2021 Presentation Night

What a night...what a celebration. Presentation Night 2021 was an evening full of wonderful performances and a celebration of student achievement.

On Tuesday 19 October, Perth Concert Hall set the scene for what was to be a superb Presentation Night 2021.

Showcasing the immense talent of our Performing Arts students, the audience was captivated at the sight of the Massed Choir along with the sounds of Diversity and the Digdge Boys as they performed a moving Acknowledgement of Country.

Coffee in a Cardboard Cup, performed by the Senior Chorale made for a humourous, yet poignant observation of the hurried nature of modern society and was a highlight with the boys receiving a raucous applause from the audience.

Other amazing performances from Swing Band One, Imperium XXI, the Trinity/Mercedes College Wind Orchestra and the String Orchestra all highlighted the brilliant and diverse range of our Performing Arts students throughout the evening.

During the night, respective year level awards were presented to students in recognition of their outstanding achievement in the areas of Academic Studies, Christian Service, Sport and Performing Arts for the year.

The evening also provided our College community the opportunity to formally acknowledge our student leaders for 2021 and 2022 with the announcement of James Watson as the 2022 Head Prefect and Luca Gosatti announced as Deputy Head Prefect. During the ceremony, Head Prefect Thomas Tranter and Deputy Head Prefect, Ben Tucker handed over the mantle of leadership to James and Luca, presenting them and the 2022 Prefects with three important symbols that serve as powerful reminders of important truths and are at the very heart of Trinity College - The Book of Gospels, The Candle and the Trinity College Flag.

Following an incredible performance from the Trinity Pipes and Drums, in Presentation Night tradition, lone piper, Damien Lawrence took to the choir stalls to perform Abide with Me and drew another memorable Presentation Night to a close.

A special mention of thanks to all the staff and students who were involved in the event and a special thanks to our community for coming along and celebrating the night.

Major Award Winners
Jaxon Beale
Head of Year 7 Award
Zachary Gosatti
Head of Year 8 Award
Matthew Petagna
Head of Year 9 Award
Branson May
Head of Year 10 Award
Johann Soares
Head of Year 11 Award
Lucas Siciliano
Head of Year 12 Award
Preston Campbell
ADF Long Tan Leadership Award
Matthew Crock
ADF Long Tan Leadership Award
Luke Alderslade
Old Boys' Prize
Thomas Tranter
Head Prefect - The Christian Brothers' Medal
Francis Moschilla
JP Ilich Award
Jonathan Slater
Proxime Accessit
Isaac Pinto
Dux of College
Ben Tucker
Archbishop's Prize for Christian Leadership