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TC Newsletter:
Volume 6 - March 9, 2018

From the Headmaster 


Last weekend, I was privileged to be part of the Quest weekend held for our Year 8 students. The Quest Retreat, is an important way of continuing the introduction of our Year 8s to the Trinity College community and philosophy.  This unique, special event is designed to build unity and spirit, and as such, is a mixture of fun times, serious times, working and praying together.  Under the guidance of the Year 11 Peer Ministers, the Year 8s participated enthusiastically in a canned food collection and reflected on the activity afterwards. 

The Quest Retreat also fosters genuine pastoral care through a buddy system, in which the Year 11 Peer Ministers ‘adopt’ two or three little brothers and give them an older ‘brother’ to relate to. The Retreat is facilitated by a team of Cadre (Year 12 students) and as such, provides a very real opportunity for our senior students to provide leadership. Overall, I was exceptionally impressed with this experience. The leadership shown by the 17 Year 12 Cadre, the 55 Year 11 Peer Ministers, 3 Year 12 Peer Ministers and our 18 Year 10 Roadies, was fantastic. The Witness session, where the Peer Minister stood behind the nervous Year 8, as they addressed over 250 people, was exceptionally powerful. 

I thank the many staff who gave up their time to assist with the retreat, especially Mr Daniel Bateman, Mr Leo Murray, Ms Amanda Marocchi and the Year 8 Pastoral Care teachers, who gave up significant amounts of time to ensure the success of the weekend.


Recently the College received a letter of congratulations with regard to our recent NAPLAN results, which in part read:

Dear Ivan,

I am pleased to advise that ACARA has identified your school as having demonstrated substantially above average gain in reading and/or numeracy achievement, as measured

On behalf of ACARA, I would like to extend my congratulations to you and your school community on this achievement. Improvement in student literacy and/or numeracy of this magnitude, as measured by NAPLAN, is significant and worthy of highlighting and acknowledging.

Best wishes


Robert Randall
Chief Executive Officer  


On Tuesday, the Secondary College assembly presented the College Swimming Team to the school.  I congratulate all students on their selection. During the assembly Swimming Captain Ethan Bradley (12.4) inspired the Swimming Team to swim their best at the PSA Interschool Swimming Carnival with this quote “I wish you all the best and I have the confidence in you to achieve greatness on Thursday night.  Remember, everyone wearing the three crowns is behind you and supporting you every stroke of the way.  Swim hard, swim fast and the result will speak for itself.”

On Thursday night, it was wonderful to see our swimmers wholeheartedly representing the College by putting in their very best performances at the PSA Interschool Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to our swimmers and coaches who all put in a fantastic effort not only on the night but in the months leading up to the Carnival. I also thank the large number of students and parents who were able to attend and support our team. Overall, we finished 3rd.  However, more details about individual efforts will be published next week.


This Ball, to be held on Saturday, 28 April 2018, which is the night after the Year 12 ball, is an opportunity for current Trinity Parents to celebrate together. This event is open to the entire school community and is not targeted towards any one, year group. Arrangements for the sale of tickets are still being confirmed and will be published in the newsletter as soon as possible. However, I can guarantee that tickets will sell out quickly, therefore, you may wish to start to put your table of 10 current Trinity Parents together, so that you are ready to purchase your tickets on the allocated day.


We are excited to announce that Trinity College will be holding an Open Day on Wednesday, 23 May 2018. We will be offering three different sessions for families to attend- 9:30am, 12:00pm and 4:15pm. Each session will run for approximately 90 minutes, and will include a welcome address from myself, student led tours of the College grounds, and will conclude with light refreshments and a Q&A with some of our staff. Our late afternoon session will run for an hour. Further details can be found via our website


Friends for Others is an initiative of the College offering support to members of the Trinity College Community who are going through difficult times.  Our aim is to provide meals, transport or other appropriate support, by volunteers from within our Community.

If you were involved last year and still wish to be part of this project, or if you are new and you would like to make a contribution by cooking a meal or helping with transport, please contact Beverly Martinez on 9223 8106 or, including details of what support you’re able to offer.

Our aim is to protect the privacy and dignity of all involved, so when offering your support, please understand that your discretion is as valuable as your help.


We have had a confirmed case of Chickenpox amongst our student population this week. Parents are asked to keep a close eye on their son in case he begins to display any signs or symptoms.  

For more information on Chickenpox, please click on the link below:


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Upcoming Events


Monday, 12 March 

  • 9:00am College Auxiliary Meeting

Tuesday, 13 March

  • 8:40am College Assembly (Rowing) Year 4-12
  • 5:00pm Rower's Mass
  • 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting

Wednesday, 14 March

  • Year 12 Tabgha Retreat

Thursday, 15 March

  • TC v GG
  • Year 11 Geography Excursion

Friday, 16 March

  • 8:00am Mass
  • TC v GG
  • Year 12 Geography Seminar

Saturday, 17 March

  • TC v GG
  • Head of the River - Champion Lakes
  • Rowing Photo
  • TOBA Breakfast
  • Rowing Windup

Sunday, 19 March

  • Quarry Concert  

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Junior School News 


All the Year 4s took part in their first inter-school carnival with Aquinas at the Willeton Basketball Stadium on Thursday, 8 MarchWell done to the boys on the way they represented the school and themselves by being great ambassadors and team players. They were well prepared by Mr Thompson and the Year 4 teachers and many parents assisted on the day as coaches or encouragers.


On Tuesday, 13 March, the Junior School will be joining the rest of the College for the Rowing Assembly. This is a unique assembly held at McCabe Court, commencing at 8:40am. There will not be sports training next week. 


Next week the Year 5s will be away on camp. The camp is being held at Forest Edge in Waroona from Wednesday to Friday. We wish the students, staff and parents attending, safe travels and hope the experiences are both enjoyable and fruitful for all concerned.


The beautiful weather today made our Sculpture by the Sea excursion even more spectacular! Our SBS Educator delivered information about many of the sculptures and artists and I was very impressed with the boys level of participation. Most of the group willingly offered thoughtful answers to her questions. Everyone really enjoyed the craft activity which involved creating their own mini-sculptures. 

Some comments from the boys:

  • These unique sculptures were more dazzling and beautiful than a diamond. Zach Gosatti (5B)
  • I liked the sculpture called Obscure View because it represented WA and was made by a local artist. Charlie McDonald (5G)
  • The school of fish (Swirling Surround) were extravagant from both inside and outside the sculpture. Andrew Zinni (5B)
  • I loved the Aboriginal sculpture because it was made out of natural materials and showed how Australia can be beautiful. Julian Metcalf (5B)
  • All sculptures are unique in their own way and even though they might look weird they shine like a star in the sky. Lewis Murabitto (5B)
  • The desert island make you think for a moment about where you actually are. Louis Burnett (5W)
  • I liked the kinetic sculpture because it had dazzling rainbows and made a tinkling sound. It was called In Rainbows. Daniel Godfrey (5B)
  • I liked going into the house sculpture and seeing the globes light up. It was called Sleeping in the Sun. Bill Smith (5B)
  • I wonder what school those fish go to? Taj Dean (5B)
  • The sculpture I made looks like a solar system. Hudson Ding (5B)


Ms Ricki Boe | Inclusive Education Coordinator (Junior School)


Tuesday, 13 March

  • Rowing Assembly

Wednesday, 14 March

  • Year 5 Camp begins

Thursday, 15 March

  • Year 5 Campers return
  • Sport v Guildford (Year 6s only)

Friday, 16 March

  • Assembly commencing at 2:40pm 

 Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


Wow! It's already the end of Week 6! School holidays will be here before we know it. It was a short week because of Labour Day on Monday so that explains why it’s gone so fast. This Thursday was exciting for the Year 4s as they had their first sport fixture (Basketball) against Aquinas. The Year 5s will be starting to pack their bags as they have their first camp next week. On Friday we had our TOBA assembly. The First VIII presented us with a boat down from the Senior schooI. We are excited for Head of the River next week. In the morning 6W presented their class Mass and then a group of Year 5 boys went to Sculptures by the Sea with Ms Boe

Kobe (6B) and Quinn (6B) 

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Secondary School News

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATIONS                                                      

On Thursday, 8 March a group Year 10 and Year 12 students along with Mr Shinkfield, Ms Marocchi and Ms Warner attended the Mercedes International Women’s Day Breakfast and listened to guest speaker, Madonna King address the audience.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 was ‘Press for Progress’, and Ms King focused on issues that adolescent girls face today, how society is changing, and how to make change.  

The key issues that were raised were sleep, hygiene, social media addiction, parental expectation and friendship groups. Although the talk was directed mostly to the girls and their mothers, it was agreed amongst the boys that it was very interesting to hear about these issues and we all learnt something about respect, and gained insight into the problems and challenges girls face. Although it was daunting to be the only boys in the room, we were proud of the fact that we were able to support this event and assist in the ‘Press for Progress’.

Overall it was a very enlightening morning with great food and most importantly great conversation.

Libero Piffaretti (10.3)

Students with Old Boy Farruh Mavlonov ('16)

Last week, myself and Mr Russell Hinks had the pleasure of taking eight Year 10 mathematics students to the UWA “Exploring Engineering” showcase. The event, which has been running since 2014, gives students potentially pursuing a future in engineering an insight into the many fields they can study.

Below is the thoughts of Declan Ryan (10.1) who attended on the day.

On Tuesday, 1 March, eight of Trinity’s best Mathematicians considering a future career in Engineering took part in an information day at UWA. It gave the boys a taste of all of the different fields of Engineering that exist including chemical, humanitarian, mining, mechanical, civil, biomedical and electrical engineering. The boys sat through several presentations and were also involved in some fun hands-on activities such as making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, designing a water filter with limited resources and creating a reaction test. Each activity used combinations of Mathematics, Science and Engineering skills applied in different contexts. We were even lucky enough to bump into Old Boy Farruh Mavlonov ('16) who is now completing an Electrical Engineering degree. Most importantly, however, a sausage sizzle and soft drinks were provided with veggie patties for the vegetarians, which enabled everyone to have a good lunch. I believe that the day really helped the boys become aware of which subjects/courses they need to study in Year 11 and 12 in order to meet prerequisites to study Engineering and not close the door to the potential career. Overall the day was a huge success for the boys and it was run very well by the UWA students.

Mr Ben Kriszyk | Mathematics Teacher 


On Thursday, 1 March  Miss Pieraccini’s Year 11 and 12 media students were given an exciting opportunity to visit the new Channel Nine studios on Saint Georges Terrace and engage in a radio workshop at RTRFM in Mount Lawley. At Channel Nine the students were taken around of a in depth tour of the new studios where they learnt about the craft of creating the news and airing within a public domain. The boys had an opportunity to meet Scherri-Lee Biggs and discuss what it’s like to be a news reporter. At RTRFM the boys were able to get into the radio studios and record some voice over ads for the radio station. Chris Wheeldon took the boys through each aspect of being a radio producer. The excursion was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the media students and they were very pleased to be able to see these mediums perform at industry standards. 


The focus for the Year 12 Tabgha Retreat is the story of the Multiplication of the Loves and the Fishes. Tabgha is the traditional site for this miracle story. The name ‘Tabgha’ is an Arabic contraction from the Greek Heptapegon – the place of the seven springs. This is one of the most significant miracles of Jesus as evident from the fact that it appears in all four gospels. All Year 12 students are expected to attend the Retreat with their PCG on Wednesday, 14 March, Week 7. This is an important day, it provides the Year 12 students time to reflect, ponder and experience the presence of Christ within and celebrate the gift that they are for others.

Mr Leo Murray | Director of Campus Ministry


Hi my name is Taylor Hannah and I’m in PCG 9.8. The reason I chose to do the Duke of Edinburgh is because I want to develop my leadership skills. For the Physical Recreation component, I am trying to improve my batting in cricket. For my Skill Component, I am learning how to cook for the first time. For my Service component, I’m going to be helping out at ‘Paraquad’, which raises money for people in wheelchairs. I want to thank Mr Miskiewicz for this opportunity and I am looking forward to the journey ahead.

Taylor Hannah (9.8)


The countdown continues to the major event on the Year 12 Calendar. Our working parties are putting in a lot of time and effort to make sure that the night is a memorable one for our students and their partners.

If you can help with any of the items below, they can be dropped off at College reception, or the Head of Year office.

    • milk bottles,
    • medium size glass jars,
    • cardboard tubes like plastic wrap or paper towel inserts, or rolls from bolts of fabric  

PLUS, anyone that is free on Sunday morning to lend a hand, please come on down and get involved. We will be meeting at 9am, and there’ll be loads for you to help with.

As always, thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. Without your generosity, preparations for the ball would be a far greater challenge.

Mr Clint Testa | Head of Year 12 | English Teacher

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College News


Trinity College would like to congratulate Head Boy, Jeremy Hansen (12.4) who is one of 120 Year 11 and 12 students selected to participate in the 2018 National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra (March 20-22), where student delegates will review the main issues of Section 44, and have their opinions recorded in a Communiqué, which will be presented to the Senate and incorporated into Hansard. 

The National Schools Constitutional Convention programme provides senior students with an opportunity to become better informed about how Australia's Constitution provides a democratic framework and encourages them to take an active interest in the operation of government.  The topic of the 2018 Convention is - ‘Is Section 44 of the Constitution relevant in modern Australia?’  

As a national delegate, Jeremy was selected from around 1,000 students from government, independent and Catholic schools, many of whom participated in their State or Territory Conventions.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as a firefighter? On Wednesday, 14 March firefighter Jarrod Luscombe will be visiting the Senior Library during lunch to speak about his experiences, and answer your questions. All students are invited to attend.


It's great to see all our Senior students in the new white shirt. The shirts are still 3 for $90.00 - a saving of $15.00 for anyone wanting extra shirts. Now is a quiet time in the shop, a great opportunity to purchase your winter uniform. A reminder that all students need to be in full winter uniform day one of second term - Tuesday, 1 MayThe uniform shop now has locker locks - the cost of a lock is $15.00 each

Please call into the shop for any uniform enquiries.

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager


The Trinity College Parent Council is excited to announce that the 2018 Tuition Fee Raffle is now open! Tickets can be purchased from: Tickets will be available until Friday, 6 April 2018 at 11:59pm AWST (unless sold out prior to this time). Only 1000 tickets are available. The prize will be drawn at Trinity College on Monday, 9 April 2018 at 12:00pm AWST. Please see the website for the full terms and conditions.

Contact Margaret Denniston via or call 9223 8155. 

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Community News


All Catholic children who are eligible to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation in 2018 are required to register for their respective sacraments on Saturday, 10 March at the 6pm Mass and Sunday, 11 March at the 9:30am Mass.

An Enrolment and Commitment Ceremony for all children preparing for their Sacraments will be held at these Masses. Registration forms are available at the back of the Church or email the Parish office on For all queries, please, contact the office on 9364 1120. 


This inspiring annual event is on Thursday, 22 March at St Joseph’s Subiaco starting at 7:30pm. Guest speakers Abigail Davies (Barrister), Katie Lynch (Marist Educator) and Camilla Loveridge (Artist) will talk about their personal life experiences in the context of faith and their spiritual life. To allow time for reflection, a music ensemble will play pieces selected by the guest speakers. Light refreshments will follow. All welcome.


A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is a Marriage Enrichment experience for married couples – set in surroundings, away from the distractions of everyday life. During the weekend, couples have a unique opportunity to reconnect, rekindle and refresh their relationship. Take time out of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious asset . . . your Marriage! 

We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend 6-8 April 2018 (Mandurah) or 27-29 July  2018, 12-14 October 2018..For information or booking contact:  Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625 – Email:  Website –


Relationships WA are hosting a weekend seminar that will expolore the proven strategies deemed helpful and unhelpful for stepfamilies. It will also cover how you can manage discipline and understand the needs of children and how to best grow a strong and loving couple relationship. The seminar will be held from Friday, 16 March - Sunday, 18 March 2018. The cost is $75.00 per person and $120.00 per couple. For more information please contact 6164 0200 or visit 


Relationships WA are hosting a one day workshop for parents and their children (aged 8-14). The workshops will explore communication skills and interpretation of body language cues, practical anti-bullying strategies, basic self-defence skills and positive feelings, thoughts and visualisation. The workshop will be held on Saturday, 24 March 2018. The cost is $75.00 per pair. For more information please contact 6164 0200 or visit 


WACE Plus Education will be running a Senior school revision program from Monday, 23 April to Friday, 27 April. This program will cover subject revision, first semester exam preparation, study skills and essay writing. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377. 


WACE Plus Education will be running a Senior school revision program from Monday, 23 April to Friday, 27 April. This program will cover subject revision, Naplan preparation, study skills and essay writing. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377.  

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Canteen Roster

Canteen Roster week beginning Monday, 12 March


Margaret Vidotto and Atu Amato


Caroline Smith and Tania Franse


Cathy Howard and Rose Chang


Ly San and Heather Patman


Aini Saiman and Daphne Chong

Hi everyone, we would love to see more volunteers in the Canteen, even for an hour. For more information please contact Carol Watson on 0409 110 319. 

Mrs Carol Watson | Canteen Manager 




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