Describe your experience at Trinity College

I had a really enjoyable time at Trinity and being sports minded it accommodated me very well, while at the same time affording me the opportunity to produce scholastic results (which on reflection I didn’t take advantage of as well as I should have.)

What path did your life take after you left Trinity College?

After I left Trinity I picked up a cadetship at the radio station 6PM – and from there went to Channel 9 – before ending up at Channel 7 where I currently work. I've spent my entire career working as a journalist, broadcaster and commentator.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

In my opinion, the greatest achievement is always how you handle responsibility as a father. I have twin daughters and hope I have been a good role model as the main male in their life. There’s no doubt the values instilled at Trinity contributed to that.

What is your fondest memory of your time at Trinity College?

Fondest memories at Trinity were playing footy, the athletic carnivals and developing a group of mates who I still consider friends today. My Trinity experience set me up for life after school – and as it turns out – provided some lifelong friendships, which not every school can boast.