School Advisory Council

The Trinity College Advisory Council members give voluntarily of their time to assist the College Leadership Team with strategic planning, capital development and the financial aspects of the College.

They bring special skills with them allowing the College to function as efficiently as possible.

2021 School Advisory Council Members

  • Mr Stephen Moloney (Advisory Council Chair, Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Basil Mistilis (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Jason Marocchi (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Scott Slater (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mrs Marion Gismondi (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Peter Torre ('89) (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr George Pampacos (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mrs Cate Taylor Tobin (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Chris Brockwell ('67)
  • Mr Wayne French (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Jeremy Nicoletto ('91) (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mrs Alysha Cass (Trinity College Parent)
  • Mr Darren O'Neill (Principal)
  • Mrs Jan Hurley (Business Manager)

If you have any matters that you would like the School Advisory Council to review, please send them to