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Inclusive Education

Trinity aims to be an inclusive environment for all boys, one that considers the whole child and provides specific programs for their needs.

Inclusive Education is much more than just learning support. This department provides equity and consideration for those students who may require additional support, for those who require extension and for those who may have medical conditions that are a barrier to their learning.

The Inclusive Education team is responsible for:

  • Supporting students with diagnosed disabilities and specific learning difficulties within the classroom and in small groups.Supporting students with study and exam technique and skill acquisition.
  • Ensuring that the College has the best possible resources for students in terms of staff, specialist support and current practice.
  • Providing professional development for the teaching staff on best practice for students with difficulties.
  • Writing learning plans in collaboration with teachers that cater for the needs of the student.
  • Providing opportunities for students who require extension and challenge (Gifted and Talented).

To cater for these diverse needs, the Inclusive Education staff has three distinct domains:

  1. Targeted Programs: MACQLIT; ASDAN; ABLEWA QuickSmart Numeracy Program
  2. Learning Support Centre: Specific literacy support classes; Certificate 11 Business classes; one-to-one tutoring; and Speech Therapy with the College Speech Pathologist
  3. Mentoring and Case Managing: Which includes special exam arrangements for students, funding applications; data collection and management; and diagnostic assessments.

 To learn more about the Inclusive Education Department at Trinity College, please click here.

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