Year 4 at Trinity College

Starting at Trinity College in Year 4 can enable your son to experience a new environment tailored to the way boys learn, play and grow

Our Year 4 program offers students access to cutting-edge technology, an award-winning music program, extensive co-curricular offerings and state-of-the-art facilities. Moving your son during his primary years allows him to grow alongside his peers and become a part of the Trinity community. This paves the way for a seamless transition to Secondary School. We've spoken to Junior School parents, students and staff to compile some of the benefits of changing schools in Year 4.

Incredible value

We hear from many parents how busy and time-consuming primary years can be, with many sport, music and co-curricular programs offered outside of school hours, at various locations and incurring additional fees. 

At Trinity, we offer more than just academics, with our tuition fee covering weekly instrumental lessons and rentals in Year 4, sport training and transportation to fixtures, a variety of co-curricular opportunities, after school homework assistance and supervision, camps and excursions and a personal device managed by the College.

Additionally, everything that we offer takes place at the College, either before, during or after school, limiting the number of ‘taxi’ hours for parents.

Vast array of co-curricular programs

Whatever your son’s interest may be, he will find a way to nurture it at Trinity College. Our Junior School has an extensive co-curricular program and we encourage students to explore and expand their interests. 

We offer music, dance and drama programs, technology and engineering groups, chess club, wellness club, visual art extension, running club and the Trinity College Environmental Club (TCEC). Our offerings expand each year, driven by the interests of our students. All of our activities are organised and led by our Junior School staff.

Beyond academics - teaching the whole child

Year 4 is a turning point for many boys – from an academic standpoint, reading, writing and maths are now well-established and many boys are ready to be extended and try new things. At Trinity, we expand upon the traditional Year 4 curriculum with a variety of specialist subjects and co-curricular opportunities. 

We provide specialist teachers in science, music, art, physical education, aquatics and language. All Year 4 students explore music through learning an instrument and the choir. As detailed above, there are opportunities to participate in co-curricular sport, technology and cultural programs.

State-of-the-art facilities and a campus specifically designed for the needs of boys

At Trinity, you’ll find our primary school offers a heated pool, a STEM learning zone, a new sports centre, specialised music rooms and cutting-edge technology. Being on the same campus as the Secondary School also allows our Junior School students to take advantage of our virtual reality lab, robotic telescope and specialised art classrooms. 

As growing adolescents, boys need to run, play and be active, and we’ve made sure our environment caters to those needs. Throughout the school you will find plenty of open green spaces where our students can play and be active.

"Trinity Junior School is a very special place. It is grounded in the Edmund Rice tradition, embracing and encouraging each young man to do his best not only for himself, but more importantly for others.  This school is full of joy. Cheeky playfulness can be heard as you step through the gates, buzzy with the sounds of engagement and learning. Here young boys are accepted as they are and nurtured to grow and develop, to be the best they can.  The positive models of the young men attending Trinity College helps to guide and inspire. The breadth of the ideals of Trinity College are felt within the Trinity College Junior School. There is a pulse that beats under all that goes on, there is a tangible energy that elevates the boys to grow into being a Man for Others."

-Letissia Amadio

Trinity College Parent and Early Childhood Educator

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