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An Edmund Rice education seeks to provide every student with the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Retreats are an integral part of the way each student is challenged to grow in Christian self-understanding, to develop a life of prayer and worship, and to respond to Christ’s call to serve others.


The Year 7 BECOMING BROTHERS Retreat is an induction experience where students are first exposed to the many traditions and expectations of being a Trinity College student. The objective of the Retreat is to make the Year 7s feel welcome into the Trinity College community. The three day, two night Retreat is integrated with a camp and takes place in Term 1 of each school year at Camp Kelly in Dwellingup. For many students this is their first overnight stay away from home. 


A group of boys working together on a puzzle on the ground

 Year 8 QUEST Retreat

The QUEST Retreat is held at the beginning of each year - on the Saturday and Sunday of the Labour Day weekend.  It is a non-residential retreat.  The QUEST Retreat is a student-led retreat combining off-campus with on-campus group activities.  Year 12’s and Year 11 Peer Ministers guide the Year 8’s through discussions, Mass and various activities intended to help them develop class unity, friendships among one another, and a more active relationship with God. 

Year 9 GALILEE Retreat

The GALILEE Retreat is a one-day, off-campus Retreat.  It is meditation on the life, ministry and message of Jesus in Galilee.  It is a practical experience in which students walk around the lake in the footsteps of Jesus and imagine themselves in several scenes from Jesus’ life in Galilee.  Students are encouraged to connect these incidents and teachings with their own lives.

group of boys forming a pyramid
a group of boys sitting on the grass with arms linked


Year 10 EMMAUS Retreat

The EMMAUS Retreat offers today’s disciples a parallel opportunity to rediscover Christ’s presence in their lives, to gain fresh understanding of God’s transforming grace, and to form friendships that foster faith and support spiritual maturity.  This is the very essence of the EMMAUS Retreat: discovery, discipleship, acceptance and growth.  Whether sharing a meal together, spending time in prayer and discussion, or engaging in spontaneous games, Emmaus retreatants learn from one another the lesson of faith, respect, compassion and brotherhood.

Year 11 ENCOUNTER Retreat

The ENCOUNTER Retreat is an essential component of the Year 11 Christian Service program.  It is the “reflection” element when students are given an extended period of quality time to reflect on their four full days of service.  Students have an opportunity to share their experiences in a variety of settings and to make decisions about future commitment.

boys standing together linking arms for a team building activity
boys sitting on floor with arms linked


Year 12 TABGHA Retreat

The TABGHA Retreat is a one-day retreat.  Our senior students are given the opportunity to reflect on their personal relationship with Jesus and encouraged to deepen and enrich that relationship through different styles of prayer.

Year 12 KAIROS Retreat

Our Year 12s are encouraged to make one of three Kairos Retreats throughout the school year.  Held at Moore River, it is a four day voluntary residential retreat.   KAIROS is a religious retreat program grounded in Christian incarnational theology.  It is an experience of Christian community with a series of talks given by students and adults.  Prayer and the sacraments are an essential part of the program as well as the participants’ involvement in discussions and other exercises.

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