Our Ambitions

Trinity College is pleased to present our Strategic Plan: Ambition 2024.

Ambition 2024 is organised around five themes that have been identified through our consultation sessions and community surveys and with reference to the Touchstones of our governing entity, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) – to inspire our boys through quality teaching and learning; to strive to make compassion and justice a living reality in our community; to be a welcoming, accessible and inclusive community; to act so that we stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised. 

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader of boys' education and in the formation of young men for others.

Our vision is enduring and declares our core purpose as a College. It serves as the standard against which we consider our actions and our decisions.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer innovative learning opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment which empowers our young men to realise their potential.

As a Catholic College founded on the traditions of the Blessed Edmund Rice, his example of solidarity
with all people challenges us to live out the message of care and inclusion. In partnership with parents,
we hold high expectations for the young men in our care and seek to provide a breadth of learning
opportunities in a safe and caring environment, enabling academic growth, pride in their College and
a commitment to serve others both now and in the future.

Our ambitions

The ‘TC Spirit’ is widely acknowledged and celebrated as a unique part of the College community. In reference to the ‘TC Spirit’, our ambitions below underpin our mission and are a daily reminder of the way we should approach our teaching and learning.

We are called to show a: 

SPIRIT OF FAITH – to be a proud faith community where gospel values are known, lived and celebrated

SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE – to provide engaging teaching and learning practices that support wellbeing and inspire personal excellence amongst students to reach their full potential

SPIRIT OF SERVICE – to form young men with the ‘TC Spirit’ who are authentic, active and outstanding role models in their outreach

SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY – to be an inclusive and welcoming community that supports wellbeing and learning for every student

SPIRIT OF STEWARDSHIP – to seek a real commitment to providing accessibility for all and to building a sustainable future

It is with these values in mind that we have created Ambition 2024 – Trinity College Strategic Plan, detailing the direction and goals for the College through to 2024.