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TC Newsletter:

Volume 30  September 20, 2019

From the Principal 

College Prefects

Over recent weeks, our Year 11 students have been invited to consider applying for the role of College Prefect.  Under the direction of Head of Year, Mr Joel Shinkfield, our Year 11 boys have been led through a period of real discernment about leadership, its various forms, and the ability of every person to influence for the good of others. It was most pleasing to see the overwhelming response by so many of our students to the invitation of being of service to others. Over one third of our Year 11 cohort decided to apply for the position of College Prefect, while many others pledged their willingness to assist Mr Shinkfield and the College in less formal ways. This was a wonderful indication of their commitment to their school and their support for each other.

The process for the election of our sixteen College Prefects has been long and very comprehensive. It considered a range of factors including; a formal Application and the provision of a brief synopsis, the analysis of Student Reports (with the focus on Personal Attributes), an examination of previous leadership involvement, the Year 11 Student vote, Year 12 Student Prefect vote, Staff vote, a short-listing process and several meetings between key College Leadership Staff.

Our Year 11 cohort are an exceptional group of young men who, in so many ways, have already demonstrated leadership in many aspects of their life, both within our Trinity College Community and in the wider community. In reading the respective Prefect Applications, I felt very humbled to learn of their ongoing commitment to serve and to appreciate the particular context from which their leadership emerges. Such a thorough process certainly confirmed that so many of our students are very capable of assuming the role of College Prefect. The task of arriving at the final group of Prefects for next year was very affirming, but somewhat difficult.

At a Year 11 Assembly earlier this week, we were delighted to announce the names of the newly elected Prefects for 2020. It was wonderful to see the manner in which they were acknowledged by their peers.  While the Prefects will be formally presented to the College Community at our Presentation Night, I take this opportunity to congratulate them all as listed below;

  • Brendan Bin Omar (11.1)
  • Matthew Bottega (11.2)
  • Kenzie Bui (11.4)
  • Sri Krishna Dharmapuri (11.4)
  • Rafael Fiore (11.3)
  • Charles Gilbert (11.3)
  • Ethan Hardy (11.5)
  • Luke Kelly (11.5)
  • Willem Lamers (11.5)
  • Jason Landon (11.6)
  • Riley Mattingley (11.2)
  • Cameron Pell (11.5)
  • Libero Piffaretti (11.3)
  • Declan Ryan (11.1)
  • Daniel Santelli (11.6)
  • Joshua Sumich (11.7)

We look forward to the 2020 College Prefects working with key College Staff in continuing to enhance leadership, responsibility, commitment and a positive culture amongst our boys.  Importantly, the Prefects are asked to provide a positive example to the College community through their authentic service to others and by upholding the values of our College.  It is a wonderfully challenging role that benefits the College, supports their peers and promotes their own personal formation.

As a College, we are very blessed to have an extraordinary number of mature, generous and committed young men who have led, and will continue to lead, through the example they set and their service to others.  In congratulating our 2020 Prefects, I also wish to acknowledge those Year 11 students who were not successful in gaining such a formal leadership position.  Achieving the position of College Prefect is certainly not defining.  While acknowledging the very real disappointment that can come with missing out on a role that one aspires to, it is also important to appreciate that true leadership is not necessarily defined by a title or badge.  Rather, leadership is determined by authenticity in service, support for others and the strength of character that resilience builds.  It is also a reminder that leadership comes in many forms; some formal, some informal – all very important!

Once again, we congratulate our newly elected College Prefects. Well done gentlemen!

Catholic Performing Arts

On Monday night (16 September), I had the great pleasure of attending the 2019 Final Concert for the Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. The concert was the culmination of some five weeks of performances in which over 20,000 students from across all Catholic schools have participated in the Festival. Amongst this large number, Trinity College was certainly well represented. We had boys involved in various Music groups and ensembles, Dance groups, Drama performances, Visual Arts and Bible Reading.

The Final Concert showcased select items as identified and recommended by respective adjudicators and it was particularly pleasing to see our own students perform in three select items throughout the evening. The Concert also allows for a number of awards to be presented to winning schools in the various festival categories. I am very proud to inform our community that Trinity College was presented with Seven Shields throughout the night. The specific details of these Shields and other Festival winners will be published in a future College Newsletter.  In further exciting news, once again our College was awarded the Zenith Award for Secondary Schools – Awarded for Overall Excellence in Performance and Participation. This is now the sixteenth consecutive year of achieving this prestigious award. The ‘Clock’ will again take pride of place in our Cultural Centre. This is an extraordinary achievement that is well recognised amongst education and music circles.

While it is important to acknowledge and celebrate such great achievements, it is equally important to appreciate the effort that goes into making such results possible and to admire the example that such dedication sets. What is particularly impressive about the students involved in the Performing Arts at this College is their determination and commitment. While we admire the performances at events such as Concert Evenings, Productions and Presentation Night, such quality emerges from endless hours of practice, rehearsals and individual work. Such dedication to the Arts, to improving personal performance and seek excellence, presents some important values that we can all aspire to. Values such as commitment, teamwork, supporting others and appreciating the whole while respecting the individual parts, clearly emerge through the Arts. Our Performing Arts students certainly work very hard, but I am sure they take great satisfaction in their performance which can be viewed as just reward for their tremendous effort. While I often marvel at their talent and the quality of their respective performances, I am particularly taken by the sheer joy that our boys get in performing.

Of course, the quality and quantity of performance that we get to enjoy as a College needs direction and development. As a College we are blessed to have some very dedicated Teachers and Tutors. Led by Dr Robert Braham, they work with, and alongside our, students to nurture their skills and encourage such a love of the arts. We sincerely thank them for their dedication and their ability to inspire, challenge and direct our boys. They are great models for our young men.

Live Jesus in our Hearts 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


Presentation Night will be held on Tuesday, 22 October at the Perth Concert Hall commencing at 7:00pm. Attendance is compulsory for all Year 10, 11 and 12 students and for all prize winners and performers in Year 7, 8 and 9. Information will be sent to Year 10 and 11 parents with regards to purchasing tickets shortly. The College provides seating in the upper gallery for all Year 10 and 11 students as they are part of the massed choir performance.

Notification to prize winners in Year 7–11 and Year 12 ‘non-ATAR’ courses will be emailed out in the second week of the holidays. Notification to prize winners in Year 12 ATAR courses will be emailed in the first week of next term, following their final examinations. General tickets go on sale on Friday, 11 October

College Calendar


Please note: College Administration will be closed during the October school holidays, reopening on Thursday 10 October.

Monday, 23 September 

  • Year 11 Outdoor Ed Camp
  • Year 11 Religion and Life Incursion 
  • Year 12 Study Day
  • Year 9 Humanities Excursion

Tuesday, 24 September

  • Year 12 Study Day
  • Year 7 Mass
  • Year 9 Humanities Excursion 

Wednesday, 25 September

  • Year 12 Exams
  • Blazer Honours Due
  • Junior School Learning Journey

Thursday, 26 September

  • Last Day of Term for students 

Friday, 27 September

  • Term 3 Holidays Begin
  • Staff Retreat

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Junior School News


Congratulations to Nicholas Borek (6W), Archie Brescacin (68), George Murphy (68) and Aaron Hugo (6G) who were all confirmed on Friday night at St Paul's Parish in Mt Lawley.


The Year 6 boys have had a wonderful week in Kalgoorlie whilst on camp. They have been learning a lot about the rich history of the region and are getting thoroughly involved in all the camp activities. I have been impressed with the way the boys immersed themselves so enthusiastically in all activities and have grown as young people during the week. Thank you to the many parents who attended and provided valuable support, and to the teachers for their work preparing the camp and their care of the boys during the week.


On Wednesday, 25 September the Junior School will be conducting Learning Journeys. A Learning Journey is an opportunity for your son to share a variety of his work from this term. Your son will take responsibility in showing you some of the work and activities he has completed at school. He will explain the tasks he has accomplished, and you will be able to ask him questions about his work. Your son has planned for the afternoon and is looking forward to sharing his learning with you. 

This year, we have also combined the Learning Journey with a visit from Queensland Choral Group, the Birralee Singers. They will be at Trinity next week on Tuesday and Wednesday and we have arranged several workshops with our boys. The Birralee Singers and the Trinity Junior School Choirs will sing in a combined performance during the Learning Journey.

Tuesday, 24 September
  • Workshops with the Birralee singers 
Wednesday, 25 September
  • Junior School Learning Journey 5-7pm (including combined Choral performance with Birralee singers) 
  • Summer Sports Training 
Thursday, 26 September
  • TOBA and Golden Honour Assembly 2:20pm
  • Last day of term for students
Tuesday, 15 October
  •  Term 4 Commences 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


The boys have been busy sorting plastic lids for our sculpture, blending up food for the worm farm and making bees wax wraps where some of the boys picked up an iron for the first time! We had a few monster mushrooms from our mushroom farm and our fruit trees are growing well. We are very grateful for Mrs Pounder and Mrs Halls' help on Friday afternoons. The wraps are now available for sale at $2 each from the STEM room and we hope that the boys will use them instead of cling wrap.
Ms Stacey Turich I Science Teacher


On Monday at the crack of dawn the Year 6s embarked on a 7 hour train ride to Kalgoorlie on The Prospector. When we finally got to camp the Year 6s divided into dorms and unpacked, getting ready for the rest of the week. We had dinner and afterwards we all went roller-skating, which was very fun. Tuesday morning came and all the boys were up bright and early. After breakfast, the boys split into 2 groups. One group went to the town hall of Kalgoorlie and took a tour there. On the tour the boys got to look at a 99.99% copper statue of Patrick (Paddy) Hannan. They also got to look at the theatre in the town hall, a very important historical building. In there, there is a grand stage and roof (the roof opens, to allow ventilation to happen). Did you know that Dame Nellie Melba performed on the stage? We also went to the Western Australian Museum. Group 2 went to Coolgardie for a tour of the town rich in history, stopping at historical monuments along the way. The tour guide, Vic, let us touch a 3-ounce gold nugget. He is a prospector and this was his lucky find. We also went to the Coolgardie Cemetery where Vic showed us some of the famous graves located there, with a story for each one. They also went to John Finnity's cottage built by the Bunnings brothers (Yes, Bunnings Warehouse). Since there was no court in the town, Finnity held trials inside his personal court room in his home. We were also told of the miraculous rescue of Italian miner Midesto Vereschetti

At the end of each tour the groups swapped to experience what the others had just seen. We got back and had dinner (a delicious curry) and afterwards went to the Gothic styled St. Mary's Catholic Church were the priest, Father Jeffery taught us about the history of the Church and Catholic story in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie. Then we headed back to the Campsite for a shower, journal writing about the day and a long sleep for some boys.

Back at school the Year 4 classes went to Fremantle on an exciting excursion, looking at the shipwreck gallery and the WA Maritime museum on Tuesday and the Year 4 and 5 boys attended the wonderful 5B assembly.

The Year 6 Prefects in Kalgoorlie

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Secondary School News


The Annual Trinity and Mercedes dance social for the Year 7s was recently held on Tuesday, 17 September. It was the second Year 7 social for the year, and it was held in the Foley centre. Once all the Trinity and Mercedes students arrived in Centenary Park, the student leaders invited the girls and boys inside, and we all sat down ready for the beginning of what would be a really enjoyable night.
It started with the instructors teaching us a simple type of dance. The girls set up a huge circle around the edge of the gym, and boys chose their partners to try the dance. We all rotated around the circle as part of the dance, and by the end, we had danced with almost every girl. We then were taught one more dance before having a break for a light supper and drink. It was great to see most of the boys and girls socialising with each other during this time, and getting to know one another, which was what the night was all about. After the light supper, went back to dancing and this time the girls chose their partners and we tried one more 'heel and toe' dance.
After that, we were taught a line dance, and the best dancers were picked from the crowd to go head-to-head for a JB Hi-Fi voucher. Congratulations to Jhye Casselton (7.7) for winning the prize along with a Mercedes student.
At the end of the night, we all assembled for he Best Dressed award, which was won by Julian Lamattina.
The night was a great success, and memories were made that won't be forgotten.

Jack Hansen-Knarhoi (7.3) 


On Wednesday, a selected group Year 9 students attended a workshop run by PROJECT ROCKIT at the State Theatre Centre. Project Rockifs vision focusses on a 'world where kindness and respect thrive over bullying, hate and prejudice to ensure all young people are free to realise their potential.' On the day, Project Rockit empowered us along with 200 other high school children to be the voice of change, to stand up to bullying, hate and prejudice in the digital world. We participated in many activities giving us the courage to speak out and build the confidence to not always 'go with the flow. ' PROJECT ROCKIT Digital Ambassadors unites students across Australian schools to participate in a national movement of change against (cyber)bullying, that is led by young people for young people. The program provides youth-driven training of young people focussed on building peer networks to create supportive online communities. Together with ongoing online resources, Digital Ambassadors are equipped with the tools to spark their own school-based social action and are empowered to build a safer, kinder digital world.
Thanks to Ms Marocchi and the team at PROJECT ROCKIT for organising the event and the delicious ice-cream following.
By Rei Poon (9.3) and James Watson (9.2)


On Wednesday night (18 September), Trinity College sent two teams of enthusiastic and young men to UWA:s University Club for the inaugural PSA Model United Nations Competition 2019. This was run in partnership with UWA, represented by Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) David Sadler alongside the Vice President of the United Nations Association of Australia.
The teams comprised of: 

• Year 10 (Australia): Lachlan Eames (10.1), Liam Cooper (10.3), Taylor Hannah (10.8)
• Year 11 (Peru): Sri Krishna Dharmapuri (11.4), Kinta Pinchin-Yamada (11.2) and Matthew Bottega (11.2)

During the evening, these budding leaders and speakers had to present an opening statement on their adopted country's stance on a proposed United Nations Resolution on Environmental Refugees, as well as engage in negotiations with 16 other teams representing such countries such as Sweden, France and Cote'D'lvoire on suggested Amendments to the Resolution. All teams then voted through or passed the Amendments. The boys enjoyed meeting other like-minded young men and had an eye-opening glimpse into the functioning of the United Nations. I am sure some of them are now considering a career in international relations!
Congratulations to these fine young men for being proud ambassadors of Trinity College and for their spirited and energetic participation of this event. They have certainly made history by being part of this inaugural event and have paved the way for Trinity's future participation. Many thanks go to Miss Genevieve Outtrim who oversaw the Trinity's preparation for the event and for Miss Su-fen Chung who was there to support.


More than 17,000 students from around the world participated in the NCSS Challenge 2019. They competed for 5 weeks, learning to code by solving interesting and engaging problems. The results of the competition have now been released, and Daniel MacRae
(10.6) and Liam Cooper (10.3) students from Trinity College came in at the top of the leaderboard with Perfect Scores!

Computer science skills are critical, whether you want to cure cancer, solve global warming or unlock the secrets of the universe. It's really good to see these students making a positive start at a young age, and we hope their successes may encourage other people to take up coding too!
The NCSS Challenge is a collaboration between Grok Learning, The University of Sydney and the Australian Computing Academy.
"The future is built with code, and it's wonderful to see so many students getting involved" said Dr. Nicky Ringland, co-founder of Grok Learning and one of AFR's 100 Women of Influence 2018. "The NCSS Challenge is a key force in transforming Australian students from tech consumers, in to tech creators."

Mr Adam Gage I Head of Learning Area - Digital Technologies


This year 490 Trinity College students participated in this competition. With a strong performance history, we had high expectations for this year's competition and our students have again produced great results that match those expectations. As this competition is run on a national basis, it gives us valuable information on how well our students match up against all students across Australia. We are very pleased with the results.

This year we achieved 7 High Distinctions, 76 Distinctions and 158 Credits.
High Distinctions were awarded to 

• Year 7 Joshua Gonzalez (7.1) and Riley Ford (7.7)
• Year 8 Sebastian Herrington (8.1), Chi Chi Chen (8.6) and Harry Hansen­ Knarhoi (8.4)
• Year 9 Jarvis Rickard (9.1)
• Year 10 Giuseppi Macri (10.2)

Jarvis also won the Best in School Award. 

Mr Geoff Jamieson I Head of Mathematics Learning Area 


This week Mr Dustin Aylmore (HASS Teacher and Chess Coach) joined a Year 7 class for their Library session. He spoke to the boys about his reading journey starting with his time at Boarding School where he made sure to read the newspaper every day to make sure he knew what was going on in the world. He went through a phase of reading sports autobiographies and came to the conclusion that lots of them are not particularly well written, so by Year 11, his taste had developed towards the mystery / crime novels of Dan Brown. Mr Aylmore spoke about how he has also liked to read before going to sleep at night as it helps him switch off from the day and get a restful sleep. From there, he moved on to authors John Grisham and Dennis Lehane (after watching a movie based on one of his books). At the moment he is reading "Grid Iron Genius" by Michael Lombardi as he is huge Grid Iron fan and "Way to Go" by Matt Price (a Trinity College Old Boy) about the Fremantle Dockers.
Thanks to Mr Aylmore for taking time out to read with us.


This week the TCEC held a trial Wax Food Wrap Workshop for staff. Wax Food Wraps are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative to single use cling wrap for food storage. Wax wraps are easily made by hand and if looked after properly, will last enough time to wrap up many lunches! The staff were able to make a few wax wraps of different sizes and walked away happy in the knowledge that they no longer need to use cling wrap. We are hoping to run a parent workshop next term, so please keep your eyes peeled for further information in the newsletter. Thanks to Ms Stacey Turich (Junior School Science Specialist) who helped organise the workshop.
Ms Alison Mackenzie I Head of Library Services

College News


Trinity College would like to wish Brother Tony Kelly, founder and first Headmaster of Trinity College a happy 99th birthday for this Sunday, 22 September 2019.
Brother Kelly is renowned as an exceptional educator whose leadership and foresight saw the establishment of Trinity College which today is a leader in the education of boys in Western Australia. He served for two terms as Headmaster of the college.
His first term of 1960 - 1965 will remain as one of the most significant in the history of the college and his second term of 1978 - 1984 saw the completion of an extensive building and redevelopment programme.
Brother Kelly grew up in Sydney in a happy musical family. At 14 years of age he joined the Christian Brothers' Juniorate where he completed his studies and began his life's journey as a Christian Brother. At twenty years of age Brother Kelly commenced his teaching career, working at schools in Tasmania and Melbourne before being transferred to the West to take on the role of Headmaster at CBC Fremantle where he worked for six years.
In 1960 Brother Kelly was appointed Headmaster of CBC Perth or 'The Terrace' as it was affectionally known. He had been in charge of the college for less than three months when faced with the difficult situation that the City of Perth wished to acquire the college property. With his exceptional business prowess and foresight Brother Kelly, in a period of less than two years, located and negotiated with the authorities for the East Perth causeway land, oversaw the planning and building of the new college, including the Chapel and Assembly Hall, and relocated the college under the new name Trinity College and the new crest and motto, In Nomine Domini, ready for the start of the 1962 school year.
Brother Kelly was an exceptional leader but foremost he was an inspirational teacher who believed boys should have educational opportunities in all the disciplines. He built a college that not only provided strong Christian values and academic standards, but he also laid the foundations for future sporting and music programmes.
Brother Kelly is one of nature's gentlemen. He always took a personal interest in each of his students and their families and was dedicated to his staff. He has a wonderful memory for names and is very proud of his Old Boys achievements. He is held in high esteem by all and is well known for 'his affection for, and interest in, all things Trinity'. In the 1987 Queens Birthday Honours list Brother James Antoninus Kelly was awarded the OAM, the Medal of the Order of Australia, for services to education. 


Mrs June Corcoran ran the Pipes and Drums here at Trinity for many years particularly throughout the late 70s, 80s and into the 90s. After being unwell for some time now Mrs Corcoran sadly passed away on Wednesday, 11 September. She will be sadly missed by her family and the Pipe Band world, including many former Trinity students.


Autism in Cricket : Come and Try Session

If your son would like to play Cricket this season he can come along to a free come and try session at the WACA. Your child can try all aspects of the game and talk with members of the Autism Association team and the WACA for support to join your local club. Click here to download the event flyer. 

  • Saturday, 26 September
  • 10am to 12pm
  • 5 – 17 year olds
  • WACA playing grounds, Nelson Crescent, East Perth

Ms Lissa Coleman | Director Inclusive Education


Be rewarded when you support Trinity College Friends of the Arts. Right now, when you purchase tickets to the Perth Royal Show you can save 25% on your tickets! Plus, we receive a portion of the proceeds towards our fundraising. Click here to purchase your tickets and use the promo code: Royalshow20184


Please note the last general trade day for the Uniform Shop will be next Tuesday, 24 September from 7:30am to 4:30pm.

We will have a special trading day on Wednesday, 25 September from 7:30am to 11:30am to accept Blazers from students who are entitled to Honours or Colours. Please see your achievement letter for pricing of honours/colours for payment on the day.

The Uniform Shop will be open in the holidays in the last week on Thursday, 10 October and Friday, 11 October from 7:30am to 1:30pm.

All students will be required to be in full Summer Uniform on the first day back in Term 4.

Have a wonderful break and see you all in Term 4.

Mrs Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager 


Mr Tony Curtis, Mr Lim Mae San. Br Burke our first Rowing Master flown in form Melbourne and Principle Mr Darren O'Neill
2019 1st VIII and 2020 current best ergos race against an All-Stars crew of Australian Representatives 

This year marks the 50th year that Trinity College has competed in Head of the River and last weekend saw over 200 members of the rowing community come together to celebrate this momentous occasion!
The event was a great success, with bagpipes playing as the 2019 1st VIII and 2020 current best ergos raced against an All-Stars crew of Australian Representatives, including Rhys Grant ('04), Brendan Murray ('07), Mr Kenny Chan ('91), Rohan James ('16), Andrew Eyres ('13), Jex Fatin ('13), Nicolo Maurogiovanni ('13), Mitch Boros ('11) and Jack Cleary ('12). 

It was fantastic to see a large number of Old Boys (including many past rowers who have competed for Australia), parents, staff and students. Also in attendance was first Rowing Master Br Burke; past Headmasters Br Carrigg (who started the Club) and Mr Tony Curtis; Principal Mr Darren O'Neill; past Presidents of the club; Old Boys Peter Blewett ('70), Allan Blood ('70) and Jean-Marc Rousset ('69) from our first ever 1st VIII in 1969; Ray Kosovich ('76), Michael Messer ('73) and family continuing the work of the late John (Jack) Messer in building the Club and many others. We thank all who made the event a very special celebration.


The Trinity Athletics team performed with great tenacity and effort at the PSA Inters last Friday to finish in 4th position, only 5 points behind Aquinas. Our leading individual points scorers in each group were; 

The Trinity Athletics team performed with great tenacity and effort at the PSA Inters last Friday to finish in 4th position, only 5 points behind Aquinas. Our leading individual points scorers in each group were; 

New PSA records were set by Pat Edwards who ran the 200m event in 25.54 seconds and Kerry Barney who jumped 12.81m in the triple jump event. Our best performed events were shot put (144 points), long jump (139 points) and hurdles (128 points).
The team was exceptionally well led by team captain Alex Rossi, vice captains Lachie Sibosado and Aaron Moore, with great support from all our Year 12 athletes.

Steve Leahy I Director of Sport

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Tuesday, 1 October  Class of ’44 and ’49 – 75th and 70th Anniversary Reunion
Wednesday, 2 October     CBC Reunion
Monday, 7 October   PSA Golf Day
Saturday, 12 October     Class of ’09 – 10th Anniversary Reunion
Saturday, 19 October   Class of ’79 – 40th Anniversary Reunion
Thursday, 24 October  TOBA Year 12 Graduation Breakfast
Friday, 1 November   Summer Sports Day
Saturday, 2 November Class of ’69 – 50th Anniversary Reunion
Friday, 8 November Melbourne Reunion
Saturday, 9 November Class of ’79 – PSA Reunion
Saturday, 16 November Class of ’84 - 35th Anniversary Reunion 

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132.

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive 

Community News


The CTF will be holding an Open Day to the public for the Construction Futures Centre during the upcoming school holidays.The open day will be held on Tuesday, 1 October 2019 from 9am to 12:30pm. Sessions start at 9am and 11am. While admission is FREE bookings are essential. To book a session please call 0455 234 278 or email 


Academic Task Force are offering a skills development program for Years 7-10 in the October school holidays. The school holiday program will include learning skills, advanced maths and intermediate English, essay writing and foundation Maths and English. The cost of the course is $200 per 6-hour course with a discount available when enroling in multiple courses. For more information or to enrol please visit and follow the below instructions:

  • Go to our programs - Year 7&8/9&10
  • Click on Holiday Programs
  • Select the Enrol Today programs

ATAR Exam Focus offers students a structured preparation program which includes the substantial modeling of answers to ATAR- style questions. This program is a great opportunity for a final consolidation and extension of information students have learned before the commencement of the final exams. For more information visit or email  


Facilitated by Craig Van Waardenburg, this family activity-based program builds on the complementary strengths of 'the rock' and 'the water'. One if firm and assertive, while the other is flexible and willing to cooperate. Some of the topics that will be discussed included bullying, communication skills and personal boundaries. The course teaches practical anti-bullying strategies, boundary awareness, an introduction to basic self-defence skills and much more. This program runs on Saturday, 5 October and Saturday, 7 December from 8:30am-12:30pm for $70 per child. Bookings are required and can be made via 6164 0200 or you can visit 


The Council for Australian Catholic Women (Perth) invite you to hear New Testament lecturer, Dr Michele Connolly RSJ at two free events in Perth. 

  • Friday, 25 October 6-9pm - Women in the Church: Reflections from the New Testament - men and women invited. Light refreshments served from 5:30pm.
  • Saturday, 26 October 9:30am - 4pm - Women and the Gospel of Mark: Insights for today - a day for women. Light refreshments served from 9am. Light lunch included.

Both events will be held at James Nestor Hall, Catholic Education Office 50 Ruislip St Leederville. RSVP by Monday, 21 October. Email:; Phone: 08 9397 5988; SMS: 0400 886 835.


Commences Friday, 25 October from 7:45-8:30am (9-12 years of age) for a 8 week program. Each enrolment receives a free Hot Shots Racquet. To enrol your child please contact Brendan on or 0401 565 051. You can also download an enrolment form here

Mount Lawley Inglewood Roos JFC and Auskick Centre located at Inglewood Oval, Welcomes players for Auskick (Pre-Primary - Year 2), Modified Rules (Years 3-7) and Youths (Years 8-12) Registrations for 2020 now open **ALL PLAYERS WELCOME**


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