Junior School Culture

Cultivating creativity, imagination and confidence

At Trinity, we encourage boys to immerse themselves in the cultural pursuits which the Junior School has on offer. 

By being involved in Music, Dance and Visual Arts, other dimensions are added to a boy’s skill set. Creativity and imagination can flourish, confidence is built and boys learn another way to communicate and work together. 

Learning and mastering an instrument, singing with classmates, developing rhythm and coordination in a dance group and freeing the imagination in the art room are skills that we, at Trinity, see as developing the ‘whole’ boy. 

Instrumental tuition at the College begins in Year 4 with a compulsory string program in violin or cello. In Year 5, students are offered woodwind and brass instruments and Year 6 students are offered a full concert band program. Boys can also start working towards joining the Secondary School Pipes & Drums. From Year 5, students can begin tenor drumming and from Year 6 they can begin piping.

There are several vocal groups for Junior School students as well. Year 4 students are welcome to join the Year 4 Choir and Years 5 and 6 students can join the Years 5/6 Choir or audition for the Vocal Ensemble. 

Dance is a significant part of our culture at Trinity College. The Junior School dance group – Boys in Groove (BIG) – is comprised of approximately 70 boys. The dance is contemporary in nature and each original work features innovative ideas and exciting soundtracks.

All the music and dance groups have a variety of opportunities to perform during the year, from Music Nights and Presentation Nights to festivals such as the Catholic Schools’ Performing Arts Festival.

Visual Arts
Trinity has a Visual Arts program designed to cater to the needs and interests of boys. As well as the weekly classes, Art Extension is offered throughout the year, where boys work on an exciting art project over the term.

Nurturing creativity and imagination

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Opportunities to develop the 'whole boy'

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