Year 7 Orientation 2023

Trinity College Hymn

In Nomine Domini

By Paul Keyte & Gerald Crooks

We have come with strength and vigour,
We are stalwart as the tree,
We will face the utmost rigour,
In Nomine Domini.
We are called to be your victors,
We are called to set men free,
We will face what’re awaits us, In Nomine Domini.


In Nomine Domini we say
In Nomine Domini, each day
In Nomine Domini, we pray
In Nomine Domini

We have known the Lord’s great power
That he made the blind to see,
That the dead are raised in glory,
In Nomine Domini.
And as we proclaim our valour,
And our pride in Trinity,
Know that everything’s accomplished,
In Nomine Domini.