Helping make a difference through Caritas Australia

The Trinity College Junior School participated in fundraising for Caritas Australia in term one, an organisation committed to tackling poverty and inequality in Australia and overseas since 1964.

In the lead-up to Lent, students watched a Project Compassion video highlighting the importance of providing safe, clean and drinkable water to villages and communities in need and the struggles that still exist in some countries. As their commitment during lent, for every $5 donation towards Project Compassion, a water droplet was added to the Tapitas for Caritas. This was a visual representation for our students to see water supplied through donations to less fortunate communities.

Our outstanding students raised $986.35 for Caritas Australia, presenting a cheque to Caritas Australia’s Community Engagement representative, Deacon Paul Reid, at the school assembly. Deacon Paul Reid touched on the importance of the donations received and how this impact will help.

We asked two of our students why this charity was important to them, and this is what they had to say.

Samir - Year 4 
“I have more stuff than I need, and watching the people who don’t have as much as I do, I wanted to help them because I see the importance of helping others,” he said. 
Arthur – Year 5 
“When I think of a life. I think of people with clean water, car and house. When I see project compassion, I see these people who have nothing, and it made me think I’m lucky and wanted to help others by donating money,” he said. 

Bastian - Year 6
"Project compassion happens at the same time as Easter which is the most important time in the catholic calendar. It is a reminder of what we can do for other people just as Jesus did for us," he said.

For more information about Project Compassion and how you can make a difference, visit here.