Discovering a new perspective on life through the lens of the universe

With an on-site observatory at the hands of our students, the possibilities are endless in discovering what exists in space and beyond. Offered as an elective unit for Year 8 to 10 students, they're given an opportunity to explore planets, asteroids, comets and more.

Participants in the United Space School Program

Trinity College is the only Public Schools' Association (PSA) participating in the Foundation for International Space Education's United Space School. The program sees students from over 28 countries invited to Houston, Texas, in partnership with the NASA Johnson Space Centre (NASA JSC), to undergo a curriculum designed by qualified instructors.

Applying theory to reality

Our students are given the knowledge, support, and toolsets to build real life rockets. Working collectively in groups, they learn to apply safety, communication, and practicality to their design.

Building on passion

We believe in challenging and opening the minds of our students. From using modern telescopes, they gain experience and knowledge of deep sky matter, exoplanets, and other galaxies that exist.