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Academic Opportunities

At Trinity College, students study a number of compulsory or core subjects and have an excellent range of elective subjects from which to choose.

The combination of core and elective subjects provide for the interests and academic needs of all students. We're proud to offer a large and diverse range of electives and opportunities for our students. Please see below to learn more about a few of the opportunities available at Trinity; a full list can be found here: secondary curriculum

3D Art/Sculpture

grey sculpture

Through exploration of a variety of sculptural mediums, techniques and processes, students will develop an understanding of 3 dimensional form and construction. Students will explore creative sculptural activities that encourage personal fulfilment through designing, making and evaluating 3 dimensional artworks. This is a hands-on course which encourages creativity, innovation and the development of technical skills in a fun working environment. 


The Aquatics programme is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop correct stroke mechanics in the four major swimming strokes, and to refine their Aquatic skills for the betterment of others in the community, via coaching, teaching or lifesaving. The programme has the long term goal in mind of providing students with the opportunity to develop a set of skills that will help them overcome injuries sustained in other sports as well as better equipping them to enjoy the environment which makes up a good part of our culture.

Astronomy & Space Science

This is a hands-on, student-centred, self-paced online elective programme. Students will use the College’s robotic telescope to acquire astronomical images and perhaps undertake a research project of their choice. The Space Science component includes construction and launching of student designed model rockets using data loggers to understand the parameters of controlled rocket flight. For more on our Astronomy and Space Science programs please click here: astronomy & space science


The Aviation General course draws from a range of disciplines to develop in students a broad variety of skills, processes and understandings related to aspects of the aviation industry. Students investigate the importance of aviation to our society and learn skills and knowledge required to make informed decisions on issues relating to aviation. This practical Aviation course provides the opportunity for students to prepare for post-school options of employment and further training. In 2018 Trinity will be offering Aviation as an ATAR subject. Learn more here: aviation

student using virtual reality equipment


Digital Photography

This subject is a highly practical course that introduces digital photography and Photoshop to students. The course equips students with the core skills required to capture, edit and publishdigital photographs to a photo gallery in an electronic portfolio. Students will utilise iPad’s along with Digital SLR’s to capture and create their works. Photoshop will be used to apply various filters and techniques to enhance the visual impact of their images. 

Graphic Novel Design

Students will learn how to create characters and design stories using digital software to create a graphic novel with a unique comic style. This course gives students a basic understanding of characterisation, image composition, design and storytelling. They will explore the key elements that make comics, manga and graphic novels such a powerful storytelling medium, such as: the depiction of body language, symbolism, the design of backgrounds and props, the impact of page layout, and the role of narration and dialogue.

Game Design

In this computer-based game design course students will be exploring a $70 billion a year industry. Through investigation and hands on analysis students will learn what makes a challenging game and how simple ideas can be transformed into an innovative and thought-provoking game. Students will develop skills in 2D static and animated graphics, team work, problem solving and the design process to create challenging and entertaining games. 

Investigative Journalism

This elective is offered as an extension course and is primarily designed to cater for the needs of the most motivated and engaged students of the humanities. The course will give students considerable scope to undertake and research major projects of a challenging nature; where important current or historical issues are studied and examined in a manner requiring a range of skills, including: research skills, writing skills, verbal/presentation skills and IT skills. The course is designed to give those students with naturally curious and inquiring minds the opportunity to develop and pursue their own investigations in a stimulating and rewarding environment.

Programming with Robotics

Students choosing this course will be exposed to 21st Century automation technologies and develop the skills required to control robots designed and constructed using the latest LEGO MindStorm robotic sets. A portion of the course will also be devoted to designing and programming a robot to compete in the annual Robocup Junior Australia competition.


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