Junior School Faith

Enabling boys to integrate their personal faith with their daily lives

To achieve this, the Trinity College Junior School provides a range of opportunities for the boys to learn and share in our Catholic traditions, as well as to respond in faith.

The College bases its religious education program on the Perth Archdiocesan Primary Religious Units written by Catholic Education Western Australia. The Sacramental units of First Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6 are covered in Term 1 so that students can receive the Sacraments in their parish. Various Feast Days within the Catholic Church calendar are also studied and celebrated.

Christian Service
At Trinity, the first time that a boy is usually involved in a structured form of Christian Service is in the Junior School. They are supported in stepping out of their comfort zone and learn by example from staff and older students that giving to others, especially those in need, is rewarding and joyful and helps them grow into well-rounded Men for Others.

Junior School students raise money for Caritas and Project Compassion, the Archbishop's LifeLink Appeal and the missions in India that the College supports. Students also take part in off-campus service activities such as visiting and fundraising for Brother Olly's Wheelchairs for Kids, and visits to various aged care facilities in the community. They also support The Shopfront, where the homeless are provided with hospitality and support.

Changing schools in Year 4

Starting at Trinity College in Year 4 can enable your son to experience a new environment tailored to the way boys learn, play and grow.

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