Congratulations to the class of 2019!

It was a busy morning at Trinity as we bid farewell to our Year 12 students. 

The morning commenced with the annual Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association (TOBA) Graduation Breakfast. Year 12 students and their families met in Centenary Park and were welcomed with a lovely breakfast spread. Following breakfast, students and their families moved into Gibney Hall where they heard from TOBA President Mr Peter Torre ('89), and TOBA guest speaker Graeme Yukich ('80). Graeme shared some anecdotes about his time at Trinity and gave the graduating class three pieces of advice. The first was to have a goal; to find something that interests them and they are passionate about. His second piece of advice was to always have a reason to get up in the morning; to have something to look forward to each day. Lastly, he urged students to find someone to share their life with. He advised students to put time and effort into relationships with their friends and family. After his address, Graeme and Peter distributed the TOBA certificates, ties and caps to the students and formally welcomed them into the association as the newest TOBA members.

The TOBA Breakfast was followed by the Graduation Assembly. The Year 12 students were piped into the Sports Centre for their final assembly as Trinity students. Principal Mr Darren O'Neill was the first to address the cohort. He began by reminding everyone that today is less about the end and more about a new beginning for the Year 12s. He also offered the graduating students three pieces of advice:

  • Keep on learning and keep on growing as a person
  • Always choose what is right and do what is right
  • Believe in yourself

Following Mr O'Neill's address, 2019 Head Prefect Simon Homsany gave a heartfelt reflection to the Class of 2019. He spoke about the brotherhood and camaraderie of the year group, the wonderful memories they have together, and reminded the Year 12s that they can achieve anything when they believe in each other and themselves. Simon also thanked Head of Year 12 Mr Kenny Chan ('91), Deputy Principal Mr Anthony Byrne, the Trinity teaching staff and the Year 12 parents for their tireless support, commitment and kindness throughout the years.

Another highlight of the assembly was the announcement of the winner of the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award. Congratulations to Year 12 student Cruz Cleary for being chosen as the recipient for this award. Mr Chan thanked Cruz for his teamwork and leadership during his time at Trinity.

In the new Trinity tradition, the Year 12 families exited the Sports Centre to form a guard of honour which the Year 12s passed through on their way to Centenary Park. It was a terrific morning, one that Year 12 students and families will remember for a lifetime.