A parting message from outgoing TOBA President, Peter Torre (’89)

The College and Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association (TOBA) would like to recognise and thank Mr Peter Torre (’89) for his extraordinary contribution to TOBA and the College during his tenure as TOBA President from 2014–2020. Under his guidance, commitment and passion the Association has grown from strength to strength.

A parting message from outgoing TOBA President, Peter Torre (’89)

Dear Trinity College Community,

Given the current restrictions on gathering due to COVID-19, I may not have an opportunity in a physical public forum to express my sincere gratitude to the many people that have assisted me in some way throughout my tenure as President of the Trinity College & CBC Perth Old Boys’ Association (TOBA).

Firstly, I hope this message finds everyone safe and well in these very difficult times, and I’m sure as a community we pray for patience and understanding by all so that we can all see through this together.

I would like to sincerely thank the Principals of Trinity College that were present during my term, Mr Ivan Banks and Mr Darren O’Neill, for all the assistance provided throughout the respective years. Their support is the reason why TOBA is what it is today and without it, we simply couldn’t undertake everything we do. Similarly, the College Bursar, Mr Michael Burgess has been tremendous in his support financially and administratively which has allowed TOBA to make decisions without restrictive financial impediments.

The Head of Junior School, Mr Martin Tucker ('87), continues to provide TOBA with the opportunity to interact with the Junior School at the “TOBA Assemblies”. This interaction is important in the development of the TC Spirit and assists in ensuring the rich history of the College is never forgotten. I thank Martin for his assistance in this regard. I will forever cherish the special assembly the Junior School held to farewell me, and their gift has pride of place in my “Trinity Shrine”. The Junior School boys are the future of Trinity College and a continued effort to engage with them to ensure they remember the fine history of the College is very important. In this regard I also thank the College Archivist, Mrs Robyn Jennison. Robyn is very passionate about the history of the College and has been tremendous in her ongoing support to ensure Trinity College records, remembers, and pays respect to its very rich history.

I would like to thank the many individuals that have assisted TOBA throughout the past six years. This extends to year group representatives, volunteers at our events, students and teachers of the College, Parents, ground staff and anyone that has contributed in some way. Your assistance has contributed to making our Old Boys’ Community one of the most spirited Alumni Associations in the country.

I’ve had the privilege of serving on the TOBA Committee with a wide range of Old Boys’ during my tenure. Each has contributed significantly to the Association and quite a few for many more years than I have been involved in. David Foti (’89), Robert Foti (’92), John Hansen (’58), Terry Jones (’70), Dion Smith (’87), Mark Scully (’89), Chris Flamer (’58) – these are the stalwarts of TOBA that continue to support both inside and outside the Committee. I thank all TOBA Committee members past and present for all their support and guidance and look forward to our continued engagement in the years to come.

I thank all the dedicated people that have assisted TOBA and its Executive Officer Ms Diane Millar over the past 6 years, Aimee Pavlenko, Karyn Clements, Sophie Bingham and Aleisha Dows. It’s often a difficult task with the peaks of our busy periods, and one which is often unrecognized in its importance to the Association.

I offer my sincere gratitude to Diane Millar for everything she does for TOBA and for everything she has done for me as President. I’ve often said that my job was made easy by just showing up and saying a few words every now and then, and the real work is done by Di.

Everything we have achieved throughout not only the past six years, but since she has been working with the Association has had Di’s influence and finesse to ensure all things TOBA are a success. Di works tirelessly to ensure that all Old Boys feel welcome and important. Her thoughts and efforts are always for all Old Boys, and on behalf of all Old Boys I thank her accordingly.

To the wonderful Old Boys of Trinity College. Our fellowship and camaraderie are pure. Its base stems from nothing more than remembering the good times, to remember when we gave each other everything to achieve a common aim, and to stand by each other in times of need. This is why we remain as strong as we are. I thank you all for your support and friendship. 

On a few personal notes, it’s been a pleasure to serve on the Committee with a couple of my close friends and fellow Class of ‘89 graduates, David Foti and Adrian Di Carlo. We all had a wonderful experience as students and friends whilst at the College and our service to TOBA and the College is our way of giving back.

I would also like the thank my wife Katalin, daughter Olivia and son Carlos for their support throughout the past six years. TOBA has taken up quite a bit of time which would ordinarily be spent with them, and I thank them for their understanding and patience. Most wouldn’t be aware that throughout the same period, Katalin has been secretary of the Trinity College Auxiliary, fulfilled year group representative positions for the Trinity College Rugby Club, and been an integral part of the Rowing Kitchen dedicating hours of early morning breakfast sessions feeding our rowers. Her dedication to the College surpasses mine and I thank her for her love and commitment.

One of the key values that underpins a Trinity College education, instilled on us by the many Christian Brothers and teachers that dedicated their lives to the education of young men, is that of being of service to others. We were taught as students that only those amongst us that have found a way to serve others will be truly happy. My service to the Old Boys’ of Trinity College, and to the College itself, has made me truly happy.

Now, more than ever, Live Jesus in Our Hearts… 

Peter Torre (’89)


Trinity College & CBC Perth Old Boys’ Association