Performing Arts shines at Assembly

Every year the Trinity College Performing Arts Assembly not only recognises and affirms the gifts and talents of our students immersed into our Cultural Pillar but provides them an opportunity to showcase their remarkable talents to the wider Trinity community.

On Tuesday, 18 May the Trinity College community gathered in the Sports Centre to acknowledge and celebrate the many students that are involved in the Performing Arts, including those in the various Drama, Dance and Music groups and ensembles.

During Principal Mr Darren O'Neill's address, he formally thanked and congratulated the many talented and committed students in the the Performing Arts and praised them for their dedication and commitment. 

"While we admire their performances at concerts, productions and Presentation Night, such quality emerges from endless hours of practice, rehearsals and individual work, where much of this practice and rehearsal happens in the early hours prior to school or after a long day of study; and often on weekends.

Such a dedication to the Arts and to improving performance and seeking excellence, demonstrates to us all some very valuable lessons and presents some important values that we can all aspire to," explained Mr O'Neill.

Following Mr O'Neill's address, the Music, Drama and Dance Captains plus the Drum and Pipe Majors for 2021 were officially recognised, including:

  • Instrumental Captain, Isaac Pinto and Vice-captain, Jack Le Goueff
  • Choral Captain, Sholto Foss and Vice-captain, Harry Smith
  • Drum Major, Carlos Torre and Pipe Major, Damien Lawrence
  • Drama Captain, Taylor Hannah and Vice-captain, Joshua Horgan
  • Dance Captain, Xavier Adamos and Vice-captain, Dahmen Weston

Other highlights of the Assembly included:

  • A phenomenal performance by piano soloist Matthew Loo who performed Toccato for Piano 
  • A Broadway worthy performance by Harry Smith who sang When I get my name in Lights from The Boy from Oz 
  • An impressive and rumbling performance of The Urak-Hai by the Percussion Ensemble 1
  • A powerful Creon's Law monologue featuring Joshua Horgan 
  • The Trumpet Ensemble performing the traditional Italian song, Bella Ciao
  • Jayden Nguyen taking to the floor for a breaking sets dance performance

A truly impressive Assembly that highlighted the immense talent of many of our TC students, who every day demonstrate the Spirit of Excellence within our College and continue to generously share their talents with not only their peers but the wider community. 

In appreciating the efforts and celebrating the talents of our boys involved in the Performing Arts, the challenge remains for each and everyone us - to share our particular talents and to strive for excellence in what we do.
Mr Darren O'Neill Principal