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TC Newsletter:

Volume 38  November 30, 2018

From the Headmaster 

Jordan Marocchi (4W) and Kieran Heslop (4W) with gifts donated to the Smith Family Toy & Book Appeal 2018

A simple Google search of the word ‘Christmas’ certainly produces some interesting results. You could be excused for thinking that this upcoming time of year is exclusively about eating with constant references to the “decadent meals, lavish dinners and cocktail parties” which are the feature of the celebrations of local councils and businesses.

It is against this backdrop that I would like to relate to you a very interesting story emanating from Liverpool in England a few years ago. The proprietors at a shopping centre in that city had decided to institute a feature wall where customers were invited to conclude the sentence, ‘All I want for Christmas is…’ The display was targeted at children and they were provided with carefully designed coloured sheets on which to write their thoughts. To complete the effect, the wall was suitably adorned with tinsel and images of Santa Claus.

The shopping centre manager claimed that this festive feature was aimed at creating a community atmosphere and cheerful spirit in the centre. While this may be true to some extent, we could probably be excused for concluding that it was also designed to serve a less admirable purpose. It is likely that the anticipated answers to the posed question would generate in the children a longing for the many products being sold within the shopping centre – at the same time, pressuring the parents into granting the wishes of their children.

When the wall had been in existence for a couple of days, what had been written upon it came as a great surprise to the organisers. Among the predictable appeals for toys and games were a significant number of requests for things of far more significance. All that some children wanted for Christmas was; “for my brother to come home”, “to spend more time with my family”, “a dad” or “to know that my grandad is okay in Heaven”. In their beautiful innocence, these children had wished for changes to their lives which could not be satisfied by the purchase of material goods but which were an expression of the needs of the soul. It even forced the centre manager to reflect, “I only wish we could make some of these wishes come true.”

After reading the offerings of these children, we might view Christmas differently ourselves. Perhaps it is not so much a time for wishing for those things we don’t have, but is more an opportunity to appreciate the many blessings that already exist in our lives. It can also be a time when we recognise our particular privilege and consider what we can do to ease the burdens of others.

What these children have really revealed in their responses is a yearning for the more significant needs of our existence; dare I say it, a satisfying of our spiritual cravings. In a world where we run the increasing risk of forgetting that Christmas is actually about the birth of Christ, let us remember that he was notable for his poverty. The only gifts that were present at his birth came courtesy of the Wise Men and would hardly have been those chosen by a child. It is hope, joy and a sense of belonging which are among the most important gifts He shares with us and which we are invited to share with others.

On behalf of all of the staff at Trinity College I would like to wish your family a happy and holy Christmas. I hope that the simplicity and wisdom so often present in a child serves to align our priorities in the coming year. We pray that the gentle humility with which Jesus came into the world will provide inspiration for all people. May His peace and love characterise your festive season. 

Mr Shaun Kenny | Acting Headmaster  

College Events


Last night, students and staff returned from Kairos #51. Kairos is a wonderful experience offered to students who have finished Year 11. I thank the staff who attended; Leo Murray, Marya Stewart, Fr Oscar Aguilera, Anthony Byrne, Adam Gage, Michael Slacksmith, Ben Russell and Damien Hansen for their commitment of time and talent.


The Trinity College Junior School community will gather for their Presentation Night this evening. An enormous amount of work has been put into the preparation of this event and I thank all of the Junior School staff, especially Mr Martin Tucker, Mr Bernard Le Tessier, Ms Evelyn Temmen and Mrs Ann Clarke.


I wish the Year 6 students and their families all the best as this chapter of their life comes to a conclusion. I know that the secondary school is looking forward to welcoming all these students next year. Mass and a luncheon will occur next Tuesday, 4 December, and I thank the staff and parents for preparing these events.


Years 4–9 classes conclude for the year at 12:45pm on Tuesday, 4 December. Once again, the normal 791 and 793 buses will be available at 12:50pm, but please note that the Junior School bus (792) is unable to arrive earlier on this day.


As the 2018 school year is slowly drawing to a close, planning has begun for 2019. A reminder that Years 4–7, 11 and 12 students start on Monday, 4 February and Years 8–10 on Tuesday, 5 February 2019.


Next week the school office will follow our normal operating hours of 8:00am–4:30pm, except for Friday, 7 December when the office is closed. The opening hours over the school holidays are:
Monday, 10 December – Thursday, 13 December: 9:00am4:00pm
Monday, 17 December – Friday, 11 January: CLOSED
Monday, 14 January – Friday, 25 January: 9:00am4:00pm
Monday, 28 January – Closed: AUSTRALIA DAY PUBLIC HOLIDAY
Tuesday, 29 January and Wednesday, 30 January: 9:00am4:00pm
Thursday, 31 January and Friday, 1 February: 8:00am–4:30pm (Staff PD Days)
Monday, 4 February onwards: 8:00am–4:30pm


The Parent Council warmly invites all parents to the 2019 Welcome Sundowner, scheduled to run from 6pm9pm on Friday, 22 February. It will be held in McCabe Court, near the rowing shed, with beautiful riverside views. The cost is $25 per person and this covers lovely cocktail food. You are asked to bring your own beverages. Bookings can already be made via the To read the flyer, click hereFurther details can be obtained from Mrs Beverly Martinez via or phone 9223 8106.

Students, old boys and staff say farewell and thank you to Leo Murray at his Kairos Farewell on Thursday

We have a number of staff who will leave the College the end of this year; to Will Brock (Ed Support), Kathryn Down (RE), David Hankin (PE), Shirley Houston (Junior School), Natalie Kenny (Junior School), Dion Mepham (PE), Travis Nederpelt (Maths), Rebecca Porter (Maths). Taylor Turco (Junior School), Alexis Tyson (English) and Laura Walker (Music). We wish them well as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

We have two special staff members who will also be leaving the College at the end of the year, Leo Murray (Director of Campus Ministry) who commenced in January 1994 (25 years) and Ms Dorothy Slawomirski (Music Tutor-Piano) who commenced in February 1990. On behalf of Trinity College, I would like to thank both Leo and Dorothy for their wonderful service and dedication to the TC students and community and we wish them all the very best in their retirement.

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College Calendar


Monday, 3 December

  • Peer Ministers' Training Day
  • Junior School Class Excursions

Tuesday, 4 December

  • Year 6 Farewell Mass and Lunch
  • 12:45pm Junior School and Years 7–9 classes conclude for the year, at 12:45pm

Friday, 7 December

  • Teaching staff conclude

Friday, 14 December

  • Admin staff conclude

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Junior School News

On Tuesday, 4 December we will celebrate Mass with our Year 6 students and their families. Mass will commence at 10:00am and be followed by the luncheon. Thank you to the Year 5 parents who have offered to assist.

It is a tradition that class excursions take place on the second last day of the year. This year the Year 4 students are going to Scitech and Kings Park and the Year 5 boys are going to Oasis Supa Golf and Whiteman Park. The Year 6s are spending the day at Adventure World.


The many Christmas, food and toiletry items that have been donated during the last few weeks were collected yesterday by The Shopfront. The van was pretty full by the time everything had been loaded in. Thank you once again for your support for this Christmas appeal.

Ms Jess Chrystal will be taking leave for the first part of 2019, as she is having a baby. I wish her many blessings as she experiences the wonder and joy of new life. Mrs Tara Kelso will take on the role of the Junior School Educational Psychologist. Tara is very experienced in this role and I am confident will fit into the Junior School community very well. I would also like to welcome Miss Maddison Gorman to the Junior School, she will be the extra Year 5 Teacher next year. Maddison is currently teaching at Bentley Primary School and is highly regarded by her current Principal.  

I would like to wish all families a merry Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday period. I look forward to seeing all again in February 2019.


Friday, 30 November
  • Classes conclude at 12:45pm
  • Reports go home
  • Junior School Presentation Evening in Gibney Hall commencing at 6pm
Monday, 3 December
  • Class Excursions

Tuesday, 4 December
  • Year 6 Farewell Mass and Luncheon at 10:00am
  • Classes conclude at 12:45pm
Monday, 4 February
  • Students commence Term 1, 2019

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


This week has been the biggest and busiest week of the year considering it’s the last school week for the students and they are pumped! They have been working hard all year. This week we have our end of year Junior School Presentation Night. This is happening on Friday night. The students have prepared several performances for the parents to show off what they have achieved this year. We would like to say to the teachers thank you for your support this year and especially Mrs Clarke our music teacher for all the effort that you have put into this one night, we couldn’t do it without your help. The night will be delightful as the students have participated in performances like choirs, dance, bands and even some receiving awards for their efforts throughout the year. Not much else this week but a lot of rehearsals!

From the students in the Junior School, we would like to thank the teachers and parents again. We all look forward to what is coming ahead in the future especially the Year 6 students as they continue their journey throughout high school. See you all in 2019!

Isaac Adamos (6W) and Robert Moschila (6G) 

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Secondary School News 


Earlier this week, Year 9 students participated in a Christmas-themed Assembly focusing on our opportunity to give generously to others at Christmas time, along with throughout the year, to develop their sense of well-being.

Students listened to a staff and student reflection on how ‘giving’ has formed a positive part of their memories of Christmas and this was followed by all students moving back to their PCGs to make their gifts.

With a gold coin donation from each student, the students purchased resources to make a Christmas-themed Lolly Bag which they could then decorate creatively with stickers and their own drawing skills. Some were very impressive, showing a great deal of effort, and most importantly, each Year 9 boy wrote a heartfelt Christmas message on the bag, wishing the gift receiver Season’s Greetings in their own sincere style. Students seemed to really enjoy this experience, ‘singing along’ to their favourite Christmas songs as they prepared the presents.

Today, Friday, 30 November, a small group of Year 9 students joined me in delivering the gifts to Belmont Primary School. The group attended a wonderful Christmas Assembly at the school, led by their Pre-Primary students and staff. Following the assembly and a small message regarding our activity from a Year 9 student representative, the lucky Trinity boys then played ‘Santa’ in dropping off the presents to the allocated classrooms.

Both the Trinity and Belmont students thrived during the experience, where much joy and gratitude was shared.

Thanks to Year 9 parents and staff for their support of the activity and to Ms Stephanne Dann, Principal at Belmont Primary School, for allowing us to visit and commit to the wonderful feeling of giving joy to their students. It was indeed a fantastic example of our students being “Men for Others” and a fantastic way to finish off a highly productive year for the Class of 2021.

Hopefully, all Year 9 boys will continue to share and give love amongst their family and friends over the holidays!

Mr Andrew Jenkin | Head of Year 9


To conclude the year-long Year 9 Becoming Men program for 2018, an affirmation ceremony took place on Wednesday, 28 November, held in the Braham Auditorium. Students heavily involved in the program, who had made significant progress within the key component areas, were encouraged to invite to the ceremony up to two positive role models in their life. Read the full story about the ceremony and the Becoming Men program 2018 on our website, please click here

Mr Andrew Jenkin | Head of Year 9

Alex Kaczmarczyk (7.6) and Ben Cronin (7.6)
David Allen (Head of Year), Eddie Davis (7.2), Eric Van Noord (7.3) and Peter Norman (Deputy Headmaster)
The 100 Club Morning Tea - 2018

Nearly 50 Year 7 students were invited to the Annual ‘100 Club’ Morning Tea last Wednesday in the College Library. Each of these students had amassed over 100 points in their reading program this year, some achieving over 200 points. Special mention should also be made of Eric Van Noord (7.3) and Eddie Davis (7.2) who both reached around 1000 points. The boys enjoyed a sumptuous morning tea and were presented with certificates and prizes by Mr David Allen (Head of Year) and Mr Peter Norman (Deputy Headmaster). Thanks go to all of the English teachers who assist in the success of this program. 


Trinity College Secondary School students are all able to borrow resources from the College Library over the Summer break. Each student can borrow up to four resources and the due date is not until February 2019. The school holidays are a great time for students to relax and enjoy a bit of extra reading time. 

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


43 men die from prostate cancer every hour. Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men. Every minute, a man dies from suicide.

This Movember, we’re doing something about it – raising funds and awareness for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives. These funds will help the Movember Foundation fund groundbreaking research in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health awareness and suicide prevention –- changing the way men’s health is treated and talked about. And most importantly, stop men dying too young.

Will you help us by making a donation today? To donate, click this link:

Mr Andrew Jenkin | Head of Year 9


Please click here for careers information, including university scholarships, holiday programs and TAFE applications. 

Mr Russell Hinks | Careers Counsellor 

College News  


Mr Kenny, in his section of this final College Newsletter for the year, omitted one very important name from the list of staff leaving us at the end of the year – his own.

Although he has only been with us for a short period of time, Mr Kenny has had a positive impact on our community and on each member within it. I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the entire Trinity community, to thank Mr Kenny for all his hard work, wisdom and leadership, along with his very visible presence in our community. We wish him all the best as he returns next year to his substantive role as the Regional Director of the EREA Western Region. 

Mr Peter Norman | Deputy Headmaster


All 2019 Junior School and Secondary School booklists are on the College website. To visit the page click here. Course listings will be posted home mid-December along with a copy of the booklist. 


School fee statements will be sent to parents via email in late January 2019. If your billing email address has recently changed, please email: A 2% discount applies to fees paid in full by 22 February 2019.


Please click here to read information on the importance of handwriting, its benefits and strategies for learning how to improve writing. 

Lissa Coleman | Director Inclusive Education


The Uniform Shop is now closed for 2018. Wishing all our families a very Merry Christmas and happy festive season. 

The Uniform Shop Trading Hours for the start of the year are as follows:

School Holiday Trading Hours:

  • Wednesday, 30 January: 7:30am–1:30pm
  • Friday, 1 February: 7:30am–1:30pm

Term 1 – Week 1 Trading Hours:

  • Tuesday, 5 February: 7:30am–4:30pm
  • Wednesday, 6 February: 7:30am–1:30pm
  • Thursday, 7 February: 7:30am–1:30pm
  • Friday, 8 February: 7:30am–1:30pm

Week 2 – Return to Normal Term-Time Trading Hours:

  • Tuesday: 7:30am–4:30pm
  • Friday: 7:30am–1:30pm

We look forward to seeing you all in 2019. 

Judy, Kim and the Uniform Shop team

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Let the CHARGE begin!

Gates are open and tickets are on sale: CLICK HERE

There are limited places available for this event so don't miss out! Charge to the front and secure your tickets to guarantee your place at the reunion to surpass all others. 

  • DATE: Saturday, 16 March 2019
  • TIME: 6:00pm
  • COST: $165* (includes three course meal & premium drinks package)

*To assist our YOB's (Young Old Boys) not long out of school, the Classes of 2014–2018 will receive discounted tickets by contacting the Event Organiser via the TryBooking payment link. 

Click here to read the flyer. 

  • Class of 1985 celebrating 50th Birthdays – Saturday, 1 December
  • Class of 2013 – 5th Anniversary Reunion – Saturday, 1 December

For further information regarding upcoming TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office on 9223 8132 or

Ms Diane Millar | Executive Officer, Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association


Congratulations to Kade Steegstra ('17) for being awarded the Most Outstanding 2nd Year Apprentice (Solid Plastering) at the Master Builders Apprentice of the Year Awards 2018. Well done on this great achievement. 

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Celebrating 125 Years

In 2019, Trinity College, formerly CBC Perth, will be celebrating our 125th anniversary. We are excited to share some of the highlights, memories and stories from the last 125 years. 

On 2 December 1960, a contract was signed between the City of Perth and the Trustees of the Christian Brothers for the transfer of the East Perth property that Trinity College was built on. At the time, the land was considered unattractive, as it included a rubbish tip and swampy riverine land. Below are the original sketch plans for the College and an aerial view of the land at the time. 

Community News


Week 1: Monday, 10 December – Thursday, 14 December from 9:00am–12:00pm @ Trinity College Tennis Courts
SPECIAL PROMOTION: Enrol for the week and receive a new Hot Shots Racquet.

The clinics are heaps of fun and we focus on skill development, serving practice and learning how to play matches, as well as lots of fantastic games, including playing on the ball machine. Morning tea is provided and lots of great prizes. To enrol your child in the clinic for the week or a single day please contact Brendan on 0401 565 051 or


Cartoon Kingdom is once again coming to Perth to run special holiday cartooning workshops for children. It is being held in the last week of the Summer holidays, just before the children go back to school. To read the flyer, click here.

  • Wembley Downs Scout Hall
  • Monday, 28 January – Friday, 1 February 2019  
  • For children aged 4 to 15 years of age
  • No previous drawing skills required
  • Children can book in for as many days as they like
  • All staff have working with children checks
  • Patient and friendly teacher
  • A professional Sydney based cartoonist will be running the program
  • Small class sizes
  • Fun, educational & exciting program

For more information, visit the website: 


Phil Gregson, father of old boy Bailey Gregson ('16) - a close friend of Tom Leishman ('16), is aiming to complete the 2018 Skin Check WA Melanoma Busselton Ironman event on Sunday, 2 December. The course is arduous - a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km run and Phil wishes to support the work of MelanomaWA by raising money to create greater awareness about melanoma. Melanoma tragically took the life of Tom and had a significant impact on many people in the Trinity community. Phil wishes to honour his life and also promote the importance of skin checks and protection to help protect other families from this disease. He has set up an everydayhero page where people can easily make donations to this wonderful cause. Click here to go to the site and donate. Any assistance would be much appreciated.


This Summer WAAPA at ECU, Mt Lawley, is offering an exciting performing arts program for students from Years 1–12. The Summer School includes classes in RAP, Acting, Dance, Drama, Screen Performance, Music Theatre and of course, how to perform Shakespeare. For information about the fantastic courses on offer please visit WAAPA Summer School or contact Gabrielle Metcalf at

  • January: Years 6 and 7 Head Start Program with Academic Task Force  Programs available in NAPLAN Preparation, GATE and Scholarship Preparation, Foundation English and Maths, Learning Skills and Essay Writing. Each subject is six hours, over two days. 10% Early Bird Discount ends Monday, 17 December 2018. Enrol now online at On the website, go to Our Programs – Years 7 & 8 – Head Start Program. Call 9314 9500 or email
  • January: ATAR Head Start Program with Academic Task Force  Increase your confidence and start your Year 11 and 12 studies with a boost with our Head Start Courses. We offer six hour subject courses in Year 11 and 12 ATAR subjects, Essay Writing and Study Skill during the Summer Holidays from the Thursday, 17 January – Wednesday, 30 January 2019 at Rossmoyne SHS and Churchlands SHS. Enrol online today at or call 9314 9500 or email
  • January: Year 710 Head Start Program with Academic Task Force – Courses in NAPLAN Preparation, GATE and Scholarship Exam Preparation, Intermediate English, Advanced Maths, Foundation Maths and English, Learning Skills and Essay Writing. Classes will run from Thursday, 17 January – Wednesday, 30 January 2019 at Rossmoyne SHS and Churchlands SHS. Each subject is six hours, over two days. Enrol online at or call 9314 9500 or email

ATarget and WACE Plus are offering courses in January 2019 at Christ Church Grammar School and Hale School. These classes are open to all students commencing Years 7-12 in 2019. This is a great opportunity to prepare for the new school year, especially for the current Year 11 students. Click on the links below for more information: 

  • For the Middle School courses at Christ Church, click here.
  • For the Middle School courses at Hale School, click here.
  • For the Senior School courses at Christ Church, click here.
  • For the Senior School courses at Hale School, click here

For more information, visit the websites: and 


Relationships Australia is holding Parenting Courses in November/December. To read the flyer, click here. To register, please call 6164 0200 to complete an enrolment and provide payment information. For further information on all courses, visit the website: 


Click here to read the flyer for mixed martial arts classes for kids. 

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