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Dance is a significant part of the culture at Trinity College. The school has multiple dance groups that not only allow the boys to represent the College in various festivals, but they also provide an opportunity for the boys to learn dance as an educational resource through electives, aiming for WACE/ATAR level.

Boys in Groove (BIG), Guys in Groove (GIG) and Imperium

Trinity Junior and Senior students have the opportunity to join the following extra-curricular dance groups where they can dance for fun whilst building important skills:

  • BIG comprising Junior school students
  • GIG comprising Secondary school students
  • Imperium comprising elite performers (by audition)


Dance instils an aesthetic sense within the boys. It provides opportunities for teamwork, skill enhancement, body awareness, improved athleticism, strength of body and character. It fosters self-respect and helps them become more creative and courageous human beings. Our extra-curricular dance outlet for the boys at Trinity allows them to access the potential curriculum and personal benefits of dance and the opportunity to learn the skills they need should they choose to pursue dance further.

Since beginning the dance program there has been a wonderful development in the boys’ interpretation of this art form. There has been a growing, positive interest in Trinity College dance from the wider community, and as a result we are developing strong networks with other schools and organisations. 

Dance not only allows our students to focus on developing their dance technique, it also allows them to do so in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. The boys learn to develop and interpret choreography, perform various works, reflect on dance and experiment with various styles that they wouldn’t ordinarily try. We have devised an effective program aimed at developing the boys confidence, physical, interpersonal and communicative skills so that it is not only challenging but also rewarding.

During the year, dance students have the opportunity to showcase their skills through dance performances at our dance/drama showcase, Wakakirri Secondary Challenge, Catholic Performing Arts and Presentation Nights, all where they perform both group and solo routines, demonstrating how the boys at Trinity can dance!

Further to this, we offer dance as an elective (forming part of the curriculum) for the boys who would like to take their dance skills to the next level. Through this pathway the boys learn about musicality, choreography, dance evolution and human movement, to name a few. Furthermore, in 2019 we offered dance as an ATAR subject for the first time, being the first PSA school to do so.


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