Junior School Academics

Committed to developing engaged, happy and productive learners

At Trinity, we cater for the different and varied learning styles of boys. We enable them to learn through structured as well as more active learning experiences. 

Within the framework of the Western Australian Curriculum, we have a strong focus on the traditional skills of literacy and numeracy, as well as offering specialist programs such as Visual Arts, Italian, Science, Computer Science and Music. 

We recognise that every student is an individual and develops at a different rate intellectually, physically and emotionally. Our staff provide differentiated programs in all learning areas to cater for the individual needs of our students. We are strong believers that boys learn when they are engaged and happy and feel productive and secure.

Trinity offers both learning support and extension for our Junior School students. As part of our Inclusive Education program, learning support is available for students experiencing difficulty in the area of language (writing, reading, spelling and oral expression). General extension is offered across all year levels in the areas of mathematics, writing, music, dance, art and swimming.

An Enrichment Program is offered at each year level in the Junior School. Boys are invited to join this program based on testing, attitude and teacher recommendation. Students in the Enrichment Program participate in several competitions and programs throughout the year, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our co-curricular program is constantly evolving. Boys can be involved in sports training, swim team, visual arts extension and an array of performing arts such as choirs, bands and dance. Also on offer are our many clubs. Currently, we have coding, engineering, drama, Lego, Numero, chess, Trinity College Environmental Committee (TCEC) and running club, which are all run by the teachers.

We believe that the year group camps give your son experiences in being adventurous in a safe environment. This is where he can extend his learning well away from the walls of the school campus, work with others and build networks, cultivate his sense of self-worth and develop more independence and responsibility.

There is one camp in Year 5 and two compulsory and one optional camp in Year 6. Each camp has a different focus and all link to the curriculum. 

Engaged, happy and productive learners

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