding an Open Day to the public for the Construction Futures Centre during the upcoming school holidays.The open day will be held on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 from 9am to 12:30pm. Sessions start at 9am and 11am. While admission is FREE bookings are essential. To book a session please call 0455 234 278 or email 


Academic Task Force are offering a skills development program for Years 7-10 in the October school holidays. The school holiday program will include learning skills, advanced maths and intermediate English, essay writing and foundation Maths and English. The cost of the course is $200 per 6 hour course with a discount available when enroling in multiple courses. For more information or to enrol please visit and follow the below instructions:

  • Go to our programs - Year 7&8/9&10
  • Click on Holiday Programs
  • Select the Enrol Today programs

Mount Lawley Inglewood Roos JFC and Auskick Centre located at Inglewood Oval, Welcomes players for Auskick (Pre-Primary - Year 2), Modified Rules (Years 3-7) and Youths (Years 8-12) Registrations for 2020 now open **ALL PLAYERS WELCOME**

If you would like to purchase tickets to Chimera Ensemble's next concert, Musical Gems please click here

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