Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Trinity College, a Catholic school for boys in the tradition of Blessed Edmund Rice. 

The College specialises in boys’ education and is committed to providing a tailored program that supports the needs of each student with a view to them experiencing success.

Our College has a rich history and tradition dating back more than a century and has been unwavering in its commitment to the mission of Jesus and the Church over that time. The development of good young men who find success and fulfilment in the service of others has always been the focus of the school and continues to direct our mission today.

We understand that the quality of relationships is critically important in the lives and education of our boys and the maxim ‘that boys learn teachers, not subjects’ has strong resonance with our staff. For our young men to fully grow, it is essential that everyone they encounter at school has an interest in their development beyond their capabilities as a student.

Trinity College has always been a school of choice for families and has built its reputation upon excellent academic results, outstanding pastoral care and a holistic approach to the education and formation of young men. The College Vision statement clearly outlines that the pursuit of excellence in faith, culture, academia and sport is an expectation of all those who attend the school.

When boys are given responsibilities they grow immensely. At Trinity College we consider it imperative that the school offers its students the opportunity for leadership in all aspects of their schooling. We incorporate carefully developed programs that promote leadership, loyalty and genuine empathy for others. Our commitment to social justice activity demonstrates that the areas of service, equity and faith development are a priority. Additionally, the College seeks to promote in our students, a deeper understanding of their place in the world, stir the conscience and raise social responsibility amongst its students. These are qualities that society seeks and desires in good young men but are sadly often lacking.

We invite new families to become part of our wonderful school community. We hope this website provides you with an introduction to Trinity College but, of course, the information provided here cannot take the place of visiting our school. I warmly welcome you to contact our Registrar on (08) 9219 1121 to book a time to visit us and discover first-hand what makes a Trinity College education so special.

Kind Regards,

Mr Darren O'Neill


"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle

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