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TC Newsletter:

Volume 9  April 3, 2020

From the Principal

School Closures and Staff Planning Days:

In a recent letter that I wrote to the Trinity College community on Friday, 27 March 2020,  I outlined the most recent announcements from Premier Mark McGowan that referred to new learning arrangements in Western Australian schools. Essentially, it advised that parents with children in all Catholic schools in Western Australia should keep their children at home, if at all possible. Only children of parents currently working in health or essential services should be attending schools. I would like to commend our own community’s response to this advice and thank all families for their respectful understanding of this situation.

This decision around school closures was made to prioritise the health and wellbeing of the Western Australian community and is based on the best national medical advice. On current advice, it would appear that such arrangements will remain in place for the commencement of Term 2 and may extend for some weeks ahead. With this in mind, all schools are planning for remote learning to continue into next term.

While it is being widely reported that many schools in Western Australia will actually be closed next week to allow their teachers four days to plan for online learning platforms, as communicated previously, Trinity College will remain open and deliver a Remote Learning Program until 3:05pm on Thursday, 9 April 2020. Our College staff have been engaged in planning for several weeks and are in a strong position to deliver our Remote Learning Program and maximise the continuity of teaching and learning for all our students through until Thursday, 9 April 2020. As required, Trinity College will remain open next week to supervise children of parents currently working in health or essential services.

However, with respect to the need for our Teachers to do additional planning and preparation for next term, I wish to advise all families that the Remote Learning scheduled for respective classes for next Thursday, 9 April will be teacher designed tasks only. In other words, students will still be requested to be online and follow lessons and set work according to their personal timetable, but our Teaching staff will not be online during this day. Rather, Teachers will use the time to consult, liaise and network as part of their planning and preparation for next term.

With respect to the commencement of Term 2:

  • Monday, 27 April is gazetted as Public Holiday for ANZAC Day.
  • Tuesday, 28 April will continue to be a Staff Professional Learning Day as scheduled. Once again, it will be utilised by our Teaching Staff to plan and prepare for further remote learning during second term (all students will not be required to engage in classes).
  • Wednesday, 29 April will see all students continue with their Remote Learning Program.
  • The previously scheduled Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews will be postponed.

This information is summarised in the table below. 

This week of Remote Learning has certainly brought with it some immediate learnings for us all. Firstly, the importance of community has been highlighted in the way that students, staff and families have adapted and embraced the unique conditions – both challenges and opportunities – of remote learning. It has been very encouraging to observe the extraordinary work that is taking place and the appreciation of all concerned in recognising that despite a few hurdles at times, quality teaching and learning positively continues in this most unusual of circumstances. Similarly, I again wish to thank the number of families who have expressed their sincere gratitude for the efforts of the staff (and their boys) to make this form of learning effective. With remote learning set to continue, the need for boys to remain disciplined and self-directed in following their personal timetable and completing tasks as well as additional studies will become increasingly important. Our encouragement will be vital!

Secondly, this has also been an extraordinary time for our Teachers. In a very short space of time they have been required to shift to a new learning platform/s and adopt new delivery methods for their teaching. Such an enormous shift in their teaching pedagogy has been handled most professionally and in a manner that demonstrates their dedication to the students in their care. Our Teachers are committed to ensure their lessons and teaching remains viable, relevant, engaging and agile enough to adapt to the changing conditions in which they are operating.

Thirdly, this current situation has emphasised the importance and value of the professional relationships that develop within the classroom. In a very short space of time, Teachers are already recognising that boys are seeking to stay connected to their Teachers and their peers. The general wellbeing of our students remains a priority and once again, I would like to commend the work of our Pastoral Care Team and various Learning Areas who are creating wonderful opportunities for the boys to engage in activities and challenges that focus on aspects of their fitness, mental health and overall welfare.

As we continue to navigate the coming weeks and months, the College will continue to keep our community informed of any changes. I encourage you to pray for the health of all in our communities, especially those who are most vulnerable. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Live Jesus in our hearts. 

Mr Darren O'Neill | Principal


For all the latest news regarding Trinity College and relevant COVID-19 updates, please visit this page on our website: Here you will find important information including Principal updates, Academics, Mental Health and Wellbeing resources. Trinity College is committed to the health and wellbeing of our College community. For accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit 

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College Calendar


Thursday, 9 April

  • All students conclude

Friday, 10 April 

  • Good Friday 

Saturday, 11 April

  • Holy Saturday

Sunday, 12 April

  • Easter Sunday

Monday, 13 April 

  • Easter Monday 

To view the Parent Calendar on our website, click here

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Junior School News  


Teaching and learning via a Remote Learning Program has opened our eyes to possibilities. While face-to-face teaching and communication with the students is still the ideal teaching scenario, I believe all teachers will get through this crisis having learnt new ways to deliver the curriculum. Naturally, by having these extra “tools in our kit” we will become better teachers. I have been really impressed with the collegiality and sharing of knowledge this week and the learning that has taken place.

We have been satisfied with the boys’ involvement with Remote Learning this week. Their abilities to seek help and solve problems, be organized and on task, following through with their work will all continue to develop and ultimately be good life skills. The teachers have also been able to follow up with boys who haven’t completed work to a satisfactory standard and with the help of parents, keep the boys on track.

Trinity is set up to continue with Remote Learning next week. Moving forward, we are mindful that some boys may be feeling, or start to feel isolated. Plans are being put into place to assist alleviate these feelings and promote wellbeing for all in our community.


Many of our Junior School boys have begun vegetable gardens at home to continue their classroom learning on Food and Fibre for HASS. It has the added value of some fresh air, sun and becoming more sustainable at home.


On Wednesday, 31 March our Junior School boys and staff had a great lunchtime involving some activities such as spikeball and a football game. 

Monday, 6 April 
  • Remote Learning continues
Thursday, 9 April
  •  Final day of Term 1

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) | Head of Junior School  


The past few weeks have been quite intense, and jam packed. This week was the first full week of Remote Learning for the College. While most students stayed home, we also had students at the College. 

Trinity College will also be running through to Week 10 unlike other schools. This will most likely be the last Prefects' Corner for the Term, which is why I have informed you about next week. Have a safe school holidays and fingers crossed, we will be back at school in no time.

Tom Downey (6GD) 

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College News  


Our goal as a school, in these challenging days of COVID-19, is to continue to put the wellbeing of our students, staff and the wider community first. As a result, a Wellness Timetable was developed for our Trinity College community. It has been heart-warming to see that many people have engaged in the daily activities. These activities enables us to stay connected, active and motivated while ensuring we make a conscious effort to foster our mental health and wellbeing during these difficult times. The daily conversation and photos shared amongst PCG groups this week has been wonderful and we encourage others to get involved. This week's activities consisted of meditation, origami, yoga, smoothie making and a fitness challenge. Here are some of the top photos from the week: 

Evan's (Year 8) watercraft
Noah's (Year 9) tepee

Our Outdoor Education students have been set some great challenges this week. The Year 8s' task was to design a watercraft that can float for 60 seconds using household items. While our Year 9 and 10 students were asked to design and make a tent/tepee using sticks and knots big enough to put a couch cushion inside. We love the creativity the students have shown while learning from home.


Trinity College is proud to support our families who are in business. Through the Trinity College Family Business Directory, you will find a wide range of local goods and services. You can download a copy of the directory by clicking here. If you would like to add your business, please complete the form via this link or to modify your listing, please email


What is the best way to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic with your children? We've put together some advice on how to help young people make sense of this changing world:


I am mindful that in these strange times, for many of us, we still need to feel that we belong to a Catholic community that shares in meaningful and prayerful experiences. I pray that you all stay safe and continue to support each other in prayer in our community. Please click here to find useful resources for Holy Week. Let’s all pray together whilst we are in isolation.  God bless and stay safe! 

Rosa West | Director of Campus Ministry


Please note that Blazer Honours processing on Wednesday, 8 April has been postponed due to Covid-19. The Uniform Shop will notify all parents and students of the rescheduled date when it is confirmed.  Please note that the process will require the contracted businesses to be back in operations and when all students return back to school, as advised by the Principal.

Current Uniform Shop hours

  • Friday, 3 April - 7:30am to 1:30pm
  • Tuesday, 7 April - 7:30am to 4:30pm

Term 2: Opening Hours - TBA


The Trinity College Parent Council Tuition Fee Raffle has been drawn. The lucky ticket number was 1692435-55415813, and the winning ticket holder has been notified by the Principal. Thank you very much to all families who participated in the Raffle.

Beverly Martinez | Community Coordinator  

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Library Online Resources


The College Library has always had online resources for the College community to access, however, given the current times we are living in, we knew that it was vitally important that we focus our time getting even more resources online and available for our staff, students and parents. As a result, we have updated our existing resources and created lots of new resources to share today. Please click on the images to be directed to the resource. 

The College Library can also offer a 'collection service' for parents next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If students and parents would like to choose some books to collect, you can simply browse through our catalogues here and look for titles that are available (those with a green tick in the top right hand corner). If you would like to borrow these, send a  small list to this email – along with the specific day you would like to collect and we will leave a bag with your name in the downstairs entrance of the library for you. Please note that parents can collect the books before 8:00am or after 3:30pm from Monday to Thursday next week. These times were communicated to parents on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 by the Deputy Principal - Student Wellbeing, Mr Julian Fritz, as part of the Health & Safety Measures at the College. Students who are self-isolating and engaging in remote learning are required to be attending to their online lessons. 

The Library Home Page – The Library has its own website which allows access to all of our online resources as well as keeping everyone up to date with what is going on in the College Library.

Wellbeing Guide – When you are spending more time at home than ever before, this Well Being Guide is full of fun and entertaining online activities that can happen at home. Categories include: Virtual Tours; Fitness; Quizzes and Puzzles; Get Creative; Mindfulness; Listen Up; and Competitions. This is a massive topic, so although there is lots on there already, look out for more to come as we are still constructing this one!

The Parent Guide to ClickView – The College subscribes to ClickView which is an online curriculum and video resource. ClickView content is produced right here in Australia and is curated and aligned for the Australian Curriculum. The content is put together with the help of educators and has relevance for all levels of learning. It also includes Catch-up TV from 18 free-to-air channels and has over 43,000 educational TV programmes. This guide gives step-by-step instructions for logging in, searching and accessing these materials. All Trinity students can access ClickView materials using school credentials.

Books to Film and TV on ClickView – Following on from the above information about ClickView, this guide provides links to film and television series’ available on ClickView which started life as books. This guide separates the available viewing into different genres e.g. Children and Family; Action and Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Horror; Sci-Fi and Fantasy; Anime and Comics. This is akin to Netflix bur completely free!

BorrowBox – For many years the College has been steadily building up an electronic library collection as well as the physical library collection here at the College. All of these electronic resources – eBooks and eAudioBooks are available via the BorrowBox system. The guide below gives the steps to download the app; sign in online and how to search for materials. BorrowBox has a fantastic range of books suitable for children, young adults and adults. Every Trinity College student can log in using their school credentials. If you missed the chance to get to your local public library, this is a fantastic resource. We are just about to place another order for more materials, so keep an eye out for new items being added!

English Class Novel Guides – All of the novels that are currently being studied as part of the English Curriculum – Year 7 to Year 12 – have their own Novel Guide to assist with analysing and understanding these texts. These can all be accessed via one guide.

Subject Specific Research Guides – many of the assessments that the students have been set, have an accompanying LibGuide to go with it. These provide quality resources for students to accessing help with getting started. The guides focus on age appropriate resources as well as a variety of resources to suit many different learning styles.

Current example – Year 9 Humanities – World War I:

Whole collection – search by subject or peruse all of the guides:

Instagram – The Trinity Senior Library also has its own Instagram account in which we post things that we think will be interesting to our students @tc_seniorlibrary Any interested students and parents should log in follow us for updates.

Book Clubs - all of our year level Book Clubs have gone online via Teams for the boys to ‘meet’ and ‘chat’ books. Each member should have received an email invitation from the respective staff member in charge of that year level. If your son attended the Year 7 meeting but did not receive an invite – please let us know and we can rectify  this. On Thursday morning, the Year 12 Book Club had a video chat online and caught up with everything important to the Year 12 Book Clubbers!

Ms Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services

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Over the past two seasons, Friends of Trinity Cricket have implemented a new initiative where a middle school student is given the opportunity to be a part of the First XI team on game day, known as the ‘13th Man’. This student is nominated by one of our middle school cricket coaches who best emphasises the values and skills of a Trinity cricket player.

On game day, the student is presented with a “TC Cricket Hat”. Much like a Darlot cap is presented to a senior player in their first game by the coach, this hat is presented to the 13th Man by a senior member of the First XI. This symbolic gesture is the handing on of a cricket journey from an outgoing Year 12 student to a middle school cricketer. One of our 13th Men, Charlie Watson (Year 8) is shown in the above photo receiving his cap from Sri Dharmapuri (Year 12). The 13th Man is given the opportunity to be a team member on the day, including sitting in on team discussions, participating in 'warm up' sessions with the team, tucking into lunch and tea and potentially fielding in case of an emergency.

Our most recent 13th Man, Jack Edmondson (Year 8) is shown in the photo above with our winning Darlot captain, Michael French (Year 12). Jack was essentially a ‘team mascot’ for our First XI this term, coming along to every game from start to finish to cheer our boys on. As he became such a cult figure, the boys requested that he be nominated as the 13th Man for our final fixture against Hale. Due to the current COVID-19 virus and the fixture being cancelled, Jack was presented with his 13th Man cap in front of the team prior to them all hearing the news of their sharing of the Darlot Cup. Thank you to all of our ‘13th Men’ for their participation throughout the season and a massive thank you to the players who supported each of the middle school boys throughout the year. 

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Community News


This course will be conducted online via a collaborative software which can be easily accessed on most devices. The evaluations of previous programs are available to the public on the MMA website at The student feedback demonstrates that these classes are an academically superior product which successfully improves students’ understanding of the syllabus and ultimately their performance in exams.

The quality of these teaching programs combined with the cost of $150 per subject for 6 hours of teaching makes them outstanding value for families seeking academic support during the April holidays. These classes offer students a structured program that will prepare them for their first semester examinations. Enrol online at or by phone on 9342 2000

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