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TC Newsletter:

Volume 27   4 September 2020

From the Principal 

Pink Socks

As part of our final scheduled PSA fixture for the winter season against Hale School this week, Trinity College will host ‘Pink Sock Day’ in support of the McGrath Foundation. This special event will see our respective College First teams wearing pink socks for their particular sporting fixture. Just prior to the commencement of each game, the boys will be given an opportunity to present a flower to an inspirational woman in their lives. The various coaches, managers and a rather uncertain College Principal will also be sporting bright pink shirts on the day. Pink is symbolic of respect for women; of awareness of women’s health; and of a commitment to women’s welfare. Following on from our International Women’s Day event and focus on Mother’s Day, this is another important and most appropriate way to ask our young men to show such respect.

Through Pink Sock Day, the College looks to support women’s health, focussing on our mothers and all the women who encourage us through school, work and life in general. It also presents an important teachable moment, whereby we can discuss with and encourage our young men to demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation towards women's health and welfare. Importantly, the day allows us to raise much-needed funds to assist the McGrath Foundation in their important work to provide more Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia.

This is our fifth Pink Sock Day and continues the wonderful legacy created by former Head Prefect, Lochie Taylor (‘16). In addition to the money raised by the boys wearing their pink socks, other fundraising activities have been organised for the day. We respectfully ask all family and friends to continue to generously support this wonderful initiative and assist the College in reaching our goal. Together we can make a difference!

Father’s Day

With Father’s Day upon us this Sunday, once again our attention will turn to the important role that fathers, grandfathers, and other significant male figures play within families and our wider community. I trust that we will all take some time to fuss over the fathers in our lives. In our fast-paced world, where being time-poor seems to be the norm, the traditional role of the father is increasingly contextualised amidst the busy ways of modern life. However, the important relationships that fathers form with their children has not changed and remains most valuable. Father’s Day is a timely reminder for us all to focus on the special and unique relationship that fathers have with their children - both sons and daughters. 

While not intending to generalise, developmental specialists and child psychologists state that the language of fatherhood is about activity and memorable moments. Particularly when children are younger, dads are often viewed as the ‘doing guy’ – the ‘action man’ that tends to relate to their children through activity and by doing things. Put simply, dads teach many important lessons through being actively involved with their children, particularly their sons. Learning to be a ‘good sport’, to share, to be fair, to plan things out and to enjoy participation and teamwork are lessons that fathers tend to teach their children in very hands-on ways. Research suggests that playing sport, wrestling, tinkering and ‘fixing things’ are the means through which such life lessons often emerge, and it is through such activities that children form relationships with their fathers. The same research goes on to suggest that mothers tend to interact with their children a little differently. They communicate more verbally, are more astute at developing interpersonal skills and are more likely to relate emotionally with their children. Mothers are good at being mums and we should all be grateful for that! Fathers are good at being dads and we should be equally grateful for that!

This does not change in adolescence. Teenage children, both sons and daughters still value time and activities with their fathers. Once again, established research suggests that the effectiveness of a father’s relationship with their adolescent children is dependent on the quality (not necessarily the quantity) of their first-hand interactions with their children.  It is important that fathers maintain an emotional attachment to their children; do their best to know what’s going on in their children’s lives; and respond appropriately to the developmental needs of their children. Michael Grose, a leading parenting educator and author of the highly respected Parenting Ideas series, says that for fathers “… it is more about their presence (being around) and less about their presents (gifts)”. He suggests that it is through shared activity and direct involvement in their children’s lives, that fathers create important relationships and build up ‘Frequent Father Points’. The challenge that we have as fathers in our busy world is creating such opportunities to bank some of these ‘Points’. 

The unique nature of the father/daughter relationship is equally important. The notion of a father who is present, available and attentive affords a sense of security to a young girl. Numerous studies have linked fathers with the healthy development of girls, particularly with regard to their self-esteem and confidence during the adolescent years. It is very important for fathers to compliment their daughters genuinely and consistently in adolescence when body image doubts are very common. Encouraging words and praise from a father have great currency in a girl’s world. Fathers are also the first introduction to the world of men for girls, so it is important that fathers treat their daughters with gentleness and respect, but also encourage them to be assertive and aspirational. In a sense, fathers teach their daughters how they should expect to be treated and respected as they develop and get older. Similarly, fathers teach their sons how to be respectful, loyal and the importance of integrity. What a wonderful privilege and an important responsibility.

Michael Grose goes on to suggest that the current generation of young people are in dire need of some old-fashioned, very grounded fatherly advice such as, ‘Don’t get ahead of yourself’, ‘Treat others with respect at all times’, ‘Put your head down and work hard’, and ‘Think before you speak/tweet/post/snapchat anything …about anyone’.  While such important messages can be delivered with equal effect by mothers, much research indicates that such messages can land with more potency when they come from the traditionally more reserved parent – their father. Fathers have a very important role in both showing the way and in correcting the way. It is an important reminder that children, particularly boys, need good men around them to model how to relate, how to behave and how to live a good life. Raimond Gaita, author of the wonderful book Romulus, My Father, articulated this notion beautifully when he wrote, “I know what a good man is, because I’ve seen it in my father.”

As Father’s Day is celebrated on Sunday, and fathers and grandfathers are ‘spoiled’ for the day, it may be a timely reminder for all the dads to look for ways to spoil ourselves by spending regular and quality time with our children and by just being Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Live Jesus in our hearts. 

Mr Darren O’Neill | Principal

Junior School Open Morning

Come and explore the Junior School at our Open Morning on Wednesday, 9 September 2020. Our Junior School Open Morning will include an address from the Principal, Head of Junior School and Junior Head Boy, student-led tours, light refreshments, and a Q&A with key staff, teachers, and the admissions team. The tour will commence at 9:00am from Gibney Hall, Trinity College. Please note, this is an interactive morning and your son is welcome to attend. Register your details here

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Junior School News  


At Trinity, we believe the learning opportunities provided by school camps are extremely valuable and help our boys to develop into well rounded young men. The Year 5 Camp held this week was very successful. I would sincerely like to thank everyone who was involved – to our committed Year 5 Teachers, who have planned well to provide the opportunities for the boys, to our parents for their assistance, and particularly to the boys whose behaviour was excellent. This camp is normally held in March and unfortunately was postponed on the week we were due to leave due to COVID-19 concerns. I wish to thank Forest Edge camp and the Year 5 teachers who were determined to have the Year 5 boys experience an awesome camp.


On Tuesday, the Year 4 classes braved the weather and travelled to Fremantle to explore the history of the first European explorers to the West Coast of Australia. Due to the forecast of wind, the tour of the Duyfken had to be cancelled, but the boys made the most of the extra time to explore all the wonders contained in the Shipwreck Gallery. The day concluded with fish and chips, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


The winter sports season for this year is officially over. Thank you to Mr Luke Thompson for co-ordinating the season and to all the coaches involved for their time and effort in assisting the boys to develop their skills and team play. This year has been particularly trying due to the later start and fixturing of winter sport in conjunction with Cross Country and Athletics, we are proud to be able to get so many games played by the boys. I am also proud that we finished the season with the Pink Sock for Breast Cancer Awareness fixture, a first for the Junior School! Thank you to Mr Jason O’Malley for organising this event. Thank you also to the parents and grandparents who support the boys each week.


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the Fathers' Day Breakfast. It is a highlight each year and it is wonderful that so many Dads, Grandads and Uncles were able to attend. Particular thanks to the Junior School and Canteen staff, co-ordinated by Mr Bernard Le Tessier who were on deck very early to prepare for the event. Thank you to Paul Postma who spoke to the boys and their Dads about his experience as a father, and the Year 5 Parents who were so generous in their donations for the raffle.


Next Wednesday, the Junior School will host over 80 people for an Open Morning. This will provide an excellent opportunity for the boys to show prospective families, the many opportunities that come with being involved in the Trinity College community.


A friendly reminder to return your forms confirming your son's enrolment into the Secondary School. You can hand them directly to the College Reception or scan the signed form to 

Monday, 7 September
  • Year 6 Parent Helpers Camp meeting at 3:20pm
Wednesday, 9 September
  • Junior School Open Morning 
Wednesday, 2 September
  • Year 5s return from Camp
Thursday, 10 September
  • JPSSA Athletics Carnival 
Friday, 11 September
  • Year 5B Mass
  • Year 5W Assembly 2:20pm in Gibney Hall

Mr Martin Tucker ('87) |  Head of Junior School  


The Junior School Pink Sock Day took place on Thursday, 3 September, which was our final home fixture against Hale School. We as a College embraced the Head Boy of the Class of 2016, Lochie Taylor’s initiative for the 5th time (#pullonyoursocks), encouraging all students, especially 1st Teams to support The McGrath Foundation and fundraise for breast cancer.

Through Pink Sock Day we hope to support women’s health, focusing on our mothers and all the women who encourage us through school and life in general. At the same time, we aim to educate our young Trinity men to demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation towards women’s health. Most importantly we aim to raise money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia.” – Lochie Taylor (‘16)

This year, the Junior School has pushed forward this movement in raising an outstanding $1160 for the McGrath Foundation. We hope this initiative will be ongoing, not only to raise awareness for our boys and the community but to strive to be ‘Men for Others’ in all aspects of College life and we thank all those boys who got involved for a great cause.

Mr Jason O’Malley | Junior School Teacher

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Secondary School News   


The Angelico Art Exhibition showcases artworks selected from Catholic schools across the state. Congratulations to Domenico Germano (11.8) who was an award recipient at the Secondary Angelico Exhibition for his sculpture titled Stag Oni. A number of other Secondary students also had their artwork selected for inclusion in this exhibition. Well done to Oliver Kingdom (7.3), Hieu Dixon (8.4), Isaac Parker (9.5), Dimitri Mazarakis (9.2) and Noah Foti (12.1).

A group of talented Year 6 students were award recipients at the Primary Angelico Exhibition, receiving an Award for their Group Submission titled The Choir. Congratulations to Leo Periz (6GD), Keegan Tran (6GD), Xavier Celedin (6G), Tamish De Gois (6G), Lucian Lamattina (6G), Jaxon Beale (6B), Casper Sim (6B), Bailey Coates (6W) and Gabe Randall (6W) on winning this award. Well done to the other primary students with artwork in this exhibition: Curtis Ieraci (4G), Blake Johnson (5W), Ollie Watkins (5G), Leonardo Tanner (6G), Angus Hegarty (6GD), Isaac Postma (6B) and Xavier Celedin (6G).

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these artworks were not available for public viewing. A virtual exhibition is on now, and includes a voting feature for the People's Choice Award, with voting open until Wednesday, 16 September. Visit the Angelico Art Exhibition by clicking here

Thomas Tranter and Lachlan Ames with the Mercedes College delegates
Professor Alan Fenna from Curtin University

On Wednesday, 1 September, two Year 11 Politics and Law students had the opportunity to participate in the WA School’s Constitutional Convention for 2020. Thomas Tranter (11.8) and Lachlan Eames (11.1) represented the College with distinction. The convention looked at a number of concepts related to the Year 12 Politics and Law syllabus. The boys were able to hear from experts Dr Harry Phillips from Parliament House and Edith Cowan University, Dr Sarah Murray from The University of Western Australia, and Professor Alan Fenna from Curtin University. All three speakers are experts in the fields of parliaments or constitutional law. The participants engaged in a debate about the Commonwealth Constitution’s preamble, the nature of federalism today as well as the pending Clive Palmer challenge to the constitutionality of the WA Government's hard borders. I congratulate both boys on how they represented themselves and the College.

Mr Chris Allanson | Head of Humanities 


Our talented rock bands showed off their musical talents at The Norfolk Hotel on Sunday, 30 August. The gig was a fundraiser for the Trinity College Friends of Performing Arts. It was great to see so much support for our students. 

  • Tuesday, 20 October
  • Assistance is required from 6:00am to 8:30am
  • Meet at Gibney Hall kitchen

Traditionally, the Year 12 Breakfast has been hosted by the Year 11 parents. To make this a successful morning, we need a maximum of 15 helpers. Please consider giving a couple of hours of your time to ensure that our Year 12 students and their parents have a memorable occasion. There will be members of the College Auxiliary assisting in coordinating the setup, serving, and clean-up of this event. Please contact Beverly Martinez at to confirm your availability by 4:00pm, Monday, 7 September. 


There is quite a lot of important information available in regards to early offers, events, and scholarships. I have combined all of these key information in a simple document that you can download here

Russell Hinks | Careers/Transition Coordinator

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College News  

Entries are now being accepted for the Trinity Art Competition, which is open to all secondary students and staff. The theme for 2020 is 'Nature'.

  • Prizes will be awarded for the best student and staff entries.
  • Entries are due in Term 4, Week 2 (Monday, 19 October – Friday, 23 October) 

Further competition details are as follows:

  • Entries must be a painting, drawing, or mixed media artwork based on the theme (Nature) and produced in any medium (including oil, acrylic, watercolour, pencil, mixed media etc).
  • Entries may be completed on canvas, paper, or alternative no larger than A4 size (ONE FREE canvas will be supplied by the Art Department).
  • A range of artistic styles are acceptable including realistic, abstract etc.



Guys Read

This week, our Guy Reading with the Year 7s was Mr Brett Silver (Director of Sport). He started off by telling the boys that reading wasn’t always something that he enjoyed but in the last few years he has realised just how important and beneficial is and that he sometimes wishes he had been reading more, especially at school. Mr Silver recounted the saga of his Michael Jordan biography that went on holiday with him for a number of years in a row and yet still remains unfinished! He always thought that if there was a book that would help him get into reading it was that one. However, a change in mindset has come from spending quality time with his young son and daughter reading each night. Sometimes he reads aloud them, sometimes they just read together, and sometimes his son will read to him. This daily reading time has also allowed Mr Silver to rediscover the benefits of switching off from the day's events whilst reading and hoped that some of the Year 7s who are reluctant readers would learn this as well. He asked the class if they had any recommendations for him and they decided it would be a good idea for him to start in the Sports section and subsequently led him to choose “Bomber – The Whole Story” by Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson for the reading session. At the end of the session, he borrowed the book stating there were things he had read that he was going to use with the Trinity teams for the last winter sports fixture of the year! I would like to thank Mr Silver for coming along to the library and sharing his time with us!

Book Week – Guess the Number of Pages Winner

We finished Book Week by announcing the winner of the “Guess the Number of Pages Competition”. Congratulations to Luke Scotford (8.6) who picked the exact number of pages – 1940 – on the nose. Well done Luke! 

New Lib Guide

The Library has created another Libguide for the Humanities Department. The Year 8s are currently working on Global Trade and this Libguide has been put together to help start them of with relevant and focused information. The boys are learning about Globalisation, International Trade, Fast Fashion, Trade between Australia and Asia. You can access the Libguide by clicking here

Middle School Reading Lists

Every year, the Library puts together a suggested reading list for our Middle School students and we are pleased to share our latest lists. These lists are a mixture of popular books from the Library, staff picks, and classics. If your son struggles to choose relevant and suitable reading material then these lists are a good place to start, as well as coming for a chat with the library staff who are always happy to help! To access these reading lists, click here

TCEC Cut Carbon Emissions Campaign

As part of being involved in the Edmund Rice Advocacy for Change – 28 days for Climate, some TCEC members took to the College Campus and Nelson Crescent this week to ask parents to turn off their car engines whilst waiting to pick students up at home time. This was quite a nerve-racking experience for the boys as it did require courage to go up to people and speak to our community about something, they may not be fully aware of. This idea had been brewing for quite some time with the TCEC group, however, as it tied in perfectly with 'ERA – 28 Days for Climate' campaign, the boys felt that this was the ideal time to ‘speak up’ about one of the small things that we can all do help our environment.

ERA for Change – Social Media Campaign

In addition to the week-long emissions campaign, TCEC have also been involved in the social media campaign – sharing Instagram posts about the state of the planet, facts about climate, and how we can all help. The TCEC Instagram page has all of the posts, please follow us @trinitycollege_tcec. Facts shared include:

  • Food Waste contributes 4.4 million tonnes of CO2 to our atmosphere every year.
  • 95% of plastic in Australia is thrown away after a single use.
  • Coal still counts for 75% of Australia’s electricity generation.
  • Climate change is considered the single biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef – rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification and severe weather events are putting at risk 25% of all known Marine species which live on the Reef.

It is easy for us all to make small changes for the greater benefit of many.

Alison Mackenzie | Head of Library Services


A reminder that the Uniform Shop is open between these times:

  • Every Tuesday from 7:30am – 4:30pm
  • Every Friday from 7:30am – 1:30pm

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On Saturday, 5 September, which is our final home fixture against Hale School, the 1st teams will be embracing Lochie Taylor’s (Head Boy, Class of 2016) initiative for the 5th time (#pullonyoursocks), encouraging all students, especially 1st Teams to support The McGrath Foundation and fundraise for breast cancer.

Through Pink Sock Day we hope to support women’s health, focusing on our mothers and all the women who encourage us through school and life in general. At the same time, we aim to educate our young Trinity men to demonstrate a greater awareness and appreciation towards women’s health. Most importantly we aim to raise money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities’ right across Australia.” – Lochie Taylor (‘16)

Continuing on from the success of previous years, the event will see all 1st team players representing the College on the Saturday fixture wearing pink socks. For the first time, we will also see the 1st teams in the Junior School pull on the pink socks for their Thursday fixture. Each boy will purchase and wear a pair of pinks socks, with funds going towards the McGrath Foundation. This is a small way we can give back, support women’s health, and say thank you to our amazing mothers for everything they do. To build on Pink Sock Day and encourage everyone to contribute to the cause, we ask for a gold coin donation on arrival at Waterford on Saturday morning and more importantly, we encourage everyone to wear pink.

For the first time, we will see the 1st XVIII Football Team pull on their pink guernsey, as well as the socks. The guernsey was generously donated by John Gartrell from Slater Gartrell Sports.

This is a special cause, that for some hits very close to home, and we encourage everyone to support Lochie’s initiative, the McGrath Foundation, and Trinity’s commitment in supporting the community. 


To celebrate the success of the 2020 PSA Soccer Season, we are holding our End of Season Presentation Evening on Friday, 11 September at Trinity College in the Gibney Hall. I would like to take this opportunity to invite all Trinity College soccer players and their families to join us for the evening. As well as enjoying a meal, the evening allows parents to support their son’s efforts and also meet and socialise with other members of the Trinity Soccer community.

Details for the evening are below:

When: Friday, 11 September
Where: Trinity College, Gibney Hall
Cost:  $30 per person via the Online Store

Ticket sales close on Monday, 7 September. Tickets must be purchased for all attendees including players.

Cost includes a buffet meal and a 2020 Soccer Badge for your son. Parents, please BYO drinks/glassware. Students will be provided with a can of soft drink or a bottle of water on the evening. Please select any dietary requirements via the online store. Parents, please note that if you are unable to attend on the evening or tickets sell out, your son can still purchase a 2020 Soccer Badge from me as of Monday, 14 September at a cost of $5.

Raffle Hamper Donations:

On behalf of the Trinity Soccer Club, I am requesting suitable items for gift hampers to be raffled on the night. All profits will go to supporting future TC Soccer stars. Please deliver any donations to the Main Reception, or alternatively pass them on to me at your convenience before Friday, 4 September. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Mr Ben Kriszyk | Soccer Manager

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Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association

  • Saturday, 3 October: Class of 2000 – 20th Anniversary Reunion
  • Wednesday, 7 October: CBC October Reunion
  • Thursday, 29 October: Class of 1960 – 60th Anniversary Reunion
  • Saturday, 31 October: Class of 1970 – 50th Anniversary Reunion
  • Saturday, 7 November: Class of 2010 – 10th Anniversary Reunion

For information regarding TOBA events, please contact the TOBA office at or 9223 8132 


All TOBA members and the Trinity College community are invited to download the ‘COZ App’ (for free) onto smartphones and support TOBA and TC businesses, as well as receive offers from our valued sponsors.

This platform allows you to browse and support businesses that support the College. If you would like to place your business on this Business Directory and be connected to our database of 10,000+ Old Boys, their families, and the TC community, please visit and click ‘Add My Business’.

Please feel free to contact Joe Georgiades on 0407 849 984 or to discuss how COZ APP can help connect you to our community.

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Community News 


Mercedes College warmly invites you to attend our Open Morning for prospective students on Tuesday, 8 September 2020 for the 8:30am or 11am session. The program includes a welcome by the Principal, a presentation by key staff, and a student-led tour. The 8:30am session will also include a morning tea where you will be able to meet with senior staff and ask any questions that you may have. To register, please visit the College website: 


Online in Virtual Classrooms and Face-to-Face in Physical Classrooms

Master Mind Australia will be conducting revision and exam preparation classes for secondary school students in the September/October school holidays. To view the schedules for the Face to Face Program and the Online Virtual Classrooms please click here

The Venues:  

  • Online for Year 12 (28 Sept – 2 Oct)
  • Hale School for Year 11 & 12 (5 Oct – 9 Oct)

ATAR Years 11 & 12: The program offers ATAR students an opportunity to receive comprehensive subject revision and exam preparation before their Final Exams. 

We are proud of the quality of our classes and the student evaluations for our previous programs as well as more information on our courses can be found at

Join the fun at your local little athletics club. For more information please email or visit 

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