Senior Years Culture

The passion to perform

Students at Trinity are encouraged to explore culture in every stage of their education. By the time they reach Year 10, their cultural pursuits become more specialised and allow for their hard work to shine through with ATAR subjects.

In addition to the many musical opportunities during the middle school years, senior school students are able to take their talent to the next level as members of our senior school orchestras, bands and chorales.

Students in our music program can compete in many national and international competitions throughout the year. Since 2000, the College has won the prestigious Zenith Award for the most outstanding secondary school in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival for the last 16 consecutive years, an incredible feat.

Secondary music students are invited to participate in periodic national and international tours. Two of the most recent tours have been to Brisbane and to Europe. At the Pemulwuy National Male Voice Festival in Brisbane our junior and middle school students engaged with other boys from around Australia to experience the joy of singing. While traveling through Europe, our senior chorale won first place in the male choir division of the 2019 Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival in Vienna.

Trinity College is proud to be the only school in the Public Schools’ Association (PSA) to offer Dance as an ATAR subject.

Dance has flourished since it was introduced to the boys at Trinity – most likely because it provides an avenue for our young men to be energetic and creative. Students in Years 10–12 can continue to dance in the College’s co-curricular dance groups GIG and Imperium and they can also learn dance as an educational resource through electives aiming for WACE/ATAR level.

Each year the College puts on a drama production or a musical production. The productions offer senior students a chance to shine and showcase their talents. Passionate performers can also pursue drama as an ATAR subject.

Visual Arts ATAR and General courses are offered in Years 11 and 12 to enable students to make connections to relevant fields of study, including pathways to university and prepare them more generally for creative thinking and problem solving in future work and life. The art programs at Trinity are further enriched by artist-in-residence experiences, local artist exhibitions held at the College, art excursions, workshops/camps and collaborative community and public art projects.