1987 photo of student from school yearbook

Describe your experience at Trinity College

I have experienced Trinity College as a student, teacher and parent. All of these roles validated Trinity to be a very positive learning environment which has grown substantially over the years. The many friendships formed and rich diverse nature of families that make up the community add to the uniqueness of a Trinity education

My first teaching appointment was in the Trinity College Junior School where I spent the first seven years of my teaching career. From there I worked in a variety of schools in Perth before accepting a position in Catholic Education in NSW.

I married my wife Dianne and we have three wonderful children; Emily, Thomas and James. Both boys attended Trinity College and gained great enjoyment from their time at the school.

What do you consider to be one of the greatest accomplishments of the College?

One of the greatest achievements of the College is the genuine partnership that has been developed in regard to Indigenous education. A strong proud Aboriginal culture is evidenced throughout the student population. This powerful recipe where all students are valued and belong and are encouraged to share their background and beliefs is to be admired. There is no doubt that Trinity College is highly regarded within educational circles regarding their indigenous program.

1987 Trinity College Junior School teachers

What is your fondest memory from your time at the College?

My fondest memory was as a parent at the school. As both boys started at the school they were amazed at the amount of opportunity that the school presented. It was a one-stop shop for learning, sport, music, social justice programs, friendships. The weekdays were full of preparation for the activities that Trinity engaged in on the weekend. A great memory of mine is watching my two sons understand that this place they call Trinity was really the land of opportunity.

As a parent, I was privileged to assist with the Red Cross Soup patrol for a few years. Witnessing the commitment of Year 11 students to understand the needs of the Perth homeless community was a delight. It was terrific to watch these students gain an understanding of how much positive impact they can have in the community.

In conclusion...

Experiencing Trinity College through the lens of a student, staff member and parent allows a real insight into the life of the school. All these experiences validated a school where one can belong, be presented with opportunities and leave with a strong appreciation of what has occurred!