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TC Newsletter:
Volume 7 - March 16, 2018

From the Headmaster 

Paul Bolton and the 2018 First VIII

Last Tuesday, the College gathered together to wish the rowers well for the Head of the River Regatta to be held this Saturday.   We welcomed Mr Brendan Murray (‘07), to speak to the students and we also blessed the ‘Lim May San’, that the Rowing Club had recently purchased.

The Head of the River Regatta will be held at Champion Lakes commencing at 9:00am and your support will be a further inspiration to these young men. Whilst Champion Lakes may not be as convenient as the Canning Course it is an international standard that is better for both Rowers and Spectators. I do remind all of our Senior students that their first responsibility must be to their normal Saturday morning team – they must not let their own team mates down through a misguided decision to support the Rowers.

I take this opportunity to thank the many teachers and coaches who, through their dedication and commitment, have provided another great term of sport. Thanks, is also extended to our parents who are a silent army in ensuring that so much work behind the scenes happens.

The Regatta on Saturday will be live streamed and this can be accessed at either or


On Wednesday, all the Year 12 students went to seven venues to participate in their Tabgha Retreat. The name “Tabgha” is an Arabic contraction of the Greek “Heptapegon” (the place of the seven springs). It is associated with Jesus multiplying the bread and fish. During the day students reflected on gifts that we bring to the world, and how with Jesus’ help, these gifts will be multiplied. The students enjoyed the opportunity to stop, to reflect and to pray. A special thanks to all the staff who contributed to a worthwhile activity.


On Monday, 19 March at 10:55am, the Year 9 students will gather together for their Term 1 Mass. Parents are most welcome to join us for Mass, and to stay for a “cuppa” afterwards. This group of parents will be together for the next few years, so why not come along and meet some new friends.

RSVP’s to Beverly Martinez on or phone 9223 8106.


Tickets for our 2018 Musical - Pirates of Penzance go on sale Monday, 19 March for performances on 10, 11 & 12 May in Gibney Hall. Adult tickets will be $26.50 and under 18 are $16.00. Stay tuned until Monday when we share the link to buy tickets via our social media channels, website and school app. 


On Tuesday, 20 March at 8:40am, (please note this change of time) the Year 7 students will gather together for their Term 1 Mass. Parents are most welcome to join us for Mass, and to stay for a “cuppa” afterwards. This group of parents will be together for the next 6 years, so why not come along and meet some new friends.

RSVP’s to Beverly Martinez on or phone 9223 8106.


As First Term Sport comes to a close (last fixture is the weekend of the 24 March), most sports are organising a wind-up and trophy presentation event. I thank the coaches and the organising committees, for their efforts in this area. I take this opportunity to remind all students and parents that “afters” are not sanctioned by the school, and that there is no supervision provided at these events by the College. In the past, we have had experiences where these have attracted an unwarranted element, and our students have been hurt. Please support one another and say NO to either organising them or allowing your son to attend.


Year 11 and 12 Parent, Teacher, Student Interviews are being held on Tuesday, 27 March from 3:30pm – 8:30pm in Gibney Hall, and the first floor B Block classrooms. We will be using Parent Teacher Online for parents to book interviews. You will receive an email at 8:00am on Thursday, 22 March, explaining how to log on and book interviews. You will have until 1:00pm on Monday, 26 March to book interviews, however spaces fill very quickly, so I encourage you to log on at your earliest convenience to book interviews. If you do not receive this email, please contact the IT Help Desk on 9223 8113. If you have recently changed your email address, please contact the College’s reception, so that we can update our records. I encourage parents to make the most of this valuable opportunity to discuss your son’s progress with his teachers.


The Parent Council Ball, held after the Year 12 Ball, is an opportunity for current Trinity Parents to celebrate together. The event is open to the entire College Community and is not targeted towards any one year group. Tickets are $125.00 and will be available for purchase as a table of 10 for $1250 via the College Online Store from Wednesday, 21 March.  All attendees must be current Trinity parents. Based on previous years, I can guarantee that tickets will sell out quickly, therefore you may wish to start to put your table of 10 current Trinity Parents together, so that you are ready to purchase your tickets on Wednesday, 21 March.  

For those parent’s unable to gather a full table of ten people, the Parent Council suggest that you make enquires through your Friends of Class Facebook or class list in advance of the tickets becoming available, as the booking system only accepts bookings and payments for tables of 10. 


The Parent Council is again conducting their “Fee Raffle”, where you will have the opportunity to have your Trinity College Tuition Fees paid for one year.  Tickets are available via  and will be close at 11:59pm on Friday, 6 April 2018 (unless sold prior), and will be drawn and noon on Monday, 9 April 2018 – Good luck to all that enter.

This is seen as both a fundraiser for the Parent Council, who provide a number of important activities and events for our students and parents, but also a way that one lucky Trinity family can have their school fees covered.  Please support their efforts.


The College is aware that over the last few years many parents have experienced financial difficulties and when particular circumstances are brought to our attention we have endeavoured to help. This assistance can vary from extended repayment programs, discounts or even concessions. The College Advisory Board is committed to this assistance program because this is the very ethos that Blessed Edmund Rice started all his schools with.

If you feel that you will not be able to fulfil your fee obligations by Friday, 5 October it is essential to contact the Bursar, Mr Michael Burgess, 9223 8126 – and this contact should be made as soon as practical. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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Upcoming Events


Monday, 19 March 

  • 10:55am Year 9 Mass

Tuesday, 20 March

  • 9:35am Year 7 Mass

Thursday, 22 March

  • SC v TC
  • Junior and Senior Summer Sport photos
  • Year 8 Mini Carnival with Mercedes College 

Friday, 23 March

  • 8:00am Mass
  • SC v TC
  • Middle school Summer Sport photos

Saturday, 17 March

  • SC v TC
  • Basketball Windup
  • Tennis Windup
  • Volleyball Windup
  • Water Polo Windup

Sunday, 25 March

  • Cricket Windup

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Junior School News 


At Trinity, we believe the learning opportunities provided by school camps are extremely valuable and help our boys to develop into well rounded young men. The Year 5 Camp held this week was very successful. I would sincerely like to thank everyone who was involved – to our committed Year 5 teachers, who have planned well to provide the opportunities for the boys, to our parents for their assistance and particularly to the boys whose behaviour was excellent.


On Tuesday, the Junior School joined with the rest of the College to attend the Rowing Assembly. It is a wonderful opportunity for the boys to be part of significant whole school events and to see what they can achieve as Trinity students. Good luck to all crews on Saturday.

L-R: Leonardo Tanner (4W), William Gray (4G), Bailey Coates (4W), Taj Distefano (4W) and Kyan Monterosso (4W)

Congratulations to a group of Year 4 boys who look their First Communion at St Augustine's Church in Rivervale.


Next week I am away at an EREA Conference in Sydney from Tuesday. The conference brings all the Junior School Heads of EREA school across Australia together. It is a fabulous opportunity to network with my colleagues while engaging in professional development. Also, I always leave these conferences with renewed vigour about the charism of Edmund Rice and how we can live this today. In my absence please see Mr Le Tessier or Ms Temmen if you have any Junior School related questions.


Tuesday, 20 March

  • Sports training for Years 5 and 6 

Thursday, 22 March

  • JS Summer Sports photos
  • Sport v Scotch 

Friday, 23 March

  • Year 6B Assembly commencing at 2:20pm in Gibney Hall 

 Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School 


On Tuesday at 2pm, the Year 6 White class participated in their first video conference in the new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) room. This conference was with Dr Wieger Wamelink from Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. Dr Wamelink’s team have been have been working on growing vegetables and crops in simulated Martian soil since 2013.

Each student asked Dr Wamelink a question based on their study and growing of plants in the classroom. Their next challenge is to design an experiment based on Dr Wamelink’s research to grow vegetables in an artificial habitat, with artificial light and growth medium and observe and measure the effects.

They will also design and build their own “Micro-Habitat” for their experiments. The next video conference is hoped to be with the International Space Station, where scientists are conducting similar experiments in low gravity conditions.

Mr Tony Maxfield


Week 7 has been a very exciting week because the Year 5s have gone to the Forest Edge camp for the first time. There was no sports training due to the whole school Rowing assembly, where the Rowing teams and the First VIII was announced. At the assembly, Fra Oscar blessed a new TC boat and named it after Lim May San, who is one of the Senior school science technicians. This week, TC is competing against GGS (Guildford Grammar School). Let’s go TRINITY!!!

Sebastian Foti (6B) and Rocco Fowler (6B)

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Secondary School News


On Friday, 9 March, Trinity College Year 11 Aviation students travelled to Cunderdin Airfield to spend a day with the pilots and instructors of GCWA the Gliding Club of Western Australia. Students had a daily briefing of personnel, airfield procedures and hazards, along with a detailed weather briefing. They were then shown a daily preflight inspection of the gliders they would be flying in. The rest of the day was spent with students flying under instruction. It was an opportunity to get gliders ready for launch and practice radio comms. A good day was had by all, thermals were popping and it was hot. A few students coated the inside of the cockpit with the contents of their breakfast, but were not put off. Will Matar (11.5) after a quick check flight took a glider up for a solo flight.

Mr Bill Cooper 


On Wednesday, 14 March, firefighter, Jarrod Luscombe visited the Senior Library and talked to the students about his career. Having worked as a firefighter for over 20 years, he was able to tell the boys many eye-opening stories about emergencies he has been called to, as well as giving valuable information about the process of becoming a firefighter for boys contemplating that career path. The talk was well attended and the boys had many questions for him, which he was happy to answer.  


Hello my name is Benjamin Fels (9.6) and I am a member of PCG 9.6. I applied for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in order to further my commitment to the TC community and develop new skills which I have not been previously been involved in, as well as keeping up fitness levels. For me a week of Duke of Edinburgh currently involves logging hours in the Physical Recreation area. I am working towards my end goal in cricket of playing straight bat shots and developing my swing bowling. As the Award is completed over 6 months, I am still waiting to begin working on my skill and service activities, which will include learning the skills involved in fishing and Junior School coaching respectively. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award at Trinity College and hope that many others are given the choice to undertake the Award in the near future. 


The countdown continues! If you can help by providing any of the items below, the ball committee will be eternally grateful!

  • 2 litre plastic milk bottles - washed and de-stickered
  • white Christmas / fairy lights
  • 10  x rolls of fishing line
  • large butchers / brown paper rolls
  • medium size glass jars,
  • anyone that is free on any Sunday morning. We generally meet from 9am until 12pm, and there is an increasing list of jobs to work on, so please come down and get involved, all help is very much appreciated.

Mr Clint Testa | Head of Year 12 | English Teacher

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College News


Today is Australia's National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, and students were given the chance to sign up to Team Trinity to demonstrate their allegiance to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for every member of the TC community. As individuals, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and we all leave ourselves vulnerable from time to time. But as a team, we are stronger in the face of conflict, and are better equipped to combat the emotional, physical and psychological abuse that is sometimes directed our way. If students Get on the Team, they’ll know that they’ll be supported by every TC brother whenever they need it, whilst also committing their support to others around them who may be facing some kind of difficulty.

Today at lunch time, our Prefects were stationed around the grounds manning four large sheets of blue or green fabric, one dedicated to each of the Year 7 - 10 year groups. By signing their name on the relevant sheet of fabric, students committed their support to those who share the common Trinity brotherhood.

Year 11s and 12s were invited to sign any of these four sheets to demonstrate their willingness to lead the younger members of our College in the direction of peace, equity and respect. Students in the Junior School also had an opportunity to sign the fabric. 

The "Get on the Team" initiative is an important movement which demonstrates to the community and broader society that Trinity College does not stand for any kind of bullying or violence, and is committed to stamping out such anti-social behaviour from all facets of our life.

Students who are experiencing any kind of bullying – or know somebody who is - are encouraged to approach their PCG teacher or Head of Year.

Mr Clint Testa | Head of Year 12 | English Teacher


Scholarships and applications are still open for those boys wishing to apply for Year 7 in 2019. Applications are invited for Year 4 and Year 7 2020. There are still limited places in some year groups for 2019. Please note that the closing date is Friday, 23 March 2018. Please contact our Registrar's on 9223 8121 for an application form as soon as possible.  


The uniform shop is open every Tuesday 7:30am till 4:30pm and Friday from 7:30am till 1:30pm during term. 

Judy Mackintosh | Uniform Shop Manager

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

Antonio Sanfilippo ('24) with the 1st VIII after receiving the TOBA President's Award for TC Spirit

Congratulations to Year 6 student, Antonio Sanfilippo ('24) for winning the TOBA President's Award for TC Spirit.

Antonio’s teacher said: This student is a very motivated and capable young man who always gives his best. He has come into Year 6 with a positive attitude, keen to make the most of all learning opportunities by making good choices and trying hard. He excels in Mathematics and Science and always seeks to present work of the highest standard. He also plays the Double Bass and is a member of the Year 5/6 choir. He is an excellent example of what a true Trinity student should be. This young man is always extremely well-mannered and polite, caring and helpful to others. He is held in high regard by his teachers and peers and is a very deserving recipient of the first Year 6 Green TOBA award for 2018.
As Albus Dumbledore says in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices.”

David Cohen ('85), Duncan Gilbert ('82), David Farrell ('82) and Gordon Gilbert ('85)
Patrick Curtis ('57), Cliff Carter ('79) and Jamie Matthews
Simon Woods, Jarrad Pozzi ('92) and Rob Foti ('92)

The course at The Western Australian Golf Club was impeccable for the 20th Annual TOBA Golf Day. Old Boys and members of the wider community braved the heat to play 18 holes of ambrose rules.  


Longest Drive Hole 8: Adam Dorey ('97)
Longest Drive Hoe 18: Rob Foti ('92)
Nearest the Pin Hole 9: Claude Mancini ('74)
Nearest the Pin Hole 16: Tim MacDonald ('97)
Nearest the Pin (over 55’s) Hole 9: Claude Mancini ('74)
Nearest the Pin (over 55’s) Hole 16: Tony Power


  • Third score 56.2: Gordon Gilbert (’85), David Cohen (’85), David Farrell (’82) and Duncan Gilbert (’82)
  • Runners up score 55.25: Tim Miocevich (’89), Chris Miocevich (’83), Dave Miocevich (’83) and Luke Miocevich (’84)
  • Winning on a count back with a score of 55.25 was an all Aquinian team: Paul Ness, Simon Ness, Bernie Hogan and Phil Kavenagh.


Thanks to those that supported and participated in this event, including our wonderful sponsors:

  • Marty Weekes (’04), Anode Electrical Contractors
  • Marty Weekes (’04), Anode Electrical Events
  • Jeremy Nicoletto (’91), Burns Sieber
  • Jordan Bozich (’12), Diamond Cut Landscaping
  • Mike Anghie (’87), Ernst & Young
  • Charles (’63), David (’89) and Rob (’92) Foti, Charles Foti Business Services
  • Jarrad Pozzi (92), Front and Centre Training
  • Chris Brockwell (’67), Globe Bar & Lounge
  • Jason Hutchinson (’89), Gold Intercultural Learning
  • Michael (’87) and Ben (’14) Kruize, Money Partners
  • Davide Costanzo (’96), Moore Stephens
  • Tim McLernon (’90), Reveley
  • Jamie Matthews, Signarama
  • Gianni Redolattti (’91) and Joe Rapanarao (’91), Vicus Property Group
  • Glenn Hipolito, V Imaging Pty Ltd

Tom Parker (’89), Amalgam Recruitment
Craig Stranger (’89), PAC Partners
Matt (’86) and Jacob (’07) Brennan, Smartline

Thanks also to prize donors and helpers of this event:

  • Michael Borowiec (’92), Bee Firm NRG
  • Danny Taylor, Bodhi J Wellness Spa’s
  • Paul Colreavy (’82), Hoyts
  • Dobbie
  • Maurice Embley (’74)
  • Des Hardiman (’74)
  • Peter Stone (’66), The Big Picture Factory

Thanks to Golf/Membership Manager, Matt Wolfe and The Western Australian Golf Club for their hospitality and Lisa and the team from Corporate Hands for massages on the course.

All proceeds from this event support much needed TOBA Bursaries. We look forward to your company next year!

Ms Diane Millar | TOBA Executive Officer


Community News


Parents are invited to attend this State Conference on Saturday, 26 May 2018 at St Brigid's College in Lesmurdie. You will hear a keynote address by Dr Tim Moore (Murdoch Children's Research Institute). For further information and to register please visit or contact Theresa McDonnell via or 9271 5909. 


This inspiring annual event is on Thursday, 22 March at St Joseph’s Subiaco starting at 7:30pm. Guest speakers Abigail Davies (Barrister), Katie Lynch (Marist Educator) and Camilla Loveridge (Artist) will talk about their personal life experiences in the context of faith and their spiritual life. To allow time for reflection, a music ensemble will play pieces selected by the guest speakers. Light refreshments will follow. All welcome.


A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend is a Marriage Enrichment experience for married couples – set in surroundings, away from the distractions of everyday life. During the weekend, couples have a unique opportunity to reconnect, rekindle and refresh their relationship. Take time out of your busy schedule, to invest in your most precious asset . . . your Marriage! 

We invite you to join us on our next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend 6-8 April 2018 (Mandurah) or 27-29 July  2018, 12-14 October 2018..For information or booking contact:  Valerie & Brendon on 0424 220 625 – Email:  Website –


WACE Plus Education will be running a Senior school revision program from Monday, 23 April to Friday, 27 April. This program will cover subject revision, first semester exam preparation, study skills and essay writing. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377. 


WACE Plus Education will be running a Senior school revision program from Monday, 23 April to Friday, 27 April. This program will cover subject revision, Naplan preparation, study skills and essay writing. For more information please visit or call 9486 1377.  

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Canteen Roster

Canteen Roster week beginning Monday, 22 March


 Denise Williams


 Melissa Townsend




 Sonya Mahoney and Heather Patman


 Tracey Pola

Hi everyone, we would love to see more volunteers in the Canteen, even for an hour. For more information please contact Carol Watson on 0409 110 319. 

Mrs Carol Watson | Canteen Manager 




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