TC Cafe

TC Cafe

The TC Cafe (College Canteen) strives to provide a selection of healthy and nourishing food to our students.

Coming new for Term 1, 2022....

Top up your TC Café balance with Flexischools

We are excited to confirm the introduction of a new online ordering system called Flexischools that will commence on Monday, 31 January 2022. This system replaces the previous My Student Account system.

Flexischools is a well-established organisation allowing you to easily top up your TC Café balance and place lunch orders via a simple to use app.
Download the Flexischools app from the App store ( or Google Play ( and register/set up your account. 

Please note: You will need your son's student card (Smartrider) number to register.
Once registered, you can start topping up your balance and place orders immediately. 



Does Flexischools replace My Student Account?

Yes, from 31 January 2022 Flexischools will be operational and students/parents will no longer be able to use My Student Account for topping up credit.

I can't see Trinity College when I try to add the school?

As there are many schools in Australia with the word 'Trinity' in the title, please type Trinity College WA in the search field.

What happens with any existing credit from the old system on a student's card?

Any credit existing on cards will be transferred to the family fee account and reflected on the annual fees and charges statement for 2022.

When registering, I have to enter a student card number. Where can I find this?

Your student card number is located on the back of your student Smartrider under the barcode. See the image below.

I have registered but the card is not working, is there anything I can check?

  • Login to your account and check your school is set to Trinity College WA (there are many schools with the word Trinity in them)
  • Check you have typed the barcode number/student number correctly into the student card number field (see image above)
  • Confirm with your son that he has not tried to spend more than the daily limit that has been set
  • If you topped up credit using direct deposit, this can take 3-5 days to be credited to your account

More FAQs and help

TC Cafe is now operated by the Compass Group subsidiary, Chartwells, who provide food and refreshments that the community will find wholesome and fresh.  

Please note that these menus are seasonal and subject to change.