Celebrating the Spirit of Excellence

Our Academic Assembly celebrated the Spirit of Excellence by recognising more than 200 students from Years 7 to 12 who have achieved consistent outstanding academic results as well as those whose effort and commitment to excellence is beyond approach.

On Tuesday, 27 July the College community gathered for the second Academic Assembly for 2021 that not only celebrated those students who have contributed to the Spirit of Excellence through academic results, effort and commitment but introduced two new certificates, the Pinder Boor Certificate of Excellence and the Crown Award that recognises and rewards those students who embody the College Spirit Ambition of Excellence by demonstrating an outstanding commitment to achieving their own personal excellence as indicated by the Attribute Point Average (APA).

To commence the Assembly, the Torch of Learning was was lit by Year 12 student, Isaac Pinto who was selected to light the torch in recognition of his outstanding Semester 1 academic results that included being the only Year 12 student to receive seven 'A' grades on his Semester 1 report.  As a symbol of Academic Excellence, the Torch of Learning serves as a reminder that learning is a journey, not a destination.

The Awards

Academic Certificate of Excellence

This certificate is awarded to students in Years 7 to 10 who obtain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 4.60 or over in a semester. Students in Years 11 and 12 have their award calculated on the number of 'A' grades they received.

Congratulations to the 94 students who were recognised and awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the Assembly.

The Pinder Boor Certificate of Excellence

This new certificate introduced for 2021 is awarded to students who achieve an APA of 4.50 or over. These certificates are sent home along with a letter from College Principal, Mr Darren O'Neill. 

The Certificate of Excellence is named in honour of CBC Perth student Alaric Pinder Boor, 1912 Head Prefect and Dux of the College. 

A recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship in 1913, Alaric was revered by staff and students alike and impressed all he met with his endeavour and dedication to excellence in all aspects of life. During his time at CBC Perth, Pinder Boor made the most of every opportunity to learn and make a difference, claiming academic and sports’ honours in equal measure. 

Alaric Pinder Boor’s life was tragically cut short when he was killed in action during World War I when the plane he was flying was shot down over Egypt in the Battle of Beersheba but his legacy for striving for personal excellence and always giving ones best even during times of challenge and adversity lives on.

Crown Award

Another new certificate introduced for 2021 that acknowledges those students who achieve multiple Pinder Boor Certificates of Excellence through Years 7-12, demonstrating a consistent effort over time.

  • A Blue Crown is awarded when a student achieves three Pinder Boor Certificates of Excellence
  • A Green Crown is awarded when a student achieves six Pinder Boor Certificates of Excellence
  • A Gold Crown is awarded when a student achieves nine Pinder Boor Certificates of Excellence

The Assembly presented 112 students with a Blue Crown Award and 44 students with a Green Crown Award.

The following students were awarded the inaugural Gold Crown Award:

  • Myles Brown (11.5)
  • Luca Gosatti (11.7)
  • Christian Marchesani (11.6)
  • Kiran Thambiran (11.3)
  • James Watson (11.2)
  • Luke Alderslade (12.7)
  • Preston Campbell (12.6)
  • Harley Jennings (12.5)
  • Nathan Le (12.4)
  • Lachlan Rainer (12.4)
  • Rafael Sitorus (12.8)
  • Jonathan Slater (12.2)
  • Harry Smith (12.1)

The College offers congratulations to all students who received one of more of the above awards for your efforts and dedication towards personal excellence.