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School Improvements

As our curriculum continues to evolve, so does our campus. We launched our Master Plan in 2013, which outlines an extensive building and development program over the next 25 years. In late 2016 we completed the first phase of the Master Plan, the construction and opening of our new Sports Centre. This building provides an indoor space where the entire College community can assemble for Sporting Fixtures, College Assemblies, Masses and Exhibitions. 

Our next focus is the Link Building which will join the Sports Centre with the Foley Centre. This state of the art building will house a Senior Learning Resource Centre, several classrooms, and provide new change rooms closer to the Sports Centre. To learn about developments completed to date and future planning, please have a look at our Capital Development Plan. 

Work Safe Inspection

The College had a work safe inspection on 25 November 2019. The results of the inspection indicated that overall the College was adhering to safety procedures and processes. There were however some items that needed attention; they were:

  1. Ensure that an adequate warning sign is displayed at the main entrance of the office building identifying that asbestos is present; this has been done and worksite will be audited again by end of March 2020.
  2. Ensure that a warning label is placed at the entry of two confined spaces
  3. Fume cupboard testing needs to be completed; this was completed on 6 December
  4. The proper process is implemented for the use of dry sculpture clay; training will be implemented in the new year
  5. Bandsaws must be put in the safety position at the conclusion of operation; this has been noted on student and staff operation checklist

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