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Trinity College Productions

Trinity College Drama has really taken shape over the past few years and is a thriving area at the College. With numerous entries in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and two Showcases a year, our Drama programs are always developing and moving forward. The College has also produced a range of senior school productions including, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, Twelve Angry Men, Skate, Lord of the Flies and Robin Hood. The Performing Arts Department were thrilled to have the opportunity to present the musical, The Pirates of Penzance in 2018 and look forward to presentingThe Mikado in 2020.

School productions are always a fulfilling and memorable experience for all involved. The Pirates of Penzance was one of even more significance in that it was the first musical produced by Trinity College since 1995. Our production is evidence of Trinity’s burgeoning Performing Arts Department and was a wonderful opportunity for our students to extend themselves in Music, Dance and Drama. The entire process was extremely rewarding due to the incredible talent, enthusiasm and energy of the cast. It was also a privilege to have such a dedicated and creative myriad of staff who readily gave up their time to benefit the students. 

The College was extremely proud of all involved and were thrilled with the end result. It was also a privilege to work with our female cast from Mercedes College and Iona Presentation College. Their dedication and support of Trinity’s production was outstanding and the show would not have been possible without them. 
This has been an unforgettable experience and one that our cast and crew will cherish for years to come.

Classroom Drama

Drama electives are available from Years 7-10, leading to ATAR Drama in Year 11 and 12. The courses have practical and theoretical elements to them and are highly engaging for students interested in performance or aiming to improve their confidence, public speaking and presentation skills. From Years 7-12 a range of topics are explored including Circus, Australian drama, Melodrama, Commedia dell’arte, Fractured Fairytales, Poor Theatre, Theatre of the Absurd, Realism, Epic Theatre, Elizabethan Theatre and the list goes on.

During the courses, students also have the opportunity to undertake a range of workshops in areas such as improvisation, contemporary theatre, circus, stage combat and fencing. There is also a strong focus on design and directing in senior school with some fantastic practical workshops being held in these areas.

Students perform their in-class work to a range of classes and potentially in Showcase evenings and in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival.

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