Assemblies to Inspire!!

Our recent whole school and TOBA rowing assemblies showcased that anything is possible with hard-work, dedication and commitment.

Whole-school assembly

We all have the ability to shine was the message shared by Principal, Mr. Darren O’Neill at the whole school assembly that recognised the efforts of our 2021 Junior and Senior school swim teams and the Trinity rowing crew preparing for the Head of the River regatta this weekend.

With the regatta only days away, the assembly highlighted the commitment of not only our rowers and swimmers, but all the Trinity students who consistently apply themselves in pursuit of achieving their best.  

“Being gifted, having natural talent or a strong vision for greatness is not enough. One’s true potential and personal excellence can only truly be fulfilled when hard work, dedication and commitment are applied.

“Being true to yourself, requires you to apply yourself so your talents can shine. If we were to rely only on our God-given talents, big or small – it will ultimately be very limiting,” shared Mr O’Neill.

Following the Principal’s address, 2021 Captain of Boats, Alex Baroni took to the stage with an inspiring speech for the rowers heading to Champion Lakes this weekend.

“1996, 1999, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2016. What do these numbers mean? Nothing without the story that goes with them.

“2021…a number without a finished story, a number defined by a six-minute race, a number that will leave an ever-lasting legacy on the college.”

In a final send off the rowers took to the Swan River for their row-past, a long-standing Trinity tradition that no doubt left many of the Junior School students leaving the assembly with the thought…. “that could be me one day!!”

TOBA Rowing assembly

Last Friday, Junior School students were treated to a special rowing assembly ahead of the ‘Head of the River’ at Champion Lakes.

Junior School students gathered at the Boatshed in McCabe Court to be witness to the passion of TC President of Rowing, Mr. Peter Torre (’89).

Peter explained the importance of each position on the boat and introduced rowers before announcing the two deserving winners of the sought-after TOBA Junior School Award for TC spirit – Finlay and Joseph who will both graduate from TC in 2027! Congratulations to these students and good luck to all our rowers on Saturday – the TC Spirit will be in full flight! #tcspirit

“Be proud of the internal goals you have achieved and how much you have grown into a better man throughout this season.  I look forward to Saturday and feeling that strong TC spirit that lives within every single one of you.”
Alex Baroni Student and 2021 Captain of Boats