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TC Newsletter:

Volume 7  March 15, 2019

From the Principal 

At an assembly earlier this week, we had the opportunity to acknowledge members of our College Swim Team and wish them well for the PSA Swimming Inters that took place yesterday evening. In his address, the 2019 Swim Captain, Jakson Egan referred to the special ‘sense of team’ that had developed in the squad over months of specialist training. Head Coach, Mr Dion Mepham added to this sense of team by outlining the importance of each individual swimmer contributing to a culture of success explaining that the whole (the College Swim Team) is greater than the sum of the parts (each individual swimmer) – that together the team achieves.

I took the opportunity to highlight the example of champion Australian swimmer, and Olympic Gold medallist, Cate Campbell. Cate only took up swimming when she was 14 years old. She was obviously very gifted, because as a 16-year-old she won two Bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. In the 2012 London Games, Cate Campbell won Gold as part of the Australian 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay Team. While competing at major international championships to date, Cate has won a total of 20 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 5 Bronze medals. She is widely regarded as one of our country’s greatest swimmers.

Only last week, Cate and her younger sister Bronte Campbell, were named as co-captains of the National Swim Squad. This was less as a reward for her remarkable record, but more for the example of commitment and attitude that she has consistently displayed. As part of a recent media event that Cate Campbell was featured, her past achievements were highlighted and her so-called ‘natural’ gift for swimming was explored by the interviewer. However, it was in Cate Campbell’s response that, I believe, we can all gain a most valuable lesson.

While acknowledging that she had indeed been blessed with the gift of being a good swimmer, Cate Campbell was very quick to emphasise that it was, in fact, dedication and hard work that brought her success and allowed her to reach the goals she strived for. She spoke of the hours of training, the very early mornings and reflected on her real struggles to overcome serious injury and disappointment. She was particularly keen to point out that just having some natural talent is not enough. Such talent can only be fulfilled, and one’s true potential realised, when hard work, and dedication, and commitment are applied.

In responding to the reporter, Cate Campbell emphasised an important point that I hope all of our boys can fully appreciate. Even the most gifted of us, in any aspect of school or life, must work hard to fully reach our potential. Being gifted at music or sport or academic studies is a wonderful blessing, but without application and dedication, it could remain largely undeveloped. Commitment and hard work will allow such talent to shine through for others to see and share and to celebrate. Being true to yourself requires you to apply yourself fully so that your talents can shine, because if we were just to rely on our God-given gifts it will ultimately be very limiting. It is our attitude to improve, our dedication to work hard and our consistency of effort that will determine the levels to which we can develop our gifts and determine the achievements we can reach.

At this particular point of our academic year, it is important that we take the time to acknowledge those groups within our College community who are applying themselves to do extraordinary hours of practice, training and rehearsals in striving for personal excellence. To the College Swim Team, our various Rowing Squads preparing for the Head of the River, our Chorale and Music Groups preparing for upcoming concert performances; we thank them for their example, praise them for their efforts and wish them their personal best. They remind us that consistent hard work is required in order for our talents to shine through. 

Live Jesus in our hearts

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal

College Events


This Saturday evening, 16 March, the Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association (TOBA) will welcome back approximately 600 Old Boys, travelling from around the world, to celebrate the significant milestone of 125 years of Trinity College, formerly CBC Perth. Look out for the lighting outside the Sports Centre showing the original CBC Perth building and current College, as well as the Matagarup Bridge and Optus Stadium as they will look magnificent lit up in the Trinity College colours. You may like to go to The Camfield for a drink and watch our old boys march with pride over the Matagarup Bridge from Trinity College to Optus Stadium at 6:30pm. 


On Tuesday, the Secondary College assembly presented the College Swimming Team to the school. I congratulate all students on their selection. During the assembly Swimming Captain Jakson Egan (12.1) inspired the Swimming Team to swim their best at the PSA Interschool Swimming Carnival with this quote “Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win certainly is!”

On Thursday night, it was wonderful to see our swimmers wholeheartedly representing the College by putting in their very best performances at the PSA Interschool Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to our swimmers and coaches who all put in a fantastic effort not only on the night but in the months leading up to the Carnival. I also thank a large number of students and parents who were able to attend and support our team. Overall, we finished third, out of the seven PSA schools. A great result! More details about individual efforts will be published next week. 


On Tuesday, 26 March at 9:35am, (please note this change of time) the Year 7 students will gather together for their Term 1 Mass in Gibney Hall. Parents are most welcome to join us for Mass, and to stay for a “cuppa & chat” afterwards. This group of parents will be together for the next six years, so why not come along and meet some new friends. RSVP’s to Beverly Martinez on or phone 9223 8106.


Year 11 and 12 Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews are being held on Tuesday, 2 April from 2.30pm–8.30pm in Gibney Hall, and in the first floor B Block classrooms. We will be using Parent Teacher Online (PTO) for parents to book interviews. You will receive an email on Thursday, 28 March, explaining how to log on and book interviews. If you do not receive this email, please contact the IT Help Desk on 9223 8161 or 9223 8112. If you have recently changed your email address, please contact the College’s reception, so that we can update our records. I encourage parents to make the most of this valuable opportunity to discuss your son’s progress with his teachers.  As stated in a recent College newsletter, an effective and positive Family/College partnership that promotes open communication is vital for the welfare and progress of each student.


The Parent Council Ball will be held on Saturday, 27 April 2018. This is the night after the Year 12 Ball.

Table sales for the Parent Ball go live on the Online Store at 9.00am this Monday, 18 March. Tables of 10 cost $1250 each. To make it as fair and equitable as possible, parents are only able to purchase one table each. If any parent purchases more than one table, any extra monies paid will be refunded and that table will be placed back on sale.

Tables sold out in record time last year, so we encourage everyone to finalise their table of 10 ‘current Trinity parents’ so that you are ready to purchase your tickets on 18 March. This event is open to the entire school community and is not targeted towards any particular year group. It should be a great evening.


The College is aware that over the last few years many parents have experienced financial difficulties and when particular circumstances are brought to our attention we have endeavoured to help. This assistance can vary from extended repayment programs, discounts or even concessions. The College Board is committed to this assistance program because this is the very ethos that Blessed Edmund Rice established his schools many years ago.

If you feel that you will not be able to fulfil your fee obligations by the 5 October it is essential to contact the Bursar, Mr Michael Burgess, 9223 8126 – and this contact should be made as soon as practical. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Each year the Parent Council donate significant amounts of money generated from past Raffles towards the College. 

Net proceeds from the Raffle will be donated by the Parent Council towards the refurbishment of the Chapel. 

The Parent Council warmly invite the TC community to participate now in the 2019 Tuition Fee Raffle. The Promotion Period for the 2019 TC Tuition Raffle: 

  • Raffle began: Tuesday, 12 February at 12:00pm AWST
  • Final ticket sales close on Friday, 5 April 2019 at 11:59pm AWST (unless sold out prior to this time).

The Draw will be held at Trinity College on Monday, 8 April 2019 at 12:00pm. 

Terms and Conditions are available on the Trinity College website – click here. The Permit Holder Mr Michael Burgess, College Bursar. The Permit number is: A183200842. 

The TryBooking Address for purchasing Raffle tickets is: 

Tickets are $50; there is a limited amount of tickets. The winner will be notified and their name published in the Trinity College newsletter on Friday, 12 April 2019The flyer is hereBest of luck to all parents and carers who will participate in the draw! 

Mrs Beverly Martinez | Community Coordinator 


A cast of Senior School Drama students are performing in the production of 'The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon', a comedy by Don Zolidis. Some of the more classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Frog Prince, Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride! Come along to this family-friendly show and support the students as they attempt to play numerous characters in a very unique way. We hope to see you there! Event Details:

  • Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May 2019
  • 7:00pm
  • Gibney Hall, Trinity College

There are no tickets or assigned seating but an opportunity for a donation to the Drama Department upon entry. If further information is required please contact Ms Lisa Laurino (

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College Calendar


Monday, 18 March

  • 8:15am Staff Briefing
  • 3:20pm Academic Council Meeting 
  • 5:00pm Finance Committee Meeting 

Tuesday, 19 March 

  • 8:40am Secondary Assembly (Rowing) Years 412
  • 5:00pm Rowers' Mass 
  • 5:30pm Parent Council Meeting 

Wednesday, 20 March

  • Year 12 Tabgha Retreat 

Thursday, 21 March

  • CC v TC 
  • Year 8 Picnic Social with Mercedes at MC 3:30pm–5:30pm 

Friday, 22 March

  • 8:00am Mass
  • CC v TC 

Saturday, 23 March

  • CC v TC 
  • Head of River at Champion Lakes
  • Rowing Photos
  • TOBA Breakfast 
  • Rowing Windup 

Sunday, 24 March

  • Quarry Concert

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Junior School News


On Tuesday, the Year 4 boys attended a wonderful excursion at Kings Park. This excursion was designed to complement the HASS programme and in particular, the study of Aboriginal Culture and sustainability practices. The boys were privileged to learn from a respected Noongar Elder who taught them a little of the customs surrounding fishing and hunting. The boys were fascinated and had the opportunity to practise the skills of string making, weaving and fishing.

A significant number of parents gave up their time to assist during the day and we thank them for their contribution to ensuring that the boys were engaged and safe.


Yesterday, the Year 4s took part in their first carnival for Trinity. Well done to the boys on the way they represented the school and themselves by being great ambassadors and team players.


At Trinity, we believe the learning opportunities provided by school camps are extremely valuable and help our boys to develop into well rounded young men. The Year 5 Camp held this week was very successful. I would sincerely like to thank everyone who was involved – to our committed Year 5 teachers, who have planned well to provide the opportunities for the boys, to our parents for their assistance and particularly to the boys whose behaviour was excellent.


On Tuesday, 19 March, the Junior School will be joining the rest of the College for the Rowing Assembly. This is a unique assembly held in the Sports Centre, commencing at 8:40am. There will not be sports training next week.


On Wednesday, 20 March, Laura Allison, who is currently employed as the Coordinator of the Psychology Team for Catholic Education WA, will be presenting a talk to parents about a new program the Junior School has engaged this year called RULER. 

RULER is an evidence-based approach to teaching social and emotional intelligence. In this workshop, Laura will provide an overview of the RULER model and expand on practices that parents can adopt to cultivate social and emotional intelligence, both personally and while parenting. Laura has particular expertise relating to mental illness prevention and wellbeing promotion and is a very engaging speaker. The evening commences at 5:30pm and will take place in the Braham Auditorium. There is no cost for attendees to this evening. 

  • Wednesday, 20 March
  • Arrive at 5:30pm for a 5:45pm start
  • Braham Auditorium
  • There is no cost to parents for this evening 


Tuesday, 19 March
  • Rowing Assembly
Wednesday, 20 March
  • Parent Information Meeting commencing at 5:45pm
Thursday, 21 March
  • Sport v Christ Church
Friday, 22 March
  • Year 5 Gold Mass in Gibney Hall at 8:40am
  • Year 6 Blue Assembly in Gibney Hall at 2:20pm

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


This fabulous Week 6 was filled with excitement and enthusiasm! Firstly, on Tuesday, the Year 4s went on an excursion to Kings Park to learn about the Wadjuk Noongars and what they do. The Year 5s went on their first camp experience, having the chance to bond and make strong connections with other boys. The Forest Edge Camp commenced on Wednesday, 13 March, through to Friday, 16 March. I am sure all the boys had great fun! The Year 4s played in a Basketball Carnival with Aquinas; they surely had a great day too! The Year 6s played fair sport against Guildford! Then this week's assembly was a great way to finish off another fulfilling week! Everyone enjoyed this week and will hopefully have a good week next week!   

Louis Burnett (6G) and Ziggy Kaeser (6B) 

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Secondary School News


On Wednesday, our Year 9s had the opportunity to listen to guest speaker Steve Plain, who has an inspiring story from overcoming a broken neck to climbing the highest mountain on every continent in world record time! Steve demonstrated to the boys how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results through resilience, commitment and hard work.

Mr Phil Jurjevich | Teacher and Director of Rowing


My progress in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award is getting along nicely. The camp planning in class is nearly finished with many students already have completed many hours in their Bronze Award. I have already completed 11 hours and I am really enjoying the challenges and tasks of the Bronze Award. For physical recreation, I am doing cricket and, in the winter, I will be doing cross-country. For the skill component, I have got involved in the chess club and I am really enjoying and cannot wait for the competitions to begin. Lastly, for service, I am part of the TCEC which is the Trinity College Environmental Committee which offers many tasks and challenges including helping out at the Junior School. I also participated in the making of sandwiches for the less fortunate students in their school. I am really enjoying the Bronze Award and I am sure that all of the other boys are as well. I strongly encourage you to encourage your sons from Year 8 to participate in the Bronze Award next year.
William Day (9.4)

Hello, my name is Archie Allen and I am in Year 9. Last year, I decided to apply for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award so that I could learn a new skill and push myself out of my comfort zone. For my skill, I have chosen Film Production as well as PC building. For my Physical Recreation, I have chosen Basketball. Currently, I am still deciding on a service activity for the long term but I am making sandwiches for primary school students through the Duke of Edinburgh elective. I really think that this Bronze Award benefits me both in the short and long term. It will help me grow as a person and also help me in the future when I eventually want to get a job; having a prestigious award on my resume would be awesome. I’m really looking forward to this year and I just can’t wait to see what this year will bring.  
Archie Allen (9.5) 

William Hall (8.7), Nathan Tobin (8.8), James Kenwery (8.8) and Ted Smith (8.2)

The Library currently has a Community Jigsaw out for the students to complete. This is a great way for students from different classes and year groups to collaborate in a fun activity. Sometimes we will have a single student working on the jigsaw; at other times we have small groups working together and sometimes we have large groups working together.

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


Year 7 parents are invited to the Class of 2024 Year 7 Parents Welcome Night. Meet parents of boys starting high school this year at Trinity College at this casual social gathering, organised by parents for parents, taking place upstairs in the Staff Lounge. 

  • Venue: Trinity College Staff Lounge, Level 3, Cultural Centre.
  • Friday, 15 March, 7:00pm to 10:30pm
  • BYO drinks and nibbles to share

This event is free, but please RSVP here: 

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College News


Today, schools all over Australia including Trinity took part in the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. To build upon the ‘get on the team’ campaign from last year, the College will be distributing free wristbands to students who signed the ‘get on the team’ contract today, pledging to take an active stand against bullying. The Class of 2019 highly values the concept of brotherhood between all its peers as it is one of the defining factors that make Trinity College unique from other schools. As a community, Trinity is developing a zero tolerance for bullying and harassment of any kind, regardless of its frequency or magnitude.


The Italian department is still seeking host families for Italian exchange students that come to Perth for a two-month stay from the end of June until the end of August. The exchange program is an opportunity for an intercultural experience and often lifelong friendships are made. Your son does not have to be studying Italian to take part in this wonderful opportunity. If you host, your son will also have the first opportunity to go to Italy for a two-month exchange over the summer holiday period. This joint program between the West Australian Teachers of Italian (WAATI) and AFS/Intercultural is in its 41st year and if you would like more information please contact Eliza Knapman (email: 


Due to the overwhelming popularity of the fee-free recharging service offered at Student Services, we have had to introduce a $10 minimum recharge limit. The Student Services Officers have been inundated with students reloading very small amounts, which has prevented them from completing other work tasks.

To reload your card at Student Services, you can take the cash ($10 minimum) and student card to Student Services and the very helpful Student Services Officers will load the money on to the card. This money will appear in the student account immediately. For more information, including how to load funds onto the student card online, please visit the Canteen page of the website, located under Current Students (top left), or simply click here. Re-charging online will incur a small fee each time funds are added to the card. 


The My Student Account (MSA) system used in the College Canteen for cashless purchases does not link to other databases here at the College. If you have supplied the College with allergy information through Consent2Go, this data does not transfer to the MSA system used in the Canteen. Parents of students who have serious or severe allergies are asked to please log on to their son’s MSA Account and enter the relevant allergy information so that an alert message is displayed on the screen when your son goes to make a purchase. Instructions on how to add allergy information to an MSA Account can be found on the College website here or by clicking on this link.


The Year 12 Student Ball, themed 'Yule Ball' from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, is taking place on Friday, 26 April

Donations of materials or services are being sought-after by the Year 12 Parent Helper group. If you can't help with either of these, a donation of money or vouchers will be gratefully accepted, so the Coordinators can purchase what is required.  

Below is a list of materials requested by the Area Coordinators. 

  • Timber – 2.4m long
  • 1 x 3L Container of craft glue
  • 180 AA batteries
  • Artificial snow
  • Standing lanterns
  • Christmas trees
  • Smoke machine (hot ice)
  • Artificial or real foliage for making garlands
  • White or pale grey carpet – 1m x 2m
  • 30 x 2L Empty Clear Plastic soft drink bottles
  • Old gazebo or market umbrella – large
  • Batting or fluffy white insulation
  • 1kg silver glitter
  • Masking tape – 51g
  • Fairy lights
  • Wood varnish (happy with leftovers)

If you can help with any of the above or with a small donation of money or vouchers, please contact Rita Rocca by email: or 0432 125 066

Below is the current sponsor list for the TC Student Ball. These TC families have made generous contributions and we ask that you consider their businesses if you are in need of their products or services. 

  • Auto One, Wanneroo – Reader Family
  • Cameleon Paints, Wangara – Sanfilippo Family
  • GCS Integrated Services PL – Biundo Family
  • Inglewood Products Group – Gosatti Family
  • Spoilt Photo Booths – Dancewicz Family
  • Sublime Promotions – Del Casale Family 
  • Underraps – Owens Family
  • Ascot Signs  Bottega Family
  • Realestate 88 – Wright Family 

The Uniform Shop trading hours during school term are as follows: 

  • Tuesday: 7:30am–4:30pm
  • Friday: 7:30am–1:30pm

We hope everyone has settled in well. We would like to give some further information to new students and families about the uniform. All Trinity College students need to be in full Winter uniform the first day back of Term 2: Tuesday, 30 April. We are offering after-school appointments to new students starting Wednesday, 20 March. Please call Joanne at Reception on 9223 8120

We are happy for families to call into the shop any Tuesday or Friday to purchase Winter uniforms without an appointment. This is just a queuing system. It has settled down in the shop now so it is a good time to come in before the rush starts again. Please feel free to call into the Uniform Shop for any uniform enquiries. We are more than happy to answer questions. 


Parents, please be careful when purchasing second-hand uniforms from the second-hand uniform Facebook group or other sources to ensure that these are in the current style. It has come to our attention that people are still selling old styles or unapproved uniform items. If you are unsure of the current required uniform, you can either go on the Online Store to view or contact us here at the shop. Some sellers are stating that a new pocket for a blazer can be purchased from the Uniform Shop. This is incorrect information and we are unable to supply that item. Students are required to be in the correct uniform at all times.


The State Government, through the Department of Education, provides financial support to eligible parents through the Secondary Assistance Scheme. Eligible parents/guardians are those with students enrolled in Years 7 to 12 in the year 2019 studying a full-time Secondary course at a Western Australian non-government school.

The Secondary Assistance Scheme consists of two allowances:
1. $235 education program allowance (payment is made to the school); and
2. $115 clothing allowance (payment made to the parent/guardian)

There some exceptions that can be reviewed at the time of application. Please enquire at Reception for application forms, which are due back to Reception by 29 March 2019. 

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Students wishing to apply for Direct Entry to UWA Medicine or Dentistry or to Curtin Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery for 2020 will need to do the University Clinical Aptitude Test. You can find information about the new approach here including a lot of information for potential candidates with special needs. There are practice tests and resources and clear instructions on what to expect in the test on the site. 


Make the most of your WACE results. Find out more about:

  • Features and benefits of UWA's course model
  • Courses and entry requirements;
  • Maximising your ATAR
  • Work Integrated Learning and student exchange opportunities
  • Key dates for 2019 and more

You can also talk directly to faculty specialists, academic teaching staff and current UWA students. Register here


Want to know what different courses are offered for upper school mathematics? Attend the Mathematics Pathways Evening to hear from current university students about their mathematics pathway from high school to the course they are now studying. 

  • Tuesday, 19 March at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley, Building 3, Room 3.101
  • Wednesday, 10 April at Murdoch University, Robertson Lecture Theatre, Building 245

Event Registration and light refreshments: 5:30pm. Information Evening commences at 6:00pm. Register here

Click here for the official flyer which includes campus maps.  


The medicine information sessions at Notre Dame and Curtin Universities are always very well attended so it is wise to arrive early to get a good seat. 

  • 24 March at 10:30am – Notre Dame Medicine Information Session
  • 27 March – Curtin Medicine Information Session
  • UWA is not having a special health industry information event this year. People wanting to know about the changes from UMAT to UCAT should go to the Year 12 Course Information Session on 18 March to ask questions. You may contact the Medical Admissions Centre for more information on (08) 6488 4646.

Any students in Years 10–12 wanting to get into the hospitality industry should consider applying for this work experience opportunity. May Street Larder (East Fremantle) and Bib & Tucker (North Fremantle) are offering this opportunity. In 4–8 weeks, there will be an opportunity in a city-based location.

At these venues, the successful candidate(s) can expect not only to be exposed to a busy environment, but a culinary fusion of food experimenting, jam making, smoking and bread making.

Work experience term: 3–6 months with REAL Opportunities for potential Traineeships and Apprenticeships in Hospitality and Commercial Cookery.

Students must be available to start immediately upon submitting an application. Work experience attendance will be negotiated.

If you have:

  1. Been working hard to get a break in the industry and have a strong desire to succeed – this is your opportunity!
  2. Already been exposed to busy cafe/restaurant environment – we definitely want to hear from you!
  3. Keen to be part of a supporting team and be a good team player who is resilient
  4. Happy to talk to customers and meet their expectations
  5. Be reliable and committed to the employer
  6. Keen to learn and ask questions in order to get ahead in the workplace and put yourself forward to further opportunities with this company.
  7. Able to get to stated locations and have good family support (if you are still at school)

If you are interested, please get in contact me as soon as possible and I can help organise an EOI form: Mr Russell Hinks, email: or phone: 9223 8158.


The ADF Gap Year program provides an opportunity for young Australians who have finished Year 12 (or equivalent) and are aged between 17 and 24, to experience military training and lifestyle whilst gaining new skills and pay over their Gap Year.

Gap Year opportunities are available in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The life skills and job training that you will acquire during your Gap Year experience will be valuable regardless of whatever career you ultimately undertake. Find out more here

Mr Russell Hinks | Head of Careers/VET

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What an awesome day!! Despite the rain on Saturday, our College community put on a wonderful display of TC Spirit along the banks of the Swan River and Matagarup Bridge in East Perth! Rowing crews from the seven PSA schools came together to celebrate our 50th year competing in the Head of the River and 125th year of the College.

Support came from all corners of the College; students, coaches, staff, Rowing Auxiliary, Old Boys, families, volunteer marshals, Pipes and Drums, the Little Ferry Company, Optus Stadium and the Camfield; and we extend a huge thank you to all involved. It was a huge effort and greatly appreciated. 

The feedback from the PSA schools, Head of Rowing in WA and attendees has been fantastic. "The best regatta in 15 years"; "No stone left unturned"; "It made me love rowing again"; "We didn't realise Trinity was in such a beautiful location"; are just some of the comments we have received from attendees. We look forward to hosting the next regatta!

Mr Phil Jurjevich | Teacher and Head of Rowing


Next week Trinity College Water Polo is hosting the Australian Men’s Water Polo Team, the ‘Aussie Sharks’. The 2019 FINA World League Inter-Continental Cup, between Australia, USA, New Zealand, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, South Africa and Canada, is being held at HBF Stadium. 

The Aussie Sharks will be training at Trinity from Wednesday, 20 March to Friday, 22 March. Sessions will run during school hours and after school, involving a wide variety of drills as well as games against the Canadian and Japanese Olympic teams.

For any further enquiries please email Adelaide Garland - Junior and Middle School Water Polo, or Sonia Scordo – Senior School Water Polo.


Click here for this week's fixtures against Guildford Grammar. 

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association



As you may know, TOBA is celebrating 125 years of history this Saturday, 16 March. Approximately 600 Old Boys will be attending, travelling from around the world to celebrate this significant occasion. 

Celebrations commence on campus with an inspection of the College at your leisure between 4:30pm–6:00pm. The group will walk en masse over the Matagarup Bridge led by the Trinity College Pipes and Drums.

A three course sit down dinner will then take place in the River View Room at Optus Stadium overlooking Trinity College with lots of surprises during the night.

If you’re around the area, please check out Matagarup Bridge and Optus Stadium as they will look magnificent lit up in the Trinity College colours and be quite the spectacle!

Even better, pop in to The Camfield for a drink and watch our boys arrive with pride.

Massive thanks to everyone that has assisted and contributed to this event. 

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive Officer

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Celebrating 125 Years

This year, Trinity College, formerly Christian Brothers College (CBC) Perth, is celebrating our 125th Anniversary – 125 wonderful and proud years of upholding traditions, providing a holistic quality Catholic education and empowering students to become Men for Others. To celebrate this milestone, we are reaching out to members of our community who have had a positive impact on the College over the years – either as a student, staff member, parent or friend – to tell their story and share their memories of CBC Perth and Trinity College.

This week we are sharing a story from Simon Katich ('92). Simon began at Trinity College in 1984 as a Year 4 Junior School student. From these early years, he excelled academically, was a class leader and talented young sportsman who represented the College in cricket, hockey and basketball. Click here to read the full story. 

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Community News


Code Camp is taking place at Trinity College in the upcoming school holidays. Camps are officially on sale and if parents book before Sunday, 3 March, you will receive a $20 Early Bird discount. To read the flyer for more information, click here


Trinity College Year 4 students are invited to form a team or two and join in a Minkey (modified rules hockey) competition held at College Park, Nedlands. The season consists of 11 Saturday mornings from 4 May to 11 August. Your team plays with other western suburbs primary school teams from 9:00am-9:45am. Games are 2 x 20-minute halves. Players are organised into school-based teams and play in their school colours or uniform of choice. Each team has an off-field coach and an off-field manager. You can only have one coach on the field. Players must have their own stick, mouthguard and shin pads. A personal drink bottle is also advisable. Fees are $160 per player and are inclusive of coaching information, sport insurance, ground hire and marking and the provision of an umpire for each game. All players must register online with payment to be made at the time of booking. If your son and friends would like to form a team, please coordinate with Mr Luke Thompson; or Mr Phil Curtis by email: or call 0411 422 639.

Mr Luke Thompson | Junior Sport Co-ordinator, Trinity College


The Perth Observatory site will be closed for a few weeks in March for maintenance. During this time, they will be taking 6 of their telescopes to Lesmurdie Senior High School's oval for their Night Sky Tours. Schools are offered a 10% discount on bookings. Details as follows: 

  • Saturday 9th, 23rd and 30th March: 8:00pm–10:00pm  
  • Venue: Lesmurdie Senior High School oval, 21 Reid Rd, Lesmurdie 
  • Adult: $40; Concession: $30; Child: $20 (see flyer, link below, for 10% discount code)
  • Sausage sizzle from 6:30pm
  • Volunteers take you on a grand tour of the Southern Hemisphere's sky with a wide range of targets including Nebulas, planets, dying stars, and enormous star clusters. 

In the event of a forecast for bad weather, the decision to cancel the tour will be made at 2:00pm on the day of the tour and all ticket holders will be contacted via email and phone using details provided during the booking process. You will then be given the option to receive a refund or transfer the booking to an alternative tour date/time. 

To read the flyer which include code for 10% discount, click here. To book, click here. For information on School Day Tours, click here


Please click here to read the flyer and details on Parenting courses in March 2019, run by Relationships Australia. 

Registrations are now open for the Dogs for Diabetes event on Sunday, 7 April at Trinity College. Only $25 per dog, humans free! Tell your furry friends and come join in the 5km walk around the Swan River. Soak up the atmosphere in the village, full of market stalls, kids activities, epic dog agility course, bouncy castles, food trucks and loads more! The village opens at 8:30am and the walk kicks off at 9:30am. Come along and help raise funds to support the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre. Click here to read the flyer. 

Academic Group is providing the following programs in the April school holidays held at several high schools in Perth: 

  • Year 11 and 12 ATAR Revision
  • Year 12 ATAR Enrichment Program – a specialist program held at UWA
  • Year 7–10 Skills Development Program

To enrol, visit the website:

For more information, contact Academic Group on 9314 9500 or email 

10% early bird discount available for Skills Development and ATAR Revision Programs until 25 March 2019


Master Mind Australia is a results-driven education provider which provides term-time and school holiday academic revision programs. During the April school holidays, Master Mind is running an ATAR Examination & Revision Program, which focuses on study skills, essay writing, subject revision and exam preparation and focus; and a Middle School Revision & Development Program, which focuses on study skills, essay writing, NAPLAN and subject revision. Brochures are available in secondary administration. In Week 1 (1518 April), these courses take place at Christ Church Grammar School and in Week 2 (23–26 April) at Hale School and Mindarie Senior College. Further details can be found at the website: or contact Dr Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377.  


There will be a Basketball Development Camp during the April school holidays at Perth College: 

  • Monday, 15 April to Thursday, 18 April
  • 9:00am to 3:00pm
  • For girls and boys aged 4 to 14 years old. All levels
  • $45 per day or $170 for all four days
  • Perth College, 31 Lawley Cres, Mount Lawley

To read the flyer, click here. To register, contact Anna Sykes on 0400 227 030 or Steph Jones on 0405 141 027 or email: 


The Western Australian Policy Force would like to invite students and families to the WA Police Force Expo. This is a free family event, which will provide an opportunity for community members to see real-life demonstrations, interactive displays and the latest crime-fighting technology.  

  • Venue: WA Policy Academy, 81 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup
  • Saturday, 23 March
  • 11:00am to 4:00pm

To read the flyer, click here. For more information, visit


Attention married couples: Rekindle your love for one another away from everyday distractions. What better way to celebrate the gift of your unique love than to make time to focus on each other and your marriage? Consider attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend and come back with a marriage that is refreshed and full of passion. We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend 5-7 April 2019 or 26-28 July 2019 to be held in Mandurah. For more information or booking contact: Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625, email: or visit the website:


The zero2hero Camp Hero program unleashes the heroes of today to become the leaders of tomorrow by educating, equipping and empowering young people to promote good mental health in their communities. For information on the zero2hero camps, please visit:

  • Place: Astral 2, Crown Convention Centre, Perth
  • Sunday, 31 March
  • 9am–4pm 

Click on the image above to visit the website.  

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