Education tailored to boys

We strongly believe that boys thrive in an all-boys environment, so we allow our young men to build the confidence to take risks safely and learn in a setting where they can genuinely be 'who they are'. 

The Trinity Difference

At Trinity we strive to provide an environment and curriculum where boys will flourish and succeed; where they will thrive in a competitive and changing world, develop as well-rounded Men for Others and take their rightful place in that world. 

Research shows that boys and girls mature at different rates – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. They learn and interact differently, and their education should be customised to their unique needs. We understand how boys learn, play and grow.

WE provide an environment where boys build pride in their abilities, gain confidence when tackling areas of weakness and can explore many different learning opportunities using their natural curiosity.

OUR wellbeing and personal development programs are specifically designed to address issues students may be facing in the real world.

OUR teachers value and understand how boys learn – they know what makes boys tick – their moods, how to motivate them and how to lead them.

BY eliminating gender stereotypes, Trinity boys can pursue their interests in many diverse programs – from sport to drama to dance – without any confusion or self-consciousness. 

BOYS need to run, play and be active and our campus invites that to happen –Trinity’s unique location on the Swan River, provides a variety of water sports, nature activities and valuable learning experiences in the outdoors.