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TC Newsletter:

Volume 34  November 1, 2019

From the Principal 

Some Graduation Prayers

At an Assembly last week, our College community was able to farewell and celebrate our Leaving Class of 2019. It was an opportunity to reflect on their journey so far, to remember times shared and lessons learned and, in a more immediate sense, to wish them well over the next few weeks as they embark on further examinations and apply for further training, university or employment. College Head Prefect, Simon Homsany gave his final address and reminded all students to be grateful for the special opportunity to be part of the Trinity community and urged them to continue to strive for personal excellence. In a most respectful and genuine way, Simon also gave special thanks to parents and families for the love and support they have showed. Similarly, he acknowledged the many Trinity Staff who have provided encouragement and guidance through school and gave a most heartfelt thanks to his Year 12 ‘Brothers’ for the “…privilege of walking alongside them on the journey.” It was a most sincere and heartfelt message.

Although my assembly address was intended for our Graduating Class, the messages and prayers contained within were certainly applicable to every young man at Trinity College. It was a reminder that as we travel through school, indeed life, it is our actions and our relationships that will determine how we grow and what we ultimately achieve. I have included some excerpts below; 

‘‘…some years ago, I am sure many of you would have sat nervously at your first College assembly, probably very unsure of what lay ahead.  Now today, you sit here, at your final College Assembly, probably still a little unsure of what may lay ahead, but today I pray that you sit as young men having developed some knowledge and skills to thrive in an ever-changing world; having developed a sense of self–worth and purpose for the road ahead; and having developed some courage and confidence to make a positive difference in your world – to be a man for others.

Today marks the end of your formal school education and today marks the end of your formal association with your College. However, today should be viewed as less about the end and more about the beginning. Graduation from school is another marker on your path through life, a signpost that marks a turning point in your personal development and the beginning of the next phase of your life journey. As you embark on that journey, may I leave you with three pieces of advice.

  1. Keep on learning and keep on growing as a person
  2. Always choose what is right and do what is right
  3. Believe in yourself

Firstly, about learning and growing. As you move through life, never stop questioning things and striving to learn. It is in learning from our experiences that we develop and grow as people. Count everything as an opportunity to learn and grow. Learn from your triumphs and learn from your losses. Learn from your success and learn from your failures. When you experience the joys and excitement of the good times, and I am sure that you will be blessed with many, ask yourself what you can learn for the future. Similarly, when you experience some hard times, and unfortunately you will, look to ask yourself ‘what is this setback trying to teach me?’ 

Life lessons are constant, they will come one after the other. While the lessons aren’t always easy, it is important not to let them slip by.  If you learn them well, you will always be growing as people. Fortunately, as we move through life, we learn from our own experiences and we also learn from the experiences of our families; we learn from our friends; we learn from our teachers; we learn from our coaches and, in time, you will learn from your own children.

It is a reference to a very simple Christian value; to be grateful for the many blessings that life presents us. This morning, as you prepare to leave your College, I pray - that you continue learning and continue growing as good young men!

Secondly, I would encourage you to always choose what is right and, to do what is right. All of you, I’m sure, want to do well in the future, but if you don’t do good things for others, then simply doing well in life will never be enough. The true measure of you as a person will not be found in the ATAR score you achieve, the career you follow or the salary you earn, rather it will be measured in the quality of the relationships that you experience with others and in the way you treat others.

To be a Trinity Man for Others will require you to be a man for all others, including those on the margins of your life. It is relatively easy to help and seek the best for those who are like you, or close to you, or to those who may be good to you, but this is not the commitment you are called to as a graduate of Trinity. You are called to have the courage and character to serve the other, all others – the alienated and voiceless among those you will meet in your futures. You are completely unique and you can determine the way you choose to live your own life. Live it in a manner that is reflective of the values that you have gained from your families and from this College.

It is a reference to a very simple Christian value; be inclusive of all; reach out to others and lead by example in the way you respect others and respect yourself. This morning, as you prepare to leave your College, I pray - that you are always striving to do what is right and go from here and continue to be a Man for All Others.

Thirdly, I would encourage you to always believe in yourself. You all have such enormous potential. Strive to achieve your best and be confident in your ability to make a difference. You all have the necessary gifts to move forward and succeed in life. Have the confidence to set your goals high and to follow your prayers and to follow your dreams. Do not be defined by others or constrained by trendy norms, but rather, reach high for the possibilities because it is their you will find you real self. 

It is a reference to a very simple Christian value. Value your gifts and explore all possibilities, so that the best you can be shines for others to see and follow. This morning, as you prepare to leave your College, I pray - that you remain confident, believe in yourself and believe in the possibilities of what you can achieve!

Finally, as you prepare to Graduate, may I urge you to commit to the values of Christ in determining your journey ahead. I encourage you to stay true to your values and be open to the invitation to be in a relationship with God. I trust that you leave Trinity with a strong sense of faith and find comfort in the knowledge that God will continue to travel with you on the journey ahead. I can assure you that my sincere prayers go with you all.

While my obvious wish for you all is to Do Well – what I truly hope and pray for each of you - is that you Do Good! It is in doing good for yourself, your family and in doing good for others, that you will be truly remembered. Congratulations, well done and may you Live Jesus in your Hearts – this day and every day…”

Once again, on behalf of all the College community, I would like to formally congratulate our 2019 Graduating Class and thank them for being such wonderful, generous and humble young men. Please keep our graduating Year 12 students, and indeed all of our students, in your prayers.

Live Jesus in our Hearts. 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


On behalf of the College, Mr Darren O'Neill would like to invite all parents who have helped in any way throughout the year to our annual Parent Helpers' Sundowner on Wednesday, 13 November 2019.This complimentary annual event is a lovely evening, with cocktail food and drinks provided. Please RSVP by Monday, 11 November 11:30am via TryBooking:

College Calendar


Tuesday, 5 November

  • 9:35am Year 10 Mass
  • Middle School Rock Band Lunchtime Concert 

Wednesday, 6 November

  • 7:00pm Middle School Chamber Music Night

Thursday, 7 November

  • TC v GG
  • Year 9 Galilee Retreat

Friday, 8 November 

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v GG

Saturday, 9 November

  • TC v GG 
  • Guildford Regatta 

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Junior School News


The students in Year 4 organised and ran a cake stall on Thursday to assist Br Olly and his Wheelchairs for Kids charity. Thank you to all the families who provided cakes, to the boys and teachers who ran the stall and to all who bought a cake or made a donation. Also, thank you to Joshua Karelis (5GD) and his family for making and donating litres of homemade lemonade to sell at the stall. Another good example of the boys wanting to assist those in need.


Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the Parent Liaison Meeting on Wednesday. Your assistance and feedback are valuable and appreciated. 


Every year the A cricket teams from Guildford and Trinity compete in an extended cricket fixture. A few years ago a shield was made to recognise Simon Katich (’92) and Tom Moody, who have significant connections with the schools. Good luck to the boys who represent Trinity next Thursday at Guildford.


On Friday, 2 November nine boys from Year 6 and three from Year 5 will be competing in the School Sport WA Primary Teams Triathlon event, which will be held at the Champion Lakes Rowing Centre. The event is open to all Primary school students across the State. The competition is a team event with each of the three members completing one leg of the triathlon, a 200m swim, 6km cycle and a 2km run. Good luck to the four teams who are representing the College next week. This year we also have an entrant in the aquathon, which is an individual event where the competitors swim and run. Good luck to Felix Cooper (6W) who is our entrants for this race. 


If you haven’t already done so, please mark in your calendar the Junior School Presentation Night on Friday, 6 December. There is an expectation that all boys will attend this evening. Ticketing forms and further information about the evening will be sent out next week.


The TCEC is holding a Wax Wrap Workshop for interested parents on Friday, 8 November (Week 4) between 3pm and 4pm in the Junior School STEM Room. Wax wraps are a sustainable, reusable alternative to cling wrap and can be used for sandwiches, fruits, cakes, snacks etc. for storage and transport. They are washable and if looked after can last for over a year. These generally sell in shops for around $40 for a pack of 3! Tickets for our workshop where everything is provided to make your own wax wraps are priced at $5.00 and will include the instruction, the materials and some nibbles to keep you focused. Tickets can be booked via the following link: Please book early to secure your spot.


Tuesday, 5 November
  • Year 5/6 Sports Training at 8am
Thursday, 7 November
  • Sport v Guildford Grammar (Katich Moody Shield for Cricket)
Friday, 8 November
  • School Sport WA Triathlon
  • Year 5G Reconciliation 
  • Assembly at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


We need your help to say “See Ya to Plastics!”

The JS TCEC boys have been busy making wax wraps every Friday with the help of Ms Geraldine Hall. These wraps are an alternative to cling wrap and are available for purchase at a bargain price of just $2 each, Wednesday to Friday from the STEM room. We are encouraging all JS students to be part of a “Waste Free Wednesday” for the rest of Term 4. It’s as easy as it sounds! Make Wednesdays the day that the boys are 100% mindful about the waste they generate, and if they can do it well, they will leave no trace (and feel more confident in cutting their waste on the other six days of the week too!) The goal is to avoid throwing anything away that may end up in landfill.

Food scraps (other than citrus or onions) can be placed in the container outside the STEM room which will be blended as given to the worms in our Worm Café. The resulting leachate is watered onto our fruit trees, which are looking very healthy!

The TCEC warriors will be checking lunch boxes at the beginning of lunch on Wednesdays and awarding raffle tickets to those students who have no soft plastics/Waste in their lunch boxes. These boys will go into a draw to win one of the beeswax wraps made by our TCEC students.

Stacey TurichJS Science Specialist Teacher



Monday was a quiet day for our TC boys as they were preparing for the week ahead. On Tuesday the Year 6 boys got to attend a Year 10 Mentor Program where the Year 10 students gave us information about the big years ahead. Wednesday was also quiet, but all the boys were practising their singing and their instrumental skills for a special night coming up (Presentation Night). Some classes were visited by Start Smart, which taught us how to use our money wisely and how it relates to the everyday costs of living. It was a stressful for the Year 6s, as they had the Year 7 profile testing. From the exhaustion of the tests the Year 6s got leave class for the Year 4 cake stall and visit the homemade lemonade stand that Year 5G organised. All the money that was raised on that day went to Brother Olly's Wheelchairs for Kids charity. On Friday the runners club kicked off with coach Mr O’Malley in the morning and finished with 4Gs assembly.


Lewis Murabito (6W) and Aarav Bhandari (6W)


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Secondary School News


Trinity College’s Class of 2019 graduated last Thursday, 24 October.

The day started at 7:15am in Centenary Park with the traditional Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association (TOBA) breakfast for families of the graduating students. This was followed by short addresses in Gibney Hall by Peter Torre ('89), President of TOBA and Old Boy guest speaker, Graeme Yukich (’80). Graeme spoke to the boys about the importance of following a career that genuinely interested them and also to ensure they find a significant other with whom they could share their life’s experiences. A highlight of the morning’s proceedings was the boys receiving their TOBA membership packs, which included the Old Boys' tie, a much revered and treasured memento of their time at Trinity. The Year 12s were then officially ‘piped in’ to their final College Assembly, where they were acknowledged by the school before being let loose for the traditional ‘Trinity Rumble’. The morning's events concluded with the Class of 2019 photograph being taken out on Mann Oval.

The evening’s events commenced at the Perth Convention and Entertainment Centre with the Year 12 Graduation Mass, where each student was presented with their Graduation Certificate and the Edmund Rice Medallion. Guests then moved to the adjacent ballroom for dinner.

The dinner was hosted by Cameron Baker (12.2), a lighthearted and comical Master of Ceremonies who skillfully introduced the night’s events and entertainment to the delight of all attendees. Musical items were performed by the school rock band and friends, consisting of Ethan Gosatti (12.1) (vocals), Gaudi Robbins (12.5) (guitar), Alex Pagano (12.3) (keyboard), Jarrod Jeremiah (12.8)(drums), Hugh Hogan (12.7) (bass) and Joseph Dawson (12.3) (guest vocals). A particularly entertaining rendition of Wonderwall by Oasis had the crowd in stitches as Joseph did his best impersonation of Liam Gallagher, including the thick ‘Northern’ accent. Student reflections by Lachlan Brennan (12.2) and Jacob John (12.5) provided some fond memories for the boys, followed by some touching and humorous moments brought up by Rita Rocca in her parent reflection. The formal events of the night were concluded with the customary leavers’ Video, compiled this year by Alex Biundo (12.1) and Harry Ladhams (12.6) - a very personal and emotional finale to the night.

As the outgoing Head of Year, the Class of 2019 have provided me with a myriad of amazing experiences. The final words in my address to the boys was to have their life goals in mind, but alongside these, pay attention to the only two things that truly matter in the end, family and loved ones.

To the Class of 2019 – thank you for the respect and trust you have given me to guide you over the last four years at Trinity. I wish you all the very best for your time now outside the bubble!

Kenny Chan| Head of Year 12


It is always encouraging to witness young men who have courage and perseverance to witness their faith in our community. On Tuesday, 29 October the Year 11 cohort not only celebrated Mass but also participated in the commissioning of nineteen Year 11 students as Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion. These young men took part in an afternoon training session with myself and Fra Oscar Aguilera at the commencement of this term, to better prepare them for this special ministry within the Trinity College community. I would like to congratulate the following students for their faith, courage and willingness to be examples of Christ. I ask that you keep these young men in your prayers.

  • Matthew Bottega (11.2)
  • Andre Dodo-Balu (11.1)
  • Jack Georgiades (11.1)
  • Charlie Gilbert (11.3) 
  • Jack Harlow (11.5) 
  • George Hatton (11.3) 
  • Jess Higgins (11.4) 
  • Rafael Fiore (11.3) 
  • Ethan Lam (11.1) 
  • Cameron Leach (11.7) 
  • Zacary Lee (11.4) 
  • Joshua Locke (11.7)
  • Finn Moloney (11.5) 
  • Wilson Nguyen (11.4) 
  • Kinta Pinchin-Yamada (11.2)
  • Daniel Rees (11.4)
  • Max Ryan (11.1) 
  • Michael Tassone (11.5) 
  • Sebastian Teo (11.6)

Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry | English & Religious Education Teacher


Over the next four weeks, the Year 9 cohort will be practicing the leadership skills learned in Term 3 of the Becoming Men program. This started during Wednesday’s session, where our enthusiastic staff facilitated groups through sandwich-making for Manna charity group, team building games, a mini basketball tournament and even a room escape! Each task requires a different leader within each group to step up and positively influence their group to achieve their goal!


The Library is very pleased to unveil some new soft furnishings for the fiction area this week. We took delivery of new couches, chairs and ottomans to replace our well loved existing furniture. So far, the new furniture has been a hit with the students and many of them getting comfortable straight away. Some of the armchairs came as flat pack and with the help of Mr Ben Mitchell and some keen Year 9’s they were built and ready to use with an hour!

Book Club Annual Morning Tea

This week the Trinity College Book Clubs celebrated the end of another successful year with the Annual Morning Tea! The event started off with a brief speech from a representative from each Year level – Lucas Weston (Year 7); James Parker (Year 8); Myles Brown (Year 9); Taylor Hannah (Year 10) and Josh Locke (Year 11). Declan Ryan (Year 11) then led us in prayer before Mr O’Neill spoke to all of the boys. This was followed by the presentation of Book Club 2019 Badges for all regular attendees and then all of the boys were able to tuck into a fabulous morning tea and take away a special .Thanks go to Mrs Vanessa Fielden and Mrs Emma McLevie for helping to not only organise today’s event, but also helping run the fortnightly Book Club meetings over the year.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


Trinity College is proud to announce that following the successful implementation of the Duke of Edinburgh Program over the past two years, we are offering all Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students the opportunity to work with the College to gain their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Award in 2020.

This prestigious Youth Award was introduced by The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956, and now operates in over 130 countries. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is designed to empower young people, from 13 years through to 25 years of age, to develop life skills, self-reliance, confidence and leadership skills through a range of personally motivating and challenging activities.

The program is a School Curriculum and Standards Authority endorsed program. Awardees are also recognised in selection to Australian Universities. For further information about the Award, please read this documentation or you may wish to visit their website.

Our staff are enthusiastic to support students through the program, and I encourage you to discuss this with your son.

If your son is considering undertaking his Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2020, I encourage you to come along to the Duke of Edinburgh Information Evening on Monday, 4 November at 6:00pm in the Trinity Sports Centre. Students and parents will be provided with specific information on how a student in each year level can be supported by the College through their Duke of Edinburgh Award. If you are interested in coming to the information evening, please RSVP to the email address below. 

If you have any questions regarding the Award or require further information, please do not hesitate in contacting me via

Mr Corey Miskiewicz | Award Leader for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award


All students learning a musical instrument will received re-enrolment forms within the next week. Please return these forms as soon as possible to the music office. Any queries with your son’s progress should be discussed initially with the instrumental tutor. 

Students who are applying to begin an instrument will be given the opportunity to try out preferences. Application forms for students wishing to begin an instrument are available from the Music Office they are due by Wednesday, 8 November.  

‘Have a go day’ will be held on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 for beginner students wishing to try their preferences in woodwind, brass or string instruments.  Please ring Mrs Denniston on 9223 8155 for an appointment or email:                                                                  

Music re-enrolment forms:

Please return these forms to Mrs Denniston in the Music Office no later than Wednesday, 8 November 2019.

New Music Students:

Students wishing to take up an instrument can pick up an enrolment form from the Music Office. These forms need to be returned as soon as possible. “Have a go Day” will be held on Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Dr Rob Braham | Director of Music 


We are on the look out for new crew members for Imperium XX. Entry is by audition only which will take place on Tuesday, 5 November (week 4) during Period 2. All students interested must prepare a solo performance for at least 30seconds. For further information or queries, please contact or via SEQTA. 

Paula Nicoletto | Dance Co-Ordinator - Performing Arts


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College News


To celebrate Italian Week next week there will be a number of activities during the work. The Gelato van will be at Trinity in Centenary Park during lunch for all students from Tuesday to Thursday. Prices start at $5. The pizza van will be in Centenary Park on Thursday at lunch time for all middle and senior school students. Prices start at $10. On Thursday at lunch there will also be an Italian car display in Centenary Park. Other activities will also take place during the week.

Eliza Knapman | Italian Teacher


All new students coming into the college in 2020 and students moving from Junior School into Secondary School are welcome to make a uniform appointment.

Appointments are offered on Wednesday, 20, Thursday, 21, Wednesday, 27 and Thursday, 28 November.

Appointments are every half hour for 30 minutes starting at 7:30am till 3:30pm. We recommend making a time slot as January is a queuing system only and it can be a two hour wait.

Thank you to all Year 10s who placed a navy Senior jumper order. Your Jumpers will be ready for collection from March 2020.

Any uniform enquiries please email the shop or call in on any Tuesday or Friday during term.

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Coordinator



Click here to download results from the Hale School fixture.  

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Aaron Moore and family
Lachlan Brennan and family
Ethan Gosatti and family
TOBA President Mr Peter Torre ('89) with guest speaker Graeme Yukich ('80)

The Class of 2019 were welcomed into the TOBA fold on a stunning morning last Friday.

The emotion was palpable as the Graduating class, families and loved ones came together on Centenary Park to celebrate this significant milestone – their Graduation Breakfast.  An incredible breakfast was provided by the College Auxiliary, while members from the TOBA Committee cooked a traditional barbecue breakfast.

After breakfast, the group proceeded to Gibney Hall where chairs for the graduating class were decorated with balloons in the College colours which added to the joyous celebrations.

Peter Torre (‘89) welcomed the group and reminded the boys about the very special gift of a Trinity education that their parents had provided for them. He told the boys that this gift was not only financial, but the gift of so many hours attending to matters in respect of their education and wellbeing. In recognition of this, the boys stood, turned to their parents and gave them a standing ovation that gained volume and enthusiasm and filled Gibney Hall with appreciation.

Mr Torre also reminded the boys of the special bond that will always exist amongst the leaving year and encouraged the boys to maintain their pride in the College and themselves. His advice to these young men was to give everything they have, to whatever they do in their lives and, above all, to cherish God’s blessing of life itself and live every day to the fullest, always remembering the importance of serving others.

We were privileged to have guest speaker, Graeme Yukich (’80), address the group.

Graeme has an impressive profile and we encourage you to read it: CLICK HERE

Graeme offered three pieces of advice to the 2019 graduating class:

  • To have a goal and find something that interests them and that they feel passionate about.
  • To have a reason to get up in the morning and to have something to look forward to each day.
  • To find someone to share life with and to put time into their relationships with family and friends.

Following the speeches, Mr Torre and Mr Yukich presented each of the 2019 graduates with their TOBA tie and hat. As is tradition, the graduates swapped their current College tie with the TOBA tie prior to moving to the Sports Centre for the formal College assembly.

After assembly the graduation class moved to Centenary Park where the three crowns had been lasered on the lawn and performed the famous TC Rumble with passion!   A drone was used to film the rumble for the first time which added to the excitement.

Thank you to everyone who assisted on the day, including, John Hansen (’58), Terry Jones (’70), and Dion Smith (’87), David Tobin (’87), Chris Jones (’97) and current parent David Hoy.Thank you also to the endless commitment from the College Auxiliary and Ross Beatson, Dayne Whelan and team.

Special mention to Mr Kenny Chan (’91) for his outstanding commitment to the 2019 graduating class.

Friday, 8 November Melbourne Reunion
Saturday, 9 November Class of ’79 – PSA Reunion
Saturday, 16 November Class of ’84 – 35th Anniversary Reunion 
Saturday, 23 November Class of ’89 – 20th Anniversary Reunion

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132.

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive 

Community News


Term 4 enrolments are now open for Tutition for Years 7-10 and ATAR Exam Boost seminars for Year 11 & 12. We use only qualified teachers with proven results in improving student's grades. Your child will receive support in the WA curriculum to improve their marks and confidence at school. You can enrol online via and also learn more about all of our current courses. You can call us on 9314 9500 or email 


Mark McGlue offers music tuition including guitar, ukulele, composition and more. With over 7 years of teaching experience, his unqiue apporach cultivates a love of learning. For more information visit his website, call 0431 837 938 or email 


This inspiring annual event, an initiative of the women of the parish of Saint Joseph, is on Thursday, 14 November at St Joseph’s Subiaco starting at 7:30pm. Guest speakers Vicky Burrows (Executive Director, Mission and Ethos, Mercy​Care), Maureen Helen (Author) and Tor Taranto (Perth Cana Communities) will talk about their personal life experiences in the context of faith and their spiritual life. To allow time for reflection, a music ensemble will play pieces selected by the guest speakers. Light refreshments will follow. A gold coin donation for Perth Cana Communities will be collected at the event. All welcome.

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