Enrolment Policies and Procedures

Deciding on the school where your son feels he belongs is likely to be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as a parent.

At Trinity, we understand – and we don't treat this decision-making lightly. We invite you to contact our Registrars on (08) 9219 1121 at any time during the enrolment process to discuss your son's application progress.

At Trinity College student entry points traditionally occur in Years 4, 7 and 11, however, we welcome enquiries at all year levels and encourage all prospective families to contact the College to discuss a Trinity education.

Trinity College is not registered for overseas student enrolments. Please be sure to read our full Enrolment Policy below before submitting your application. 

Please note, a non-refundable application fee is payable upon submission of your application.

Trinity College is a school which provides an education based on a Catholic vision of life. Whilst the majority of applying students come from Catholic families, others come from families belonging to different Christian churches or different religious backgrounds. Families also differ in the extent of their active commitment to the life of their church. Establishing an inclusive College community is an important aspect of Trinity College. In all circumstances, and with the formation and support of the student in mind, the family and school must be seen to be partners in the process of education. 

On accepting a place at Trinity College, the student agrees to participate fully in all curricular and co-curricular activities as part of the life of this Catholic school. The students and their parents make a commitment that the student will abide by the College guidelines and the respective codes of conduct. 

In line with CECWA guidelines the enrolment policy provides for the following enrolment priorities:

• Catholic students from Catholic schools with a Parish Priest reference.
• Catholic students from non-Catholic schools with a Parish Priest reference.
• Other Catholic students from Catholic schools.
• Other Catholic students from non-Catholic schools.
• Siblings of non-Catholic students.
• Non-Catholic students from Catholic schools.
• Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations.
• Other non-Catholic students.

Trinity College also includes the following priorities when making offers of enrolment:

• Every effort is made to accept siblings of students currently enrolled, but no guarantee can be given.
• Every effort is made to accept children of alumni of the College.
• Consideration will be given to the length of time for which the application for admission has been lodged with the College, as well as meeting the application deadline.

Trinity College accepts students at all year levels where places are available. The main intake years are Year 4 and Year 7. The Principal has the sole right of discretion in the enrolment of students. Some places will be granted based on special pastoral consideration, such that College bursaries may be offered as deemed appropriate. 


Applications may be lodged at any time, but making an early application increased the likelihood of securing a place. 

Application Fee

A registration fee to accompany the Application for Enrolment form. The current Fees & Charges information is available here. The application fee is non-refundable. 

School Report 

Parents will be asked to produce a current school report for their son when they are interviewed for possible acceptance into the College. 

Entry Procedure

•  The first stage of the enrolment process involves the completion and submission of the Application for Enrolment form, accompanied by the Registration Fee and photocopies of the prospective student's Birth Certificate and Baptism Certificate (if Baptised). 

•  Siblings do not automatically gain entry to the College; this procedure must be followed for each boy in the family wishing to attend. 

•  Approximately two years prior to the year of entry, parents will be contacted by the College regarding the next stage of the process. 

Change of Address/Entry Year

Notification of change of address or cancellation of an application must be made to the College in writing. If a parent wishes to change an application to an earlier or later year, this must be done in writing. Every consideration will be given to the request, but due to the demand on enrolments, it may not be possible to arrange a change to an earlier or later year. 

Enrolment Interview

The College will invite families to an enrolment interview once all documentation has been received and if applicable, as a place becomes available. The enrolment interview will be conducted by a member of the College Leadership Team and requires

•  both parents/guardians (if possible) with the student preferably in uniform.

•  upon offer of a place at the College, signed acceptance by both parents/guardians (as applicable) of the College policies and practices.