Running eight years strong - Pink Sock Day!

In our 8th year, Trinity College hosted our most successful Pink Sock Day raising $5280.55! On Saturday, June 10, the TC community gathered in numbers, putting aside the blue and green for a weekend, allowing ‘pink’ to take centre stage. All for a good cause, the community united, wore pink, and the boys pulled on their pink socks, raising awareness and much-needed funds for the McGrath Foundation. With the communities unwavering support and enthusiasm, we turned this day into a powerful movement that will impact the lives of countless individuals affected by breast cancer.

The McGrath Foundation supports thousands of families across Australia affected by breast cancer. The McGrath Foundation provides free support for those with breast cancer and relies on donations from the community to provide this. The money raised by the College Community on Pink Sock Day will provide individuals and their families with nurses from the time of diagnosis right throughout treatment. 

On the 10th of June, our 1st Teams donned vibrant pink socks to show solidarity and spread the message of hope, strength, and unity. The sea of pink that flooded our school grounds, Waterford Playing Fields, and social media platforms was a testament to the power of collective action in raising awareness for a cause so close to our hearts. This event began under the guidance of Head Boy (16) Lochie Taylor in 2016, and we are proud it continues to be an annual event becoming bigger and better each year. The 1st team boys presented flowers to the significant females in their lives as a sign of gratitude for everything they do. Although the primary goal of this day is to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation and its cause, we see it as a day to stop and reflect on the influential women present in our lives, consider how lucky we are, and say thank you. 

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to every individual who contributed to the success of Pink Sock Day, 2023. Whether you donated, played, wore pink, or shared the message with your friends and family, your involvement made a difference. Together, we are creating a community that supports and uplifts one another, instilling hope and strength in the face of adversity.