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TC Newsletter:

Volume 36  November 15, 2019

From the Principal 


For all the correct reasons, schools are faced with ever increasing measures of accountability. Various government departments, educational authorities and governing bodies apply respective checks and balances in order to examine all manner of a school’s processes and functions. Earlier this year, as part of yet another formal audit process, particular aspects of our College operations, policies and procedures were examined. In a concluding remark to the final report it was remarked that, “Trinity College is an excellent school with wonderful facilities, an extensive range of educational programs, a wide variety of opportunities for the students and sound policies implemented through a consistent and thorough process”. Whilst respectfully acknowledging this concluding statement, and being appreciative of such observations, I was deliberately strong in pointing out that it is actually people who make up a good school. It is in the shared effort and caring relationships of people; the students, families and staff, where community is formed. It is, in fact, a strong sense of community that makes a great school.

It is not buildings that make a school, for they are just shells without some scuff marks and the excited laughter and energy of young people to bring them to life. It is not Programs and Courses that make a school, but rather the shared work of the staff and students in working towards making such learning relevant. Whilst policies and processes are critically important, it is the manner in which people come together in a spirit of trust, support and care that make such policies real, positive and pastoral. Similarly, while the provision of opportunities to engage in Sport or the Arts or go on a Tour are exciting, it is people; the students, teachers, coaches and parents, that give such pursuits meaning and purpose. While we are grateful for our wonderful facilities and for the great variety of programs that we do offer at our school, we must remain mindful that our true blessing lies in the quality of the people that make up our College community.

I was reminded of this again this week, when our College hosted the Parent Helpers’ Sundowner. The many parents who attended and enjoyed a very relaxed evening, represented the extraordinary number of parents who consistently and generously give of their time, energy and skills in assisting our boys and our Trinity College Community. Quite simply, the quality and breadth of the many opportunities that we provide for the boys could not happen without the support and drive of our families. I am proud of our efforts to foster positive Family/College relationships and am most grateful for the support of parents in this regard. As I have stated in many forums previously, student achievement and welfare are greatly enhanced when the school and the home enjoy a positive and meaningful partnership that is centred on the care and progress of every student. This is the essence of our Trinity College community.

Another vital component of such a partnership is promoting and encouraging regular and open communication that is firmly centred on the care and formation of each student. My clear expectation is that our College Staff will seek to keep parents informed of the progress of their son and that any concerns or important information will be articulated to parents in a timely manner. As is the nature of boys journeying through school, such information will often be a mix of affirmations acknowledging great performance and, at times, the correction and reminder of the need to meet expected behaviours.  With this in mind, I am sure you can appreciate my absolute dismay when earlier this week, our College was subject to a most unusual piece in the West Australian Newspaper. While not wishing to reduce myself to respond to the tone, content and questionable statements presented in the article, I believe the overwhelming response of the wider community and, in particular our own College community, speaks volumes about such a misrepresentation of what was a genuine, sincere and positive communication between the College and our parents. Importantly, this communication was encouraging and centred on the formation of our boys.

Trinity College is committed to supporting our students to develop as individuals who respect and promote the dignity, rights and wellbeing of others. We have high expectations of our students when it comes to upholding these values, and we facilitate discussions with students themselves and our community of parents and carers if we observe behaviour that doesn’t meet these expectations.

The recent communication to Year 7 parents that was then publicly shared and widely reported on, addressed a range of behaviours that, while not uncommon for students this age, we expect our boys to learn are not in line with respectful treatment of others. This communication stressed that these behaviours were observed on rare occasions by a very small number of students. The letter went on to reiterate how proud Mr Testa (Head of Year 7) is of the students entrusted in his care and acknowledged their strong values and developing sense of responsibility and maturity. 

As we consider and value parents and caregivers as partners in their child’s education, it is essential that we continue to focus on open communication between the College and our parents on matters that may be of importance.  Our community’s support of our efforts to actively engage on these matters has been overwhelmingly positive.

As previously stated, effective and timely communication is essential if positive Family/College Partnerships are to continue for the benefit of the students. The College will continue to strive to do well in this area and I thank families for their continued support of these efforts and the sense of community that we enjoy.

Live Jesus in our Hearts. 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events

On behalf of the Trinity College Auxiliary, please join us at the 2019 Auxiliary Dinner on Thursday, 21 November at Public House Perth - for any TC parent that has assisted at Auxiliary Events throughout the year. Please RSVP by 4:00pm, Friday 15 November.

College Calendar


Monday, 18 November

  • New Year 7 (2020) Orientation Day
  • 5:00pm Parent Council Meeting
  • 6:30pm Year 7 (2020) Parent Information Evening 

Tuesday, 19 November

  • 9:30am Year 8 Mass

Wednesday, 20 November

  • New Year 7 (2020) Have a Go Day for musical instruments

Thursday, 21 November 

  • TC v WC
  • Auxiliary Dinner

Friday, 22 November

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v WC
  • 6:00pm India Pilgrim Mass

Saturday, 23 November

  • TC v WC
  • India Pilgrimage departs (returns 20 December)  

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Junior School News


The New Student Orientation morning was very successful thanks to a number of people who assisted on the day. The students in Year 6 who led tours did an excellent job and thank you to the many Year 4 parents and Mrs Melanie Day from the College Auxiliary who helped with the preparation and serving of morning tea. Thank you to everyone who assisted to make the morning a very positive experience for our new families to the College.


Today, 6 boys have represented the Junior School in a Spelling Bee Competition at St Peter’s. The boys had been preparing diligently for the occasion and represented our College well.


Congratulations to all boys who represented the College at the triathlon last Friday. The boys competed well as competitors and were wonderful ambassadors for our school. The event was very enjoyable and successful for all concerned. The competition at the triathlon was fierce and our boys did very well. Congratulations also to our aquathon entrants, Felix Cooper (6W) and Jack Clarey (6B) on their awesome effort.


It was an absolute treat watching Todd Meyn ('09) perform some of his awesome BMX tricks for the Junior School boys on Tuesday. Todd has pursued BMX professionally and is currently a Nitro Circus Athlete. A highlight of Todd’s successful career includes making finals in the inaugural Nitro World Games. The boys had a spectacular time watching Todd perform his extreme manoeuvrers at the College and learning more about Todd’s professional career.

Todd began his time at the College in Year 4 in Mr Maxfield’s (’79) class. It was a wonderful reunion of teacher and student. Todd spoke to the boys about the importance of leading by example, integrity, sportsmanship and most of all being a ‘Man for Others.’ Todd departed for London yesterday to compete again. The Junior School wishes him the very best. Todd will be sending updates of his progress for the boys to follow.


The Year 7 Orientation Day takes place on Monday, 18 November. It commences at 8:30am and students are to meet in Centenary Park. Students need to wear their sports uniform with a hat. They are also required to bring a packed lunch & recess, water bottle and swimming gear. The Parent Information Evening commences at 6:30pm and will take place in the Sports Centre. Further information regarding this day and the parent evening was recently sent home by mail.


On Tuesday, 19 November, students in Year 4 will have the opportunity to 'have a go' at woodwind and brass instruments. If boys are already learning an instrument, we would encourage them to continue on that instrument, however if they are not or if they have decided to try a different instrument, then please return forms which have been posted, requesting to have a go as soon as possible.


Monday, 18 November
  • Year 7 Orientation 
  • 2019 Year 7 Parent Information Night in the Sports Centre 6:30pm 
Tuesday, 19 November
  • Sports Training for Years 5 and 6, commencing at 8:00am  
Thursday, 21 November
  • Sport v Wesley
Friday, 22 November
  • Year 5W Mass at 8:40am
  • School Sport WA Handball Competition 
  • Assembly at 2:40pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


Wow! We had an amazing visit from Todd Meyn ('09) this week - who showed off his cool BMX skills. We also had Orientation Day today for our new 2020 where Year 4s and 5s. We finished the week off with an awesome strings assembly.

Luca Fowler (6G) and Luke Chapman (6W)

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Secondary School News

Bowie McCabe (5G) and Mr Darren O'Neill
Harry Hansen-Knarhoi (8.4) and Mr Darren O'Neill


Last week the library held the prize giving ceremony for the 2019 Br. Gerry Faulkner Award for Young Writers and Illustrators competition. This annual event is an opportunity for the students across the College to get creative and enter a piece of written work or a piece art work of their choice for judging. The competition is very open and we encourage everyone to get involved and get the imaginations flowing. This year again, we were lucky enough to have local author Ms Meg Caddy judge all of the entries and Mr Darren O’Neill present the prizes.

Meg summarised the competition entries in her Judge’s Notes: “I am so honoured to be judging the Br Gerry Faulkner Award again. The quality of entries this year is exceptional, and all entrants should be proud of the creative work they have put into their submissions. There was a huge range of subject matter this year, from graveyards to venomous frogs, war and kelpies, dystopian futures and multiculturalism. I am so impressed by the authors. Stand-out entries demonstrated an elegant use of language, grammar, and form, as well as pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and taking the care to edit their work carefully. Illustrated works were judged on subject matter, clarity, and execution. Congratulations to everyone who participated!”

Prize Winners

Junior School Illustration:

  • First Prize: Luke Chapman (6W) // A bone-chilling illustration of disturbed graves beneath a watchful moon. Perfect for Halloween!
  • Second Prize: Hudson Ding (6G)

Junior School Fiction:

  • First Prize: Luke Chapman (6W) // This piece was so clever. I loved how careful the author was to show us how things were happening, instead of telling us. I really felt like I was there. A sophisticated and well-written science fiction.
  • Second Prize: Bowie McCabe (5G) // This continuation from Bowie’s entry last year was action-packed and clever.
  • Honourable mention: Thomas Downey (5B) // Thomas’ submission this year was put together wonderfully, and the story was compelling. I’d love to know what happened next!

Middle School Illustration:

  • First Prize – Lucas Weston // Fabulous rendition of some of the world’s favourite superheroes.
  • Second Prize – Riley Gott

Middle School Poetry:

  • First Prize: Riley Ford (7.2) // This category was very difficult to judge, as all the entrants wrote to a high standard. Riley’s poem ‘Lost Mates’ captured the horror of war and the tragedy of those left behind.
  • Second Prize: Isaac Adamos (7.2) // Isaac’s poem was carefully considered, with strong structure and deep understanding of poetic techniques.
  • Honourable Mention: Cruz Harber-Connell (7.7) // This poem had one of my very favourite openings: ‘The soldiers shuffling through the sand // As silent as a pack of crumbs’. Wonderful imagery!

Middle School Non Fiction:

  • First Prize: Riley Ford (7.7) // This non-fiction piece was clever and well-structured (I particularly liked the construction company Gud Enuf!). The work of a future journalist for sure!

Middle School Fiction:

  • First Prize: James Kenwery (8.8) // This piece is so reflective and gentle, with beautiful imagery and exceptional grammar and style.
  • Second Prize: Harry Hansen-Knarhoi (8.4) // I love a good heist narrative and this one was so fun. Self-contained, with an enjoyable cast of characters.

Senior School Illustration:

  • First Prize: Angus Holmes (11.6) // Well-styled and beautifully posed, with interesting characters that raise all sorts of stories and questions.

Senior School Fiction:

  • First Prize: Dimitri Tsagaris (12.7) // This is a complex narrative, the sections standing in sharp, bleak contrast from one another. The writing is sophisticated and controlled, making for a confronting and compelling read.
  • Second Prize: Jake Pizzuto (12.5) // A good writer knows what to leave out as well as what to include. Jake has carefully omitted just enough details to keep readers guessing, and on the edge of their seats.
  • Honourable Mention: Samuel Minniti (12.6)

Senior School Poetry:

  • First Prize: Kinta Pinchin-Yamada (11.2) // A wonderful exploration of multiculturalism. I loved the intertextual references and the subtle way the nations are explored.
  • Second Prize: Ben Tucker (10.2) // This is such a gentle, loving depiction of Faith. Well-suited to this particular competition, and very refreshing.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


All students learning a musical instrument should have received re-enrolment forms. Please return these forms as soon as possible to the music office. Any queries with your son’s progress should be discussed initially with the instrumental tutor. 

Students wishing to take up an instrument can pick up an enrolment form from the Music Office. These forms need to be returned as soon as possible. “Have a Go Day” will be held on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 for beginner students wishing to try their preferences in woodwind, brass or string instruments.  Please ring Mrs Denniston on 9223 8155 for an appointment or email:          

Dr Rob Braham | Director of Music 


The Yearbook - Class of 2019 Group Photo Yearbook photos are now available to view and purchase on the schools Web Gallery. 

To access the gallery, follow the below procedure:

If parents have any queries, please contact Customer Service at

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College News


Our Annual Student Art Exhibition viewing evening was held on Wednesday, 13 November. It was wonderful to see so many members of the community including students attend the evening. Thank you to the Art Department and our talented students who put together a fantastic exhibition.  


The College greeted many members of the College community for the Parent Helpers' Sundowner on Wednesday, 13 November. We thank all parents who attended, representing the extraordinary number of people who consistently and generously give of their time, energy and skills in assisting our boys and our Trinity College Community. We are very grateful of this wonderful support and constant show of tcspirit!


Last week, the TCEC hosted another Wax Wrap Workshop. This time interested parents were invited along to the Junior School STEM Room to learn how to make these wax wraps, make a set of three of their own and hopefully begin the journey to less cling wrap and zip loc bags in lunch boxes. The workshop was highly successful with lots of parents making their own wax wraps for lunch boxes and food storage at home. With the correct equipment – fabric squares, wax pellets, baking paper and a household iron – these wraps are extremely easy to make. If cared for properly, these sustainable alternatives to cling wrap should easily last up to and over a year. Many thanks to Ms Stacey Turich for organising and Mrs Geraldine Hall for coming along to help out as well.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services 


For most of our families Christmas is a joyful time when we all come together to celebrate Christ’s birth by giving each other gifts and sharing a bountiful meal. For the 13% of Australians who are living in poverty, including 730,000 children, this will not be the case, without the generosity of those who have plenty to share. Every student in Year 7-10 is asked to bring several food items to their PCG class, to place in the baskets provided before Monday,  25 November, so that we can help every family celebrate this Christmas. Thank you for your generosity.

Marya Stewart | Director of Christian Service


All new students coming into the college in 2020 and students moving from Junior School into Secondary School are welcome to make a uniform appointment. Appointments are offered on Wednesday, 20, Thursday, 21, Wednesday, 27 and Thursday, 28 November. Appointments are every half hour for 30 minutes starting at 7:30am till 3:30pm. We recommend making a time slot as January is a queuing system only and it can be a two hour wait. Please contact reception on 9223 8120 to make an appointment

Any uniform enquiries please email the shop or call 9223 8142 in on any Tuesday or Friday during term. Please note that the last day for trade will be Friday, 29 November 2019 and will not open again until the new year. 

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Coordinator



Click here to view last week's fixture results. 

Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Saturday, 16 November Class of ’84 – 35th Anniversary Reunion 
Saturday, 23 November Class of ’89 – 20th Anniversary Reunion

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132.

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive 

Community News

The Aquinas P&F would like to invite members of the parents and friends community of Trinity College to attend a presentation from Kathy Kelly in the Aquinas College Hall on Thursday, 21 November 2019. Kathy has a very powerful story to share about the loss of her two sons and her family's campaign to reduce youth suicide. Her message is very relevant to any parent today, particularly those who have children about to finish school and start making their way in the world as young adults.

To help with logistics we request that people interested in attending make a booking using this link:


Legends include: Ali Day, Bonnie Hancock, Cory Hill, Jordan Mercer, Kendrick Louis, Mackenzie Hynard, Rachel Clarke and Shannon Eckstein.

All nippers are invited to join the Ironmen and Ironwomen legends for a free 90 minute clinic. This will be followed by a Q&A at City of Perth SLSC for both nippers and parents. This great event is being held on Wednesday, 20 November from 4:00pm with the Q&A to start at 6:00pm. Food and drinks will be available at the surf club. Register by clicking here.


The January Jump-Start program is open to students from all WA school and will be held on the Hale School campus. This programs consists of six hours of teaching per subject, broken into two hours a day for three days. The program aims to teach, revise and reinforce sound study skills before the commencerment of the new academic year. You will also revise the important componenets from the 2019 syllabus that are relevant to the new syllabus and be offered a preview of what they can expect in their new courses in 2020. For more information or to enol please visit or call 9486 1377.

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