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Christian Service

Christian Service at Trinity is integral to the Faith Development of each student. To become fully alive as a Christian person is to participate in making the world in which we live a more compassionate and just place for all. Christian Faith is demonstrated most authentically by the way we live our lives, especially in relationship with each other and particularly in relationship to those in need. Over the course of six years, each student will be engaged in service projects which will challenge them to grow into young men who are committed to building a more just society. They will be invited to respond to people who are in need through face-to-face encounters which respect and honour the dignity of all.

Year 7 Serving to Belong

Students joining the Trinity College community in high school are encouraged to reflect on the traditions and values of service that are essential to the College’s identity as an Edmund Rice school. Awareness of their environment and the responsibility they have to take care of it is raised in the Sustain Our Swan program in Term One. Students are to complete one project of their choice which has an environmental theme over the course of the year.

Year 8 Our Neighbour

All Year 8 students are introduced to the concept of Christian Service through their RE program and they are then required to complete 15 hours of service in their homes, neighbourhood, parish or school. They complete a workbook during class and write reflections on the experience in the journal section of their workbook.

"After working with elderly people I have learnt the importance of family relationships, attitudes, career and education on your wellbeing. It has also helped me recognise the importance of reflection on past fond memories and happy times" – Year 11 Student 

a group of elderly people wearing bunny ears


Year 9 Restoring Relationships

Year 9 students broaden their understanding of Christian Service by exploring the ways that people can help to restore relationships particularly through reaching out to children whose primary school experience is limited by learning difficulties or socio economic circumstance.  They visit local primary schools where they offer extra support to students through reading programs or Breakfast Club over a period of 4 weeks. They have a reflective Journal to complete during the course of the active engagement with the children.

Year 10 Experience Counts

The Christian Service Program in Year 10 encourages the students to reach out to and to come to respect and appreciate the experience and gifts that elderly people and people of different ethnic backgrounds have to offer. Students visit Aged Care Facilities on Friday afternoons for one hour over a four week period and complete a reflective Journal on their experiences

an older student helping two younger students

“The Edmund Rice touchstone of Inclusive Community is one I feel strongly about because I believe all people should be included in activities that help other people but also let them feel they belong. Participating in Christian Service over the past two years has helped and encouraged me to incorporate this touchstone in my life” – Year 12 Student

Year 11 Sharing Gifts

Every Year 11 student participates in Christian Service Week. They are placed for the final week of Term 1 in agencies which care for people in need in some way. Through journaling and classroom activities, students explore the significance of developing relationships with people who may not be considered the most important members of our community but who nevertheless have much to offer. Many students are able to connect this opportunity to serve others in need, with their relationship to a loving God through this process. The Year 11 Encounter Retreat enables the students to share and deepen their understanding of the significance of this experience.

Senior Project

During the latter half of Year 11 and the first half of Year 12, students are invited to participate in a Christian Service project where they choose which agency they would like to work within and commit themselves to 40 hours of service over the 6 month period. This is an opportunity for them to extend and develop their experience and understanding of the true nature of Christian Service. To choose to care about the needs of others is to understand our responsibility as followers of Christ to love tenderly all those who are in need and to act justly in all our relationships.

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