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TC Newsletter:
Volume 31  October 12, 2018

From the Headmaster 


This week has been an important one for many of our Year 12 students as they complete their formal classes, receive their final school-based exam results and finalise their preparations for upcoming public exams. Before negotiating these however, next week will be one rich in ceremony as they participate in Presentation Night and a number of events associated with their formal graduation from the College. This makes it timely to reflect upon the journey that each of these young men has taken while in the process of receiving their schooling.

One of the very pleasant tasks that I have undertaken since being at Trinity is meeting prospective families and enrolling some of the students who will commence at the College in coming years. It is difficult to imagine these young boys as the group of young men who will graduate together in years to come but as all parents know, these years in the lives of their sons will come and go very quickly.

Some of the families that I have met have held a firm commitment to being part of the Trinity College community almost since their son was born. Others have undertaken a process of careful discernment before deciding that this school offered the priorities and opportunities that they were seeking. Regardless of which path has been followed, each of them is happy to commit to supporting the College and to accepting the support which will be extended to them in the interests of the full development of their son.

One of the questions that parents occasionally ask at the interview for enrolment is what sort of environment or tone exists at the school. Of course, I understand that what they are really asking is ‘how do I know that my son will be safe and happy at this school?’ This question rightly assumes great importance for any parent who has a child on the verge of commencing at a new school. The answer that I give never varies and I hope that it resonates strongly with each of you as current parents of the College.

I begin by acknowledging that feeling safe and secure is an essential criterion before any student can start to maximise their learning. Although this is true, any discussion of school climate which is limited to classroom management and student behaviour fails to acknowledge the many other factors which contribute to the provision of a healthy learning environment. The most significant of these is the existence of a shared set of values which focus our attention upon what is important and clarify our common purpose. This mutual commitment can be represented in many ways but gains one of its most eloquent expressions in the maxim, ‘Men for Others’.

This succinct rendering of one of the major priorities of this school allows us to align all of our other activity at the College. Our vision, beliefs, rituals, tradition and language assume a new richness when it is understood that each of them exists to support the formation of the faithful, outward-looking and gentle man which we seek as a graduate. This is one of the key components of our culture as a school and assists in the provision of a secure, stimulating and nurturing environment which challenges each of our students to learn to the extent of their ability.

Mr Shaun Kenny | Acting Headmaster 

College Events


Next Tuesday, 16 October commencing at 7:00pm, we will gather as a community for Presentation Night at the Perth Concert Hall. During the evening, we will acknowledge the superb achievements of our students, welcome the new Prefects for 2019 and be entertained by our highly talented Performing Arts students. Attendance is compulsory for all Years 10, 11 and 12 students and for all prize winners and performers in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Information has already been sent to Years 10, 11 and 12 parents with regards to purchasing tickets. The College provides seating in the upper gallery for all Year 10 and 11 students as they are part of the massed choir performance. Notification to prize winners in Year 7–11 and Year 12 courses has also been emailed to parents.

These notifications contain information about the purchase of tickets for prize winners’ parents in a specially reserved section of seating. The College provides seating for all prize winners in Year 7–9.

General admission tickets are available for anyone who would like to attend. Please click on this link for details and to purchase: 


As a College, we are looking forward to congratulating and graduating the Class of 2018 on Thursday, 18 October.  A reminder that parking will be available across the road in Gloucester Park for the morning Breakfast and Assembly.  We ask Year 12 students to travel with their parents as parking at Gloucester Park is limited.  That evening, the Graduation Mass and Dinner will be held at the Perth Convention Centre. 


On Tuesday, 23 October at 9:35am, the Year 11 students will gather together for their Term 4 Mass. 

On Tuesday, 30 October at 9:35am, the Year 10 students will gather together for their Term 4 Mass. 

On Tuesday, 6 November at 9:35am, the Year 9 students will gather together for their Term 4 Mass. 

On Tuesday, 13 November at 9:35am, the Year 8 students will gather together for their Term 4 Mass. 

On Tuesday, 20 November at 9:35am, the Year 7 students will gather together for their Term 4 Mass. 

Parents are most welcome to join us for Mass and to stay for a “cuppa” afterwards.  RSVPs to Mrs Beverly Martinez on or phone 9223 8106


At Trinity College, we are blessed with parents who are always willing to give their time and energy to support our students and staff in the many different groups and events that take place in our busy school community. 

On  Wednesday, 7 November, College staff take the opportunity to show our thanks by inviting parents to the Parent Helpers' Sundowner to be held in the Staff Lounge from 6:30pm–9:00pm. 

Drinks and cocktail food will be provided, so if you have contributed to one of our many “Friends of” groups, volunteered at the Canteen or Clothing Shop, helped out in Junior School or volunteered in other ways at the school this year, we warmly invite you to attend.

RSVPs are essential via TryBooking:


A reminder that during Term 4 we engage our Sun Smart Policy. Students are not allowed on the Oval, the Courts or other open spaces without wearing a College hat. The blue College cap, blue College broad brimmed hat along with other Trinity sporting hats, will be permitted during these times. Students without a Trinity College hat or cap will not be permitted to remain in these areas during break times. College hats and caps are available for purchase from the Trinity Uniform Shop. 

We hope that through this simple measure, our boys will come to appreciate the importance of covering up when in the sun and we hope that parents will support this message at home.


Our thanks are extended to the families and staff who are part of our Friends for Others group. This group aims to provide support for families in our College Community who may be in need of assistance, mostly in the form of providing meals for those who may be unwell, convalescing or bereaved. Meals are provided for families through the school, so that privacy is maintained. If you’d like to add your name to the list of people who are called upon occasionally to provide a meal, please contact Community Liaison Officer Mrs Beverly Martinez on 9223 8106 or

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College Calendar


Monday, 15 October

  • 9:00am Auxiliary Meeting
  • 3:20pm Learning Area Meetings

Tuesday, 16 October

  • 6:30pm for 7:00pm start Presentation Night  Perth Concert Hall 

Thursday, 18 October

  • TC Bye
  • Year 12 students last day
  • TOBA Year 12 Breakfast
  • 8:40am Secondary Assembly (Year 12 Farewell)
  • Year 12 Graduation Mass and Dinner

Friday, 19 October

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC Bye
  • Year 7 Profiling of Year 6 Trinity students
  • 4:45pm Evening of Eminence (Year 6 GATE students)

Saturday, 20 October

  • TC Bye
  • Year 7 Profiling Testing

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Junior School News

In Term 3, boys taking part in the Year 4 Gifted and Talented Education program investigated various fields of engineering and studied engineering concepts such as work, force, mechanical advantage, compression and tension. They used the engineering process to create a number of machines, including a catapult and a lifting machine. As the boys had watched the Matagarup Bridge being constructed close to the school, they researched bridge types and features before constructing their own bridge. They had to ‘use their noodle’ – building a bridge from spaghetti and marshmallows for the Spaghetti Bridge Building Challenge held in Term 4, Week 1. The boys enjoyed eating their bridge after analysing design strengths and weaknesses! The unit’s conclusion will be an incursion with Chee Wong from ‘Young Engineers’.

Ms Shirley Houston | Acting Coordinator of Inclusive Education, Junior School


Welcome back to our final term. The boys have returned and are enthusiastically looking forward to their last term, which promises to be a busy one. Please keep the Term 4 Calendar in a prominent place and take note of the many special events that are happening this term.  


During the holidays, the Science and Technology Room had some wall art placed on it. The artwork uses a variety of mediums and is a vibrant and tactile representation of Science and Technology related symbols.

Luke Chapman and Oliver Nguyen at the Spelling Bee

Today, Oliver Gebauer (4W), Harry Jenkins (4G), Luke Chapman (5W), Oliver Nguyen (5B), Jamison Hehir (6G) and Matthew Ryan (6W) represented the Junior School at the Regional Catholic Primary Schools Spelling Bee. The boys all did very well in tough competition. Congratulations also for being wonderful ambassadors for Trinity.


Good luck to Will Norman (6G) who is representing the school at the Perth Speakers Award on Monday night. This competition is hosted by John Carey MLA, and open to all primary schools in the Perth State electorate.  

Monday, 15 October
  • Perth Speakers Award at 6:30pm
Tuesday, 16 October
  • Year 5/6 Sports Training at 8am

  • GATE incursions - Year 4 Young Engineers, Year 5 Forensic Science
Friday, 19 October
  • Year 7 Profiling for Year 6 Trinity students
  • Year 6 White Assembly at 2:20pm
  • Evening of Eminence at 4:45pm


Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School    


Hello and welcome to the start of Term 4. Monday was a pupil free day, a good way to ease into the term. On Tuesday, all the boys were back at school after a long holiday break. The Year 5s and 6s had their first summer sport training of the season prior to their game on ThursdayWednesday was an uneventful day with not much happening in the Junior School except class academics. The Year 5s and 6s were very happy as they got their computers back from IT. On Thursday we had our first summer sport fixture against Hale. All the boys played very well for their teams and represented our school with pride and dignity. On Friday we had our first assembly of the term, congratulations to all of the award winners. This was a quiet week in the Junior School, but is sure to get busier as the term continues on.

By Will Norman (6G) 

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Secondary School News


On Wednesday, 24 October, Trinity College will be hosting the Perth Philosothon Competition. The Philosothon is a prestigious academic competition involving over 20 secondary schools from the metropolitan area. Each school will field a team of four students from Years 811. The students will participate in Communities of Inquiry, where they will engage in philosophical discussions of questions, created by the students themselves, based on stimulus materials on the following topics:

• Is there anything that is absolutely true?
• Are human beings essentially different from other animals?
• Are numbers real?
• Do people have the right to do with their body whatever they want?

This is the second year that Trinity College has played host for the Philosothon and we wish our team – Connor Wilson (8.6), Myles Brown (8.5), Thomas Tranter (9.8), Michael Tassone (10.5) and Joseph Dawson (11.1) - all the very best.

Donette Firkins | Gifted and Talented Coordinator


Year 11 parents and carers are invited to a Count Down and 80's Karaoke Night on Friday, 26 October at 7pm in the Trinity Staff Lounge. 

  • $20 per person
  • Finger food provided
  • Byo drinks and drinking vessels
  • Dress ups encouraged

RSVP: Rita by email or 0432 125 066 by 24 October.

Saxon Harbrow (8.6)

Saxon Harbrow (8.6) is the latest student to successfully complete the Year 8 Genre Challenge. As part of the Middle School English program, every English class visits the library for a reading session once a fortnight. The Year 8s are challenged to expand their reading horizons and read from a wide variety of genres. The ultimate challenge is to read one book from each of the 16 most popular genres in the College library. As well as collecting a prize for every three books read, any student completing the genre challenge receives a $20 Dymocks voucher to spend in store.  

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services

Flynn Tyson (9.4)

Hello, my name is Flynn Tyson and I am a member of PCG 9.4. During the Term 2 school holidays, I applied for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award as I saw that partaking in this award would provide me with many benefits that otherwise may be hard to achieve during school alone. It would also allow me to do things outside my comfort zone. In completing the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, you must attain a certain number of hours over a consistent period of time in three categories - skill, service and physical recreation. For service, I am assisting in the coaching of the cricket teams in the Junior School. For physical recreation, I am doing basketball and football for school. I am also planning to do an art project for my skill component. Overall, I am very grateful to be a part of this full experience and can’t wait to finish my award!

College News


We are excited to be welcoming Mr Darren O'Neill as Headmaster of Trinity College in 2019. To read his biography, click here.   

Mr Steve Leahy ('78), Ms Alison Mackenzie, Mr Daniel Bateman, Mr Corey Miskiewicz, Jean-Peal Starkie (11.8) and Lachie Sibosado (11.7)

Two Year 11 students, Jean-Paul Starkie (11.8) and Lachie Sibosado (11.7) have taken up the challenge to be part of the World's Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation. As part of this, they have recruited four staff members to come on board and help raise some extra funds. Mr Daniel Bateman, Mr Corey Miskiewicz, Mr Steve Leahy and Ms Alison Mackenzie have joined the team to be part of this great cause. The day of the shave is Tuesday, 30 October (Week 4). If you would like to support the team and donate, please click on this link:


A reminder that students are wearing the Summer uniform in Term 4. The Uniform Shop open hours during term are: 

  • Every Tuesday 7:30am4:30pm
  • Every Friday 7:30am1:30pm

Please call into the Uniform Shop for any uniform requirements. 

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager   


The Trinity College Visual Arts Department is hosting an exhibition of paintings by local artist Rob Davis. The paintings depict Kerala, South India. Part proceeds of any sales will be donated to aid the fishermen and their families of Kerala after recent devastating floods. Everyone is welcome to attend the official opening of this art exhibition, details as follows: 

  • Saturday, 13 October
  • 1pm–3:30pm 
  • Venue: Br P.L. O'Doherty Cultural Centre Gallery
  • Light refreshments provided

The exhibition continues from 9–26 October, viewable during school hours. 

Ms Rita Basilio | Art Coordinator



Click here for our first fixture for Term 4 against Hale School. 

Mr Stephen Leahy ('78) | Director of Sport 

Celebrating 125 Years

In 2019, Trinity College, formerly CBC Perth, will be celebrating our 125th anniversary. We are excited to share some of the highlights, memories and stories from the last 125 years. 

Life lessons from Gentleman Junior in 1975. Who remembers this book?

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Come with Strength and Vigour on 16 March 2019 and help Trinity College and CBC Perth celebrate its 125 year anniversary. Join in the Old Boys ‘Charge of the 125th’ as we march en masse from the College, being led by members of the much loved Trinity College Pipes & Drums, over the Matagarup Bridge to Optus Stadium where we will once again proclaim our valour and our pride in Trinity as we recount the glory days of yesteryear in a sea of blue and green. 

The ‘Charge of the 125th’ will be TOBA’s main event of 2019, so stay tuned and be ready to purchase tickets very soon! 

  • Class of 1978 - 40th Anniversary Reunion – Saturday, 13 October
  • TOBA Yr 12 Graduation Breakfast – Thursday, 18 October
  • Class of 1968 – 50th Anniversary Reunion – Saturday, 20 October
  • Class of 1958 – 60th Anniversary Reunion – Friday, 26 October
  • Class of 1988 – 30th Anniversary Reunion – Saturday, 27 October
  • Class of 1998 – 20th Anniversary Reunion – Saturday, 27 October

For further information regarding upcoming TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132 or

Community News


Parents, teachers and carers are invited to a talk by Jordan Foster, the 2018 WA Young Achiever of the Year, clinical psychologist and ySafe's CEO, who will be the guest speaker at a Rotary Cambridge Schools' Programme talk on the topic, 'Monitoring and Managing Children's Screen Time'. 

  • Wednesday, 31 October
  • 9:00am for 9:15am start, to conclude by 10:15am
  • Venue: Cambridge Bowling Club, Chandler Avenue, Floreat
  • $5 cash payment at the door (except for teachers) - includes coffee

To reserve a place, please contact Jeanette Wood on 0413 190 412 or To read the flyer, click here


A Melbourne Cup experience that rivals being there on the track. For the first time, the WACA is offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the excitement of Australia’s greatest race from the historic hallowed WACA turf. Watch the race live on the big screen with drinks and entrée canapes served. Post-race, you will move to Langer’s Loft to enjoy a cocktail style lunch with drinks, live music and prizes for the best dressed guests. We invite you to dress up in your Melbourne Cup best and share the race that stops a nation with us at the WACA Ground, the home of cricket in WA. 

  • Tuesday, 6 November
  • 11:00–2:00pm
  • Ticket price: $100
  • Venue: WACA Ground, Nelson Crescent, East Perth

Click here to read the flyer containing details of the event. To book, click here


For the upcoming 2018/2019 cricket season, the Trinity Cricket Committee has organised a wine fundraiser to help raise funds for the Trinity Cricket program. The wine is labelled wine from Margaret River, called Killerby. The cost is $75 per six pack (ie. $12.50 per bottle) and there will be 5 varieties to choose from. As this is a special order, you cannot order mixed or part cartons. Please click here for the order form. Completed forms are to be scanned and emailed to: or faxed to 9363 1333. Order forms are due by Wednesday, 14 November. The wine is available for pick-up from Waterford Playing Fields on Saturday, 17 November between 9:00–12:00pm or from the College on Monday, 19 November, just in time for Christmas. Thank you for your support. 

Mr Corey Miskiewicz | Physical & Outdoor Education Teacher


Adrian Soares ('14) will be performing in the prestigious UWA VOSE Concerto Finals at the Perth Concert Hall on 19 October, playing Lutoslawski's Variations on a Theme of Paganini for Piano and Orchestra. He is currently studying music at UWA as a recipient of the Tunley Music Scholarship. To purchase tickets to this amazing concert, please click here:


The Hot Shot Tennis Coaching Term 4 program commences on Friday, 12 October at 7:45am–8:30am (9–12 years). It is an eight week program with a free raquet promotion. To enquire or enroll your child, please contact Brendan on or call 0401 565 051.


ATarget is offering ATAR and Middle School Master Classes in Term 4. Small groups, individual attention, subject revision and exam preparation. Mock and ATAR exam preparation. Enrol online at or call 9486 1377.  


For information on parenting courses offered by Relationships Australia in West Leederville in October, please click here. Two other fantastic courses in West Leederville are as follows: 

  • Defusing angry and abusive customers – Tuesday, 23 October at 9:30am1:00pm, $110
  • Accidental counsellor – Friday, 9 November at 9:30am4:30pm, $220

To register, please call 6164 0239 to complete an enrolment and provide payment information. For further information on all courses, visit the website: 


St George’s College will have its annual Spring Fair on Sunday, 28 October. It’s a fantastic day of fun for all the family with wine & cheese tasting, market stalls, jumping castle, face painting, music and much, much more. Also check out WA’s largest High School Photography Competition showcasing young talented photographers. It’s a free family event and we would love to see everyone there! 

  • Sunday 28 October - 11am–3pm
  • Venue: St George’s College, Mounts Bay Road, Crawley.  Parking available on Hackett Drive and at UWA.

Click here to read the flyer about mixed martial arts for kids and how to book your free 2 week trial. 

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