TC Talks Podcast

View our latest podcast episodes below.

Episode 1 - Head of Sport, Ryan Lockyer

A quick chat with Ryan Lockyer, the Head of Sport at Trinity College in Perth, Western Australia on the start of the school year and sport.

Episode 2 - Kenny Chan, Head of Aviation

A quick chat with Kenny Chan, the Head of Aviation at Trinity College, Perth, Western Australia. Discussing the Aviation courses at the College.

Episode 3 - Anthony Byrne, Deputy Principal of Mission and Engagement

Discussion with Mr Byrne about his role at Trinity College and some important dates and events for the year.

Episode 4 - Tim Hince, Deputy of Learning and Innovation

A quick chat with Tim Hince about the ATAR results from 2023 and the new Study Skills Project for Senior Students.

Episode 5 - Julian Fritz, Deputy Principal of Wellbeing

A quick chat with Julian Fritz on his role at Trinity College and the new Year 7 Transition Program for 2024.

Episode 6 - Phil Jurjevich, Director of Rowing

A quick chat with Phil Jurjevich, the Director of Rowing at Trinity College on the upcoming season and the influence of PSA sport.

Episode 7 - Stephen Kernutt, Career and Transition Coordinator

A long chat with Steve about pathways and options to transition to the workforce and University.

Episode 8 - Dustin Aylmore, Aboriginal Education Coordinator

A Long Chat with Dustin about his journey to Trinity College and his role as the Aboriginal Education Coordinator.

Episode 9 - Rohan James, Graduate Teacher

A chat with Rohan James, former deputy head boy of Trinity College who has recently returned as a teacher of Humanities and RE.

Episode 10 - 1st V Basketball - Trinity v Aquinas

Courtside with 1st V Basketball Manager - Bec Byrant at the recent Trinity v Aquinas Match, with special comment from the Head Coach, Carlin Hughes.

Episode 11 - Alaric Pinder Boor with Barry McKenna

A longer discussion with Barry McKenna about the life of Pindar Boor and the Battle of Beersheba in 1917 where Pindar Boor fought and died. Thank you to the crows for the background effects/noise.

Episode 12 - Maranne Purnell, Head of Library

An interesting chat about books and conspiracy theories in the library.