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Visual Arts

In the Visual Arts Learning Area students develop creative skills, critical appreciation, visual literacy and knowledge of artistic techniques and technologies.

school boy working on art project

Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of art activities in a variety of studio areas which may include painting, sculpture, ceramics, installations, printmaking, graphic design and multimedia.

The art courses are specifically designed to cater for individual student interests, allowing scope for students to communicate experiences, express their imagination and develop technical skills through art making. The visual arts courses aim to contribute to a sense of enjoyment, engagement and fulfilment in the lives of the boys.

At Trinity College students may study art in Years 4 – 12, with art being compulsory for all students up until Year 8. A variety of art electives are offered in Years 9 – 10 including Fine Art, 3D Art and Abstract Art. Visual Arts ATAR and General courses are offered in Years 11 and 12 to enable students to make connections to relevant fields of study, including pathways to university and to more generally prepare them for creative thinking and problem solving in future work and life. The art programs are further enriched by artist-in-residence experiences, local artist exhibitions held at the College, art excursions, workshops/camps and collaborative community and public art projects. In 2015 the art department hosted an exhibition of artworks produced by Old Boy Liam Dee (‘07) in the Trinity Cultural Centre Gallery, entitled Natural Synthetic II. Liam’s art exhibition provided students with insight into his artistic practice as well as further scope for developing their own skills and appreciation of art. Local artist exhibitions such as this, have continued to provide inspiration and invaluable learning opportunities for students.

artist liam dee

"Natural Synthetic II reflected a surrealist style and a vision to create worlds where the construct of the natural environment is mainly supported by the organic manifestation of the man-made, where the line is blurred between what is considered to be natural or synthetic" - L. Dee ('15)

Trinity Art students have been recipients of various awards and had their artwork selected for inclusion in a number of prestigious exhibitions in Western Australia including the Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition and the Catholic schools Angelico Art Exhibition as well as other competitions nationwide including the Silk-Cut Award for Lino-Cut Prints. Our annual student art exhibition showcases the creative talents and ambitious efforts of our talented art students and is always well received by the College community.

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