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TC Newsletter:

Volume 37  November 22, 2019

From the Principal 

Full Commitment

Our Year 11 students are currently completing the last of their Semester 2 Examinations and, after a holiday break, will turn their sights to the busyness that will come with their final year of studies at Trinity College. Similarly, in the coming weeks our Year 8, 9 and 10 boys will commence examinations that seek to validate class work and other assessments completed throughout the year. They also provide invaluable experience and practice in preparing for and sitting formal examination conditions.

With exams and results come the inevitable questions about setting goals, possible career pathways and the assessment of the commitment required to find success in studies. All boys are encouraged to think about how committed they are to their studies and to being the best they can be. All boys are encouraged to set realistic, but aspirational life goals (both short and long term) and to commit wholeheartedly to such goals. Learning from such commitment and being resilient to the bumps in the road that can come with pursuing worthwhile goals is an important life lesson and vital in the formation of our young men.
There is an important difference between being interested in a life goal and being committed to a life goal. Often, we have goals we are interested in and will happily do what is convenient if that action happens to point us in the general direction of our aim. But if we are only interested in, rather than fully committed to our life goals, we will often opt out when the going gets tough or when desired results are not immediate. We can tend to believe our own excuses and stories about why we can’t put ourselves through the necessary hard work and hardship to win some gain. If we are not truly committed, we can become victims of the reality we create in order to excuse ourselves from fully committing to the prize. All too often we can lose our drive and with that our goals and dreams can disappear.
People who are fully committed to achieving their dreams tend to find the success they are seeking. Their success can be measured in the end prize and equally, in the lessons learned through the journey of hard work and commitment. They never give up personal accountability for their own actions and the outcomes of those actions. It is a reminder of a story about a Viking Warrior who wanted to conquer an island. To ensure that his men were fully committed, he burned their boats. He certainly demonstrated a full commitment to the goal! While not advocating for such a ‘win at all cost’ approach, an earnest and determined attitude guided by a true moral compass is an approach to be celebrated. 

In recent weeks, at various College events, I have had the pleasure of speaking with some inspirational and totally committed Trinity College students. A current Year 12 student has finalised his extensive application for a scholarship to study Politics, Law and Economics at the Australian National University in Canberra. He was able to cite his consistent approach to study over the past few years and is likely to be successful in his endeavours. One former student outlined his training regime and his total focus on achieving Olympic selection. Another Old Boy shared with me his battle against ill health and his subsequent determined fight back to full fitness and a “life that I am just living”. At the recent graduation celebrations, another Year 12 student shared his journey. He explained that at various times he had considered leaving school or dropping out of his ATAR pathway because his attitude was so poor. Inspired and encouraged by some of his Teachers, he had re-committed to regular study and a renewed application that resulted in great success.

All four shared, in very different contexts, the value and reward that comes at the end of the well-worn path of hard work and commitment. Aristotle once said; We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Of course, this notion is certainly not new. Through our parents or grandparents, I am sure most have heard phrases such; ‘If you are going to do a job, do it right’; ‘A job isn’t worth doing unless it is done well’; and ‘Good enough is not good enough if it can be done better’. Somewhat old-fashioned values that are still as relevant today. In forming good young men, it is important that we instil in them a deep understanding of the intrinsic importance of fully committing to something they value.

Live Jesus in our Hearts. 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Calendar


Tuesday, 26 November

  • 9:35am Year 7 Mass

Wednesday, 20 November

  • New Year 7 (2020) Have a Go Day for musical instruments

Thursday, 28 November 

  • AC v TC
  • Year 11 Exams Review Day

Friday, 29 November

  • 8:00am Mass
  • AC v TC
  • 8:40am College Assembly (Academic)
  • 8:50am Junior School Thanksgiving Mass
  • 11:50am Year 10 Advent Liturgy and Assembly
  • 12:45pm Year 10 Classes conclude for the year 

Saturday, 30 November

  • AC v TC (1st teams only) 
  • Year 10 Service Expedition departs (returns 21 December)

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Junior School News


Year 5s have been taking part in a Maths Extension #STEAM Challenges this year.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) challenges have included building waterproof cardboard shelters for the homeless and disaster relief, bridge-building with limited materials and a flight challenge to design, build and market a child’s toy that every child wants! The boys have excelled themselves.


The final sporting fixture of the year will be held next week. It has been a successful year on the sporting field as the boys have shown improvement as the season has progressed. Thank you to all coaches, Mr Thompson for his organisation, parents for your support and the boys for the enthusiastic way they engage in the weekly sporting program.


On Friday, 29 November the Junior School will be celebrating their last Mass for the year together. The Thanksgiving Mass will commence at 8:40am. All parents are most welcome and are invited to stay for a cuppa afterwards.


If you haven’t already done so, please mark in your calendar the Junior School Presentation Night on Friday, 6 December. There is an expectation that all boys will attend this evening. Please return the ticketing forms for the evening to Mrs Spencer by early next week, so that seats can be allocated. Please note also that the boys will finish school on Friday, 6 December at 12:45pm.

Tuesday, 26 November
  • Sports Training for Year 5 and 6, commencing at 8:00am
Thursday, 28 November
  • Sport v Aquinas
  • Year 4 Cricket Carnival
Friday, 29 November
  • Junior School Thanksgiving Mass at 8:50am
  • Golden Honour Assembly commencing at 2:20pm 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


This week was jam packed with education and learning. Earlier on in the week the Year 6s had their orientation morning where they met new boys in which they became friends with. The Year 6s also competed in a European Handball tournament. We can all say that this is a fun week and a great way to nearly end of the term.

Louis Burnett (6G) and Jack Clarey (6B)

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Secondary School News 


The Year 7 Orientation Day was held on Monday, 18 November. The boys spent the day exploring our Secondary School, meeting other students, taking part in swimming and music trials and learning more about the College. We look forward to seeing these students again in 2020. 


Staff and Year 7 students at Trinity College ran the annual a Step-a-thon fundraising event on Tuesday in an effort to raise much needed funds for the charitable organisation, Wheelchairs for Kids.

The Step-a-thon, held next door to Trinity College, at the iconic Western Australian Cricket Association (WACA) cricket ground, involved staff and students in their PCG groups running or walking up and down the aisles for 20 continuous minutes on a beautiful spring morning.

With the historic backdrop of the WACA ground, where many illustrious cricketers have achieved greatness, the Year 7s were motivated to support Brother Olly Pickett’s charity and what better way to do so than through an activity that promotes health and fitness?

Br Olly Pickett manages the Wheelchairs for Kids facility in Wangara with more than 100 retired volunteers donating their time and expertise to construct wheelchairs which are shipped across all parts of the world to children with disabilities, returned veterans with armed conflict-related injuries, and people with limited access to healthcare resources.

This event has special significance for Trinity College because Br Olly Pickett is a Christian Brother and Trinity College Old Boy. The Step-a-thon has put our school motto ‘Be a Man for Others’ into action with the Year 7 boys working hard and stepping hard to help others in our community.

It costs $150 for the charity to build one wheelchair; therefore, all students’ donations are extremely valuable and significant.

Thank you to all the generous donors, steppers, staff and the WACA. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will have an immense impact on many people across the globe – one wheelchair can take the pressure off family and carers and open up a new world of mobility, independence, socialisation and integration for those who are far less fortunate than us.

Ben Coleman (7.3)


This week, the Year 10 Accounting and Finance students hosted their Innovation Expo, where each team developed business ideas and pitched them to judges and potential investors.

This term's judges – Roland Nelson (Fund Manager) and Jordan Tyson ('17) (Equity Analyst at UWA Student Managed Investment Fund) – were very impressed by the students' ideas and along with the votes for the 'People's Choice Award', the following winners were selected:
Chris Thomas and Lachie Eames (Medigo – monitoring medication for the elderly)
Thomas Tranter and Lachlan Moroney (Recycled Solar Panels)
Liam Santoro and Flynn Tyson (Fuel Savers)
Sam Attwater and Xavier Dawson (Redgum Jerky Co.)

Congratulations to all students on the excellent work!

L-R: George Hatton, Noah Foti, Eliza Knapman, Cameron Pell and Angus McDonald

On Saturday, 16 November Noah Foti (11.1), George Hatton (11.3)Cameron Pell (11.5) and Angus McDonald (10.3) attended their Italian Exchange sending orientation at Prendiville Catholic College. On November 29 these boys will leave Perth to go to Italy for a two-month exchange organised by the West Australian Association of Teachers of Italian (WAATI) in conjunction with AFS-Intercultura in Italy. These boys will live with a host family in Italy and attend school. All of these boys will have the opportunity to be immersed in the Italian culture and language. Some may even get to experience a white Christmas! If you would like to know more about the Italian Exchange Program please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Eliza Knapman via for more information.

Eliza Knapman | Italian Teacher

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College News


For most of our families Christmas is a joyful time when we all come together to celebrate Christ’s birth by giving each other gifts and sharing a bountiful meal. For the 13% of Australians who are living in poverty, including 730,000 children, this will not be the case, without the generosity of those who have plenty to share. Every student in Year 7-10 is asked to bring several food items to their PCG class, to place in the baskets provided before Monday,  25 November, so that we can help every family celebrate this Christmas. Thank you for your generosity.

Marya Stewart | Director of Christian Service


Important Information: Please note that the Trinity College sport uniform is a required school uniform, no matter the division or code of sport. No other sporting uniform will be accepted. 

Please note the following dates for the Uniform Shop.

Find out more at

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Coordinator



Click here to view last week's fixture results. 


Important Information: Please note that the Trinity College sport uniform is a required school uniform, no matter the division or code of sport. No other sporting uniform will be accepted. 

Community News


Legends include: Ali Day, Bonnie Hancock, Cory Hill, Jordan Mercer, Kendrick Louis, Mackenzie Hynard, Rachel Clarke and Shannon Eckstein.

All nippers are invited to join the Ironmen and Ironwomen legends for a free 90 minute clinic. This will be followed by a Q&A at City of Perth SLSC for both nippers and parents. This great event is being held on Wednesday, 20 November from 4:00pm with the Q&A to start at 6:00pm. Food and drinks will be available at the surf club. Register by clicking here.

My name is Rachel from BRICKS 4 KIDZ®. This Summer School Holidays we are running Workshops with LEGO® and Coding with Robotics. Our holiday programs are designed for kids ages 5 -12. We have many themes to inspire creativity and fun.



Give your child the help they deserve to build their: confidence, self esteem focus and strength. Classes start from 4 years and up. For more information and to claim your 2 week pass, please contact Anthony at ATI Martial Arts via 0402 144 018 or visit 


The January Jump-Start program is open to students from all WA school and will be held on the Hale School campus. This programs consists of six hours of teaching per subject, broken into two hours a day for three days. The program aims to teach, revise and reinforce sound study skills before the commencerment of the new academic year. You will also revise the important componenets from the 2019 syllabus that are relevant to the new syllabus and be offered a preview of what they can expect in their new courses in 2020. For more information or to enol please visit or call 9486 1377.


HelpingMinds and Anarchy are teaming up to deliver an exciting new program, FOCUS – the Mind Body Connection. FOCUS merges mental health first aid and boxing fitness training to empower you both physically and mentally. Contact Taryn on 0499 262527 or Glen on 0438 763 400 to register for the first round starting next week on Monday, 25 November and you’ll receive the 12 sessions for FREE. That’s a saving of over $500 BUT we need you to commit to all 12 sessions. Sessions are 9:30am-11:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next 4 weeks at Anarchy Training Centre in West Perth. You can find out more via the HelpingMinds website: or Anarchy’s website:

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