Middle Years Faith

Developing Men for Others

At Trinity College, the development of each student’s faith is our top priority. We strive to build on and complement the special work of parents who have the privilege of being the primary educators of their children.

Faith Education at Trinity is composed of three dimensions: religious education, campus ministry, and Christian Service. We also refer to these as the Head, the Heart and the Hands.

In Years 7–9, religious education is a compulsory subject and aims to encourage students to find a personal connection with God by enriching their religious knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith tradition.

Students have a year group retreat every year. In Year 7, students attend the Becoming Brothers camp at Camp Kelly where they get to know each other as a cohort and strengthen their bond through many team-building activities. 

In Year 8 students participate in the Quest Retreat, where they are led by Year 11 and Year 12 peer ministers through small group discussions, celebrate Mass and participate in various activities intended to help them develop class unity, friendships among one another and a more active relationship with God. 

The Galilee Retreat in Year 9 is a meditation on the life, ministry and message of Jesus in Galilee. Students are encouraged to connect these incidents and teachings in their own lives.

Whilst Christian Service is integral to the faith development of each student, it also plays a huge part in developing the Men for Others ethos in our boys – a culture in itself, which is instilled in our young men at an early age so that ‘giving and helping others’ is how they live their lives. 

Each year group has a different focus for their service activities as well as a varied level of engagement. 

Our students to look beyond themselves...

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