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TC Newsletter:

Volume 8  March 27, 2020

From the Principal 

On Monday, 30 March 2020, we will commence our Remote Learning Program as outlined in the Trinity College Educational Continuity Plan. This Remote Learning Program will continue as scheduled through to the end of Term 1 on Thursday, 9 April 2020.

I would encourage all families to spend some time with their son in walking through the Trinity College Education Continuity Plan. It is important that students are familiar with the expectations placed on them and their responsibility to follow the Remote Learning Program set by their respective teachers. It should be emphasised that all students are required to follow their personal timetable as normal:

Junior School – Boys will link through to their class at 8:30am via One Note and continue until 3:00pm

Secondary School – Boys will link through to their PCG class via Teams at 8:30am and continue until the end of their Period 6 class at 3:05pm.

*All students may be allocated studies/homework as normal.

Given the seemingly endless number of communications from the College (there is likely to be many more in the coming weeks!), I wanted to keep this article short.

May I begin once again, by thanking our College community for the understanding and support you have provided over the past few weeks as we have all adjusted to this current health crisis. As a College, we have prioritised the health of everyone in our community, been guided by government and health authorities and sought to maintain a balanced approach to teaching and learning amidst a constantly changing context of new guidelines and advice. I want to thank the extraordinary number of families who have communicated their sincere thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the College Staff. In such difficult times, such genuine feedback is most heartening.

It is particularly important that students remain self-disciplined and follow their scheduled classes in real-time. Class teachers will be doing likewise and giving direct feedback to students as required. This is certainly not the time for students to take a minimalist approach to their work. On the contrary, all students will need to adopt a positive mindset and determined approach in order to maximise their learning. It will be very important for boys to stay connected and in communication with their respective teachers. Students or parents that have any further concerns or require assistance beyond their class teacher are requested to contact the appropriate staff member listed on the final page of the Trinity College Educational Continuity Plan.

In speaking to your son about the Trinity College Educational Continuity Plan, may I ask that you highlight the following points:

  • Protocols and responsibilities when engaging in an online learning environment and the approved online platforms for such communications
  • Key practices of the Child Safe Framework
  • SEQTA will be the landing page for students. They may then be directed to other digital learning platforms
  • Students are required to follow their personal timetable.

Finally, be aware that these are very uncertain times for our students and mindful of the boys’ health and wellbeing, the College Pastoral Care Team have been busy developing a Remote Learning Student Wellbeing Program. On a daily basis, this program will present a variety of activities and challenges that will provide the boys' access to a variety of fitness programs, wellness activities, mindfulness opportunities and more. Further to this, involvement in such wellbeing activities will encourage the boys to stay connected with each other.

We will continue to work through this time together and support each other along the journey. That is what good communities do – and Trinity College is an outstanding community!

Please continue to pray for those suffering directly from the COVID-19 crisis and for the incredible health workers who continue to support and care for them. Please stay safe!

Live Jesus in our hearts. 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal


For all the latest news regarding Trinity College and relevant COVID-19 updates, please visit this page on our website: Here you will find important information including Principal updates, Academics, Mental Health and Wellbeing resources. Trinity College is committed to the health and wellbeing of our College community. For accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit 

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College Calendar


Monday, 30 March 

  • Remote learning commences 

Wednesday, 8 April

  • 7:30am-11:00am Blazer Honours due

Thursday, 9 April

  • All students conclude

Friday, 10 April 

  • Good Friday 

Saturday, 11 April

  • Holy Saturday

Sunday, 12 April

  • Easter Sunday

Monday, 13 April 

  • Easter Monday 

To view the Parent Calendar on our website, click here

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Junior School News  


The last 2-3 weeks have seen unprecedented times, particularly as new information and restrictions are put into place daily, which affect the wider community. Teachers, students and parents are all feeling the effects of the Coronavirus and the climate of uncertainty it has created. Teachers have been creating work for an online platform whilst still teaching throughout the day. This effectively means their workload is near double, whilst also being concerned about social distancing, which can be very difficult in a school situation. Students are worried by the saturation of information, which is both overwhelming and is restricting their activities and contact with older family members and friends. Many parents are doing it really tough with loss of income and concerns for their families.

Despite these hardships and the stresses which have resulted, I have been overwhelmed with the many messages of appreciation, support and thanks to my staff for the work they have been doing to continue the boy’s education. It is wonderful to see that in tough and uncertain times, people are still reaching out to each other.

Monday, 30 March
  • Remote Learning commences
Friday, 3 April 
  •  Interim Reports go home 

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School  


A group of 15 Junior School boys was lucky enough to participate in the annual excursion to Sculpture by the Sea in Week 6. The beautiful weather made our Sculpture by the Sea excursion even more spectacular! Our SBS Educator delivered information about many of the sculptures and artists and I was very impressed with the boys' level of participation. Most of the group willingly offered thoughtful answers to her questions. Everyone really enjoyed the craft activity which involved creating their own mini-sculptures.

Some comments from the boys: 

"I really enjoyed Sculpture by the Sea because I wanted to know what the artworks meant and what it took to create the great sculptures. I learnt you have to be fully committed to making them. One person took 120 hours to make the web. My favourite sculpture was the charcoal dad and daughter. The dad couldn’t look after the daughter and had to feed her charcoal." Blake F (5B) 

"I really enjoyed Sculpture by the Sea. I learnt that Homer isn’t just a cartoon character. He was also a Greek writer and made up the Cyclops and wrote books, for example, Odyssey was a book Homer wrote. I really enjoyed Sculpture by the Sea and my favourite statue was the man and daughter that were made out of coal. I found this interesting because it had an interesting meaning behind it. I really enjoyed the excursion. Oliver W (5G)

Ricki Boe | Inclusive Education Coordinator (Junior School)


The Coronavirus has postponed a lot of activities lately and we have all been busy preparing for remote learning. The College has put up posters around the school reminding students to wash hands and stay hygienic. Next week all the students will be doing their work remotely. If boys are staying at school their work will be done remotely just like the kids at home, but they will have the help of the teacher. 

Tom Downey (6GD) and Ashton Callus (6GD) 

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Secondary School News  


In Week 5, the class of 2024 embarked on their Year 8 Quest Retreat. The Quest Retreat is important in continuing the boys’ introduction to the TC spirit, community, and brotherhood. The unique day-long event incorporates fun, service and reflection all done in cooperation. Under the guidance of the Year 11 Peer Ministers, it was evident that the Year 8s got a lot out of the experience.

A key aspect of the retreat is the fostered pastoral care evident throughout, not only on the Retreat day but during the training process as well. The Year 11 Peer Ministers act as ‘big brothers’ for 2 to 3 Year 8 ‘little brothers’ to relate to on the day. The Retreat day and training days are facilitated by a team of Year 12 Cadre students who allow the Year 11s to learn from their experiences as Minsters and Retreatants. It is an opportunity for the boys to provide leadership which is another important aspect of the retreat. Overall, as a member of the Cadre, the morning session was conducted smoothly, and witness talks that concluded the day were extremely powerful, seeing Year 8s address almost 200 people with their ‘big brother’ by their side.

I’d like to sincerely thank Mr Chris Brennan for inheriting the role of Quest Coordinator and doing a fantastic job in fulfilling his role, Mrs Rosa West for all of her work behind the scenes, Mrs Marya Stewart and the Year 10 roadies for helping with the packing of the canned food collection in the evening. I would also like to thank Mr Anthony Byrne, Mr Clint Testa and the Year 8 pastoral care teachers who helped out leading up to and on the Retreat day, and ensured that the weekend was a successful one.

Michael Tassone (Year 12) | Master of Ceremonies for Quest Retreat


Hi, my name is Harry Costa and I am undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award in 2020. For the Skill aspect, I will be learning how to cook, for Service I will partake in sandwich making for primary schools and for physical recreation, I will be doing AFL and cricket. Through completing these activities, I hope to get better at each of them and learn to manage my time well. I chose to participate in the Bronze Award because it would be great to take part in an adventurous journey and the benefits of the Bronze Award are also great. 

Harry Costa (Year 9) 

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College News  


Please note that the Uniform Shop is still open for winter fittings. There will only be 4 days of trade for your son to be fitted out for his winter uniform.

Opening Hours are :

  • Tuesday, 31 March from 7:30am to 4:30pm
  • Friday, 3 April from 7:30am to 1:30pm
  • Tuesday, 7 April from 7:30am to 4:30pm

In the first week when we commence back in Term 2, we will be open on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These days will be a queuing system only.

Uniform Shop hours are subject to change as a directive from the school due to the COVID-19 situation. Any changes will be posted in the Newsletter and Facebook. 

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To the Trinity College community, what an amazing Rowing season we have had! We now face a big health challenge and something we truly need to focus on.

I take this opportunity to thank the many people of the Rowing community.

  • Every morning of training we have a group of parents who volunteer their time and add such positive energy to the day under the leadership of Shayne Attwater, Belinda Siciliano, Mark and Janine Ryan  Quang Bui. Thank you to Simone and David Fong, Marcus and Finn for all of the work in the shed.
  • Thank you to our Rowers. You have been extremely brave and have always pushed yourself when asked by your coaches. You have always thought of the whole school and team, not just yourselves.
  • We have had a united and passionate campaign led by Peter Torre and our group of hand-picked coaches that were chosen for their modeling of good character and then their skills. There was great work from Ash Yukich and Liam Dee in the running of the shed.

With some time our Rowers will come to see what a glorious season this was. The choice to turn up was a win, the striving for a personal best on the ergo along with balancing life, academics, friends, and family and to make it all fit is a win and a skill you take with you. To be a part of a community were people did more than their share is the biggest win. The win within - is the character you have built.

During our final row, parents who could not be at the shed, lined the Matagarup Bridge in the distance. Our boys truly appreciated this effort and felt they were a part of something special that they had created. Reflecting, I am so proud of the work and the bravery from our special community. 

Thank you. 

Mr Phil Jurjevich ('85) | Director of Rowing 

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 Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association 


TOBA is delighted to announce the TOBA Executive Committee for 2020/2021:

Dion Smith (’87), President
John Hansen ('58), Vice President
Terry Jones (‘70), Vice President
David Foti ('89), Treasurer
Adrian Di Carlo (’89), Secretary
Brendan Molony ('65), Committee Member
Phil Hinton (’84), Committee Member
Richard Mackiewicz ('87), Committee Member
David Tobin ('87), Committee Member
Jude Celedin ('91), Committee Member
Gianni Redolatti (’91), Committee Member
Mike Alford (’92), Committee Member
Chris Jones (’97), Committee Member
George Rebeiro (’01), Committee Member 

We would like to recognise and thank the 2019/2020 TOBA Executive Committee for their efforts throughout the year, particularly outgoing Members, Rob Foti (’92) and Luke Cruskall (’95). We would also like to welcome on-going and new Members of the TOBA Executive. 

The Committee would like to recognise and thank former President 2014 - 2020, Peter Torre (’89) for his extraordinary contribution to the Association. Under his guidance, commitment and passion, the Association has grown from strength to strength.

I’d personally like to thank Peter for his friendship, integrity, being a true ‘Man for Others’ and ‘Keeping the Spirit Alive’. It’s been an absolute privilege to work with you!
Peter thanked all serving TOBA Committee Members during his tenure as President for their support and efforts. He congratulated incoming President, Dion Smith (’87) and looks forward to remaining involved.
Diane Millar | TOBA Executive Officer

2014 - with Br JA Kelly
2015 - with Br JA Kelly at Dwellingup Camp site
2016 - with Olympic Rower Rhys Grant ('04) at the TC Rowathon
2017 - with Justin Lawrence ('16) at the Sportsmens Lunch
2018 - Head of the River 

Dear Trinity College Community,

Given the current restrictions on gathering due to COVID-19, I may not have an opportunity in a physical public forum to express my sincere gratitude to the many people that have assisted me in some way throughout my tenure as President of the Trinity College & CBC Perth Old Boys’ Association (TOBA).

Firstly, I hope this message finds everyone safe and well in these very difficult times, and I’m sure as a community we pray for patience and understanding by all so that we can all see through this together.

I would like to sincerely thank the Principals of Trinity College that were present during my term, Mr Ivan Banks and Mr Darren O’Neill, for all the assistance provided throughout the respective years. Their support is the reason why TOBA is what it is today and without it, we simply couldn’t undertake everything we do. Similarly, the College Bursar, Mr Michael Burgess has been tremendous in his support financially and administratively, which has allowed TOBA to make decisions without restrictive financial impediments.

The Head of Junior School, Mr Martin Tucker ('87), continues to provide TOBA with the opportunity to interact with the Junior School at the “TOBA Assemblies”. This interaction is important in the development of the TC Spirit and assists in ensuring the rich history of the College is never forgotten. I thank Martin for his assistance in this regard. I will forever cherish the special assembly the Junior School held to farewell me, and their gift has pride of place in my “Trinity Shrine”. The Junior School boys are the future of Trinity College and a continued effort to engage with them to ensure they remember the fine history of the College is very important. In this regard I also thank the College Archivist, Mrs Robyn Jennison. Robyn is very passionate about the history of the College and has been tremendous in her ongoing support to ensure Trinity College records, remembers, and pays respect to its very rich history.

I would like to thank the many individuals that have assisted TOBA throughout the past six years. This extends to year group representatives, volunteers at our events, students and teachers of the College, Parents, ground staff and anyone that has contributed in some way. Your assistance has contributed to making our Old Boys’ Community one of the most spirited Alumni Associations in the country.

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the TOBA Committee with a wide range of Old Boys’ during my tenure. Each have contributed significantly to the Association and quite a few for many more years than I have been involved. David Foti (’89), Robert Foti (’92), John Hansen (’58), Terry Jones (’70), Dion Smith (’87), Mark Scully (’89), Chris Flamer (’58) – these are the stalwarts of TOBA that continue to support both inside and outside the Committee. I thank all TOBA Committee members past and present for all their support and guidance and look forward to our continued engagement in the years to come.

I thank all the dedicated people that have assisted TOBA and its Executive Officer Ms Diane Millar over the past 6 years, Aimee Pavlenko, Karyn Clements, Sophie Bingham and Aleisha Dows. It’s often a difficult task with the peaks of our busy periods, and one which is often unrecognized in its importance to the Association.

I offer my sincere gratitude to Diane Millar for everything she does for TOBA and for everything she has done for me as President. I’ve often said that my job was made easy by just showing up and saying a few words every now and then, and the real work is done by Di. Everything we have achieved throughout not only the past 6 years, but since she has been working with the Association has had Di’s influence and finesse to ensure all things TOBA are a success. Di works tirelessly to ensure that all Old Boys feel welcome and important. Her thoughts and efforts are always for all Old Boys, and on behalf of all Old Boys I thank her accordingly.

To the wonderful Old Boys’’ of Trinity College. Our fellowship and camaraderie is pure. Its base stems from nothing more than remembering the good times, to remember when we gave each other everything to achieve a common aim, and to stand by each other in times of need. This is why we remain as strong as we are. I thank you all for your support and friendship.

On a few personal notes, it’s been a pleasure to serve on the Committee with a couple of my close friends and fellow Class of ‘89 graduates, David Foti and Adrian Di Carlo. We all had a wonderful experience as students and friends whilst at the College and our service to TOBA and the College is our way of giving back.

I would also like the thank my wife Katalin, daughter Olivia and son Carlos for their support throughout the past six years. TOBA has taken up quite a bit of time which would ordinarily be spent with them, and I thank them for their understanding and patience. Most wouldn’t be aware that throughout the same period, Katalin has been secretary of the Trinity College Auxiliary, fulfilled year group representative positions for the Trinity College Rugby Club, and been an integral part of the Rowing Kitchen dedicating hours of early morning breakfast sessions feeding our rowers. Her dedication to the College surpasses mine and I thank her for her love and commitment.

One of the key values that underpins a Trinity College education, instilled on us by the many Christian Brothers and teachers that dedicated their lives to the education of young men, is that of being of service to others. We were taught as students that only those amongst us that have found a way to serve others will be truly happy. My service to the Old Boys’ of Trinity College, and to the College itself, has made me truly happy.

Now, more than ever, Live Jesus in Our Hearts…

Peter Torre (’89) | President - Trinity College & CBC Perth Old Boys’ Association

2019 - JS TOBA Assembly
2020 - JS TOBA Assembly

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Community News


Academic Group is adapting to the current environment so schools and students can be confident that our April Holiday ATAR Revision Courses will be going ahead. To safeguard everyone’s health all of our April courses will be online in our live interactive classroom.

Our courses will help boost students' confidence and reduce anxiety by offering all the great benefits of our revision classes in a safe environment. We are working hard to ensure that Year 11 and 12 students are not disadvantaged during this difficult time. ou can be assured that our excellent teachers will adapt their teaching and their content and will deliver excellent quality interactive revision classes that will help students to maximise their school and exam performance. Students will learn in a  virtual class with limited numbers so that it is optimised for live interaction with the teacher. Students will also be provided with a workbook to support their revision. Classes will be available in all our regular subjects with class time options in both Week 1 and Week 2 of the school holidays. For more information, please click here


While we might be cooped up and isolated for a while any day now, plenty of gamers are going to see this as a free for all, which is concerning. The other side of the coin is that this is a way to connect with others when they can't do it in real life because of self-isolation.

Here are some tips parents can use to help their gamers play a little more intelligently while we are isolating.

  • Parents, try to invest some time into their gaming, either as a cheerleader/fan, or a player. The benefits of being coached in their favourite game are very important. One reason is understanding the information on the screen, and another reason would be connecting with your kid. The tone of the conversation changes when they see you as a teammate and not an opponent.
  • Try to promote quality over quantity. In this case, suggest that they prioritise real-life friends rather than their online friends for the next little while. Don't worry, they'll know how to connect with friends from school online.
  • Try to take a couple of days off gaming per week where you spend a little more time as a family being productive or planning something that can be done when you're out. In this case, even if it's watching movies on another screen, it's a different activity.
  • Help them understand that overplaying will take them beyond the benefits they think they are going to get from playing. Expect more frustration, less concentration and ultimately less fun.

Check out the intelligent gaming guide here:  

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