Meet Our Coaches: Ashleigh and Christal

We'd like to introduce you to two of the unsung heroes of Trinity Rowing, Ashleigh Yukich and Christal Ryan. We've asked Ashleigh and Christal to share a little bit about their Trinity experience.

Ashleigh Yukich
Christal Ryan

 1. What do you coach?

Ashleigh: I coach the 9A Quad. I am also lucky enough to be the Rowing Administrator of the rowing shed.

Christal: I coach the 1st VIII.

2. How and when did you get involved in rowing at Trinity?

Ashleigh: I got involved in Trinity Rowing by chance in 2014. I came to Trinity to pick up my little brother from cricket training and came home with a job. 

Christal: A TC old boy involved in my boat club invited me down to help with the Year 9's about six years ago and I haven’t left! 

3. What have been some of your favourite coaching moments?

Ashleigh: A coaching moment that sticks in my mind is the 2017 Head of the River. My 9A's were coming second all season but were able to keep their hand in the fire a little bit longer and take out the win by a bow ball. I almost fell off my bike I was so excited! When I got to the pontoon where the crew had pulled in with the boat they had the biggest smiles on their faces...I still remember one of the rowers saying 'We did it Ash! We did it!'

Christal: There are a lot of nerdy rowing moments when certain athletes have had 'eureka' moments, whether it is a technical change or going sub 7 for their 2km for the first time. But winning is always great too - at the 2016 Head of the River my 10 Quad won by 26 seconds.

4. What inspired you to be a coach?

Ashleigh: I never thought I would become a coach. It was by pure chance I got the job at Trinity and it has added so much value to my life ever since. 

Christal: I wanted to give back to a community and sport that has had such a positive influence on my life. I have been lucky enough to be involved in coaching across a variety of levels and have learnt a lot from the athletes and other coaches along the way. A lot of the skills you develop from rowing are transferable into the rest of your life and so in working with school-aged athletes, I hope to pass on some of this knowledge.

5. Outside of coaching, what do you most like doing?

Ashleigh: Outside of coaching, I am studying my Master of Teaching at Notre Dame.

Christal: I enjoy drinking coffee, watching sci-fi movies and talking sportsball.