The Journey: From Boys to Men

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Instilling organisational skills

Before we look at some practical tips for wrangling our boys into being organised human...

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Thursday, 09 May 2019

The Growth Mindset Revisited

Last March I explored one of the current buzz phrases in education and parenting, the...

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Wednesday, 03 Apr 2019

Adolescent boys and risk-taking behaviour

Adolescent boys and risk-taking behaviour go together like mothers and sleepless nights, am I right...

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Thursday, 07 Mar 2019

Finding a better balance

Talking about feminism A chat with my adolescent son a couple of weeks ago led...

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Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

Parenting for independence

Fifteen - that’s the age at which Australian parenting expert Michael Grose says children should...

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Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

A new mindset for maths

Does the thought of helping your child with maths homework take you back to the...

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Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Talking to your teenager about...

A couple of years ago I made a deal with my then upper primary school...

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Monday, 15 Oct 2018

Tips to keep your son...

I never thought I would have a teenage son who was reluctant to read books...

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Thursday, 20 Sep 2018

Tips for managing exam stress

It’s that time of year again…EXAM TIME! When I asked my son how he felt...

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