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Secondary School

Physical Education and Sport play an important part in the development of all Trinity students.

rowing crew in boat

Many life skills such as team work, co-operation with others, and the ability to strive for success against difficulties, are valuable lessons that the boys learn from an involvement in sport. The College encourages the boys to strive for excellence and to set high goals and standards for themselves while at the same time acknowledging the efforts of those around them. Above all, we encourage participation to the best of each person’s ability, regardless of what level they perform at.

Trinity prides itself on the conduct and sportsmanship of our boys on the sporting field, and we have high expectations that our standards are maintained at all times. This includes dress and behaviour standards, accepting decisions of umpires and accepting victory or defeat graciously.

Physical Education 

Physical Education is an integral part of the curriculum in Years 7-10 and an accredited, optional subject in Years 11-12. Years 7-10 boys are all involved in a physical education programme which aims to develop a wide range of skills in team and individual sports. The sports covered give students exposure to a variety of activities aimed at promoting physical awareness and an interest in their own health and well being. There is an option, Fitness and Health, in Years 7-10 which aims to extend the boys beyond the scope of the Physical Education Program.

PSA Sport

trinity boys playing volleyball

Trinity College is a member of the Public Schools Association and participates in a year round inter-school sports program with the six other PSA schools. As with other PSA schools, Trinity requires a strong commitment from its students to participate in team sports. It is a condition of enrolment that PSA commitments take precedence over other commitments. Boys who may be involved in other external activities will need to make arrangements that will enable them to participate fully in the College program.

It is recognised that students selected to play for Western Australia in a sporting team should represent their state. In such cases a mutually satisfactory compromise arrangement regarding PSA sport and training should be negotiated with the Sports Master or Principal.

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