Junior School Sport

Physical Education and Sport are an integral part of the Junior School Curriculum. 

Physical Education

During weekly physical education sessions the boys develop their skills and fitness level in a range of activities and a wide variety of sports. Boys also take part in one aquatics lesson per week.

House System

Much of the sport played in the Junior School is underpinned by our House system. Each boy is placed in a House (Queens, Xavier, Chanel or Campion) in his first year at the College. Throughout their years in the Junior School, boys will be aligned to this House in the many carnivals and sporting fixtures within the College.

Inter-school Sport
We believe that sport is an integral part of an education, as it encourages boys to develop leadership skills, teamwork, fitness and discipline. 

Trinity Junior School is a member of the Junior Public Schools Sports Association (JPSSA) and participates in an inter-school sporting program. Fixtures are held on Thursday afternoons.

The Junior School Sport program, accessing the College playing fields, allows boys to choose from a variety of winter and summer sports and to compete both at the House level (within Trinity) and regularly at inter-school level. Sports include cricket, water polo, basketball, tennis, volleyball, swimming, football, soccer, rugby, hockey, cross country and athletics.

In addition to a broad sports program, we also offer Recreation. The focus of the recreation activities has been to involve the boys in full body movement activities that develop their strength, flexibility, coordination and improve movement patterns in an engaging environment. Over the course of a year the activities planned for the boys include parkour, martial arts and yoga.

Participation in sport encourages boys to develop leadership skills, teamwork, fitness and discipline.

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